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Wedding Hairstyle Trends for 2013: The Faux Bob

Published: 12/Jan/2013     

How many of you have seen Skyfall and fallen in love with Bérénice Marlohe’s faux bob hairstyle? I gasped out loud and said WOW in the theatre when I saw it, quite embarrassing actually… I hadn’t considered it for any of my brides until I styled for a shoot with Sans Soucie (one of my favourite designers…but that’s a story for another day) back in August 2012. This fake short hairstyle has been gaining in popularity since around the end of 2011, and I was absolutely THRILLED to see it appear in Skyfall! Now that you have all seen such an excellent example, I feel strongly that we’ll be seeing a lot more of both this style and the beautiful actress who modelled it.

I tried to think of the best part about this style, and I just can’t.  There’s so much you can do with it and it can be accessorized so many ways!  Here are just a few of the things that make the faux-bob so appealing…

1. It looks the same all day.  Because of the pinning, it looks like a downstyle but has none of the drawbacks: frizz, having to worry about placement in photos, confusion about where to pin your veil or if it’ll even hold a veil, concerns about volume, possibility of curl relaxing…

2. It works on all hair types and you only need shoulder length hair to do it properly.  If you have very thin or fine hair, this style will look beautiful and full if you curl and pin it properly. I find it works best on hair that is bra-strap length at the back, with long soft feathery layers in the front.

3. No worries about split ends or damage from growing your hair out for months! The ends are all tucked under and the result is a lush, strong and healthy silhouette.

4. It can be tailored to any wedding theme. Vintage? Try a triple-barrel iron or a finger wave, then pin it back with a rhinestone clip. Modern? Do some sexy, beachy waves and leave a bunch of loose tendrils. Elegant? Look no further than the Skyfall style itself. DIY? Your Mom or Grandma may very well remember how to do the old-school bob pinning technique.

5. When you wear your hair this way, you won’t feel overdone. Some of you might be uncomfortable with the drama of a high bun or something equally clean and sleek…or you might prefer the feeling of security that you get from having your hair loose around your face.

6. The faux bob showcases a long, slender neck and beautiful shoulders. It can also elongate a short neck, and make a short woman appear taller.

7. Accessorizing the faux bob is a dream come true. You can really bling yourself out when wearing this style. Sparkling chandelier earrings and a flashy necklace are great accessories for this look. You could wear a cute little fascinator or a feathered headband. Virtually any veil length and style will work well!

8. Makeup can be as strong or soft as you like! It depends on your theme and personal style; there is no right or wrong way to wear makeup with this look.

9. If your hairstylist is talented enough, they can build this style unto a 2-in-1, where all you need to do is loosen a few pins and it comes tumbling down around your shoulders for your reception!

10. This hairstyle can be pinned up quite high at your nape hairline or even down around your shoulders. It’s important to plan the best and most flattering length for your face and dress neckline. You can opt for an asymmetrical look, an A-line shape or a retro rounded shape.

I’ve attached a couple cropped shots from the Sans Soucie shoot last year. These will give you an idea of how this hairstyle wears in real life, as the hair has not been retouched in these images. We worked on a hot day in a very windy part of Vancouver near the water, and at first I was nervous because I didn’t want the styles to fall out and ruin such a great shoot, but they didn’t. I feel they looked better as the afternoon wore on. You’ll notice that these garments have to be pulled over the head; despite a few wardrobe and accessory changes, the styles needed barely any touching up. I was so happy with this style and began considering it as an option for my brides because of how long it lasted and how flattering it was.

How would you wear this style?  Any questions about how it’s done? Let me know!

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