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Wedding Hair Care Learning Centre

Wedding Haircut

Fabulous Healthy Hair!

Your haircut will make or break your wedding hairstyle. If you have a long engagement, it’s a good idea to start planning early with me about how you would like to grow your hair for your wedding day. You may want to grow out your bangs or layers to make your hair thicker, taking regular trims to keep your ends healthy. I will pre-schedule your haircut appointments and incorporate the fees into your custom package.

It is important to grow long hair with care and patience. Regular micro-trims are essential to keep split ends from opening up the hair shaft and breaking off. This is the reason for many women being unable to grow their hair past the shoulders; the hair brushes against clothing, scrubbing open the splits and breaking off at the ends! Fine-haired women often have this problem.

Wedding Haircut Timeline

Your last haircut should be about 4-6 weeks before your wedding. If you are using the correct haircare products, your hair will grow healthy enough to look luscious on your Big Day! At this point, your care plan will have helped you to grow out layers and increased your hair’s health – the final cut before your wedding should be a trim, to reinforce and rejuvenate your ends. It is important to use this haircut appointment to discuss your haircolour and proper highlighting placement for your wedding hairstyle. This extra service takes about 15 minutes longer than normal.