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Wedding Hair Care Learning Centre

Wedding Hair Considerations

The main things to consider before you even start looking for wedding hairstyles are your own hair and what it can and cannot do. Write down your hair thickness (fine, medium, coarse), texture (straight, wavy, curly), any special concerns (doesn’t hold curl, frizzy, oily, etc), and current length. I judge length as follows: short is anything above chin length/mid-neck, medium is between chin length and your bra strap in the back, and long is anything beyond your back bra strap. Also write notes on what you like and don’t like in a formal hairstyle. That way, you are well-prepared for your consultation.

Also consider your ethnicity when planning your wedding hairstyle, and choose your wedding hairstyle inspiration photos accordingly. If you are a fine and curly-haired Latina bride, it is unwise to choose a photo of a thick and straight-haired Asian bride, as your facial features and hair type will not accommodate the same hairstyle.

Fortunately, there is hope for thin or fine haired girls, if you are willing to invest in your hair looking perfect for your Big Day! I recommend clip-in extensions for either length or volume, or both; please do not choose fusion extensions – see my blog post about why these are very bad for you. I also can provide or recommend different hair fillers and padding so that you can have a big, voluminous hairstyle.

Your bridesmaids deserve fabulous hair too!

Your bridesmaids are a very important part of your wedding photos. It’s best to plan for their hairstyles to complement yours; for example, you could have them wear updos if your hairstyle is half-up. It’s worth splurging to pamper your friends as well, so don’t make them do their own hair! Getting ready is half the fun of your wedding day, so include them in your hair and makeup services. I promise you’ll be glad you did, especially when they all match so perfectly in your photos.  Often, a group of maids will have diverse tastes in makeup and hair – this is a bad thing when you end up with one maid in an all-down hairstyle plus a bit of mascara, and another in retro makeup plus a high bun, and still another with smoky dark eyes plus a Snooki puff! This is more common than you think. Have your maids work together to come up with a simple look that they can all agree on, and have your hair and makeup team take care of them so that they feel comfortable instead of frustrated from trying a beauty routine that they aren’t familiar with.

If you plan to wear extensions, please have them coloured to match your hair if you can’t buy the exact shade. This goes especially for multi-toned hair (highlights or lowlights). Improperly matched extensions do show up in photos. For example, you can see Scarlett Johanson’sbutter coloured clip-ins in the famous ‘red dress’ paparazzi photos. Make sure that you have your extensions before you book your consultation!

Please consider your veil and any hair accessories you’d like to wear. Most of my Vancouver brides like to swap their veil for a pretty feathered or jewelled accessory. Keep in mind that your hairstyle will need to contain a space for your veil and/or accessory, so bring both to your consultation so that I can use it in your trial hairstyle. I have connections to custom Vancouver veil and accessory designers, so please take a look at my Credits page for more info.

Some brides plan a long engagement – you are in luck if this is the case, because I will teach you to grow long, luscious hair and keep it healthy for your wedding day!