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Wedding Day Hair Colour

Hair colour to make you look your best

It’s best for you to maintain your usual haircolour for the wedding; the reason for this is that you want to feel and look like yourself, so that your photos turn out perfectly. However, there are sometimes exceptions to this rule.

Did you ever notice that the majority of wedding hairstyles are modeled by blondes? This is because blondes have the greatest dimension (dark and light colours which enhance the appearance of your hair in photos), and therefore all the intricate details are showcased. You’ve probably also noticed that there are not many brunette updo models…if you see one, the style ends up as a dark featureless blob unless the photographer is a master of lighting.

Wedding Day Hair Colour for Dark Haired Women

My solution is this: if you are not blonde, I highly recommend some soft highlights to help your style show as clearly as possible. The best option is to go with the ‘sweet’ colours such as chocolate or cinnamon if you have black hair, and caramel or mocha if you are a mid-brunette. These are flattering because they don’t contrast – they simply enhance dimension.

Wedding Day Hair Colour for Blondes

If you ARE a blonde, you can opt for some blended lowlights to really punch up your style. Depending on your chosen wedding hair style, lowlights can range from soft and natural to streaky and dramatic. Lowlights also help to ‘heal’ your hair and add shine if you are a chronic highlighter. Another option is to get a clear glaze to ‘laminate’ your hair for insane glittering highlights and mirror shine.

Wedding Hair Colour for Red Heads

And for the redheads: Please please PLEASE do not get highlights that are too bright! I see this way too often. My own sister, a strawberry blonde, got yellow highlights for my wedding and I was very sad about it. Yellow always shows up with redheads, since they lack eumelanin (blue) pigment in their hair which generally counteracts the warmer tones. I would much rather see redheads get auburn lowlights instead of highlights unless you trust your colourist to give you a lighter strawberry or a copper for your highlight.

How to Colour Your Hair for Your Wedding:

Colour correction for Bridal Hair

Make sure your colourist highlights a couple millimetres back from your entire hairline (forehead, over the ears, nape) because otherwise, people will ask you if you got married in the mid-90s! It’s all about subtlety, shimmering and blending highlights nowadays. You want to make sure that there aren’t clear visible regrowth stripes around your hairline. Balayage is great for this!

The best time to colour your hair is 1-2 weeks before your wedding and no sooner. You want to give your hair a week to settle into the colour. Also, if your hair is too recently coloured, your hair may not curl or hold style properly.

Make sure you remember to let your hair ‘air out’ by not washing for 2 days after your colour. This helps the pigment to seal itself in through air oxidization (as opposed to the chemical oxidization via peroxide during the application).Also, ask your colourist to emulsify the colour out without shampooing – professional colour is not meant to be shampooed out.

You may want to begin a colour correction over the next few months. Your haircolour can change with the current Vancouver hair trends, but if you plan to go back to your natural haircolour for your wedding, you’ll need my help. Your wedding hair package is totally customizable and I will include your colour corrective fees at a discounted rate.