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Wedding Hair Care Learning Centre

Wedding Day Hair Prep

Here are some things to keep in mind, so that you can benefit the most from your wedding hairstyle.

Oil Based Hair Products

It’s very trendy to use oil-based hair products right now to help hair to relax. Some of these include Argan Oil, Moroccan Oil, Ojon, coconut oil and other natural or essential oils. These products work by soaking into your hair to soften and create a slick shine, much like oil soaks into facial blotting papers and makes it crystal clear and shiny. Similarly, the Brazilian Blowout line and other smoothing or relaxing products coat and infuse the hair with protein.

The problem with these products is that they make your hair limp, body-less and soft. This is excellent for daily wear, but it causes me a lot of grief. I recommend that my brides go on an oil-free ‘hair diet’ before their wedding so that the oil is slowly drawn out by regular shampooing and heat styling.

Pre Wedding Hair Changes

It is important to inform me of any changes you plan to do to your hair before your wedding, especially keratin treatments, Brazilian Blowout, chemical straightening and other texurizing services. They can completely change your hair’s response to styling, and I cannot guarantee that your hair will look like your consultation hairstyle if you make changes.

Along the same lines, colour services should generally be done no sooner than 7-10 days before your wedding. This gives your hair time to embrace the new colour and for the cuticle to settle. If you do your colour too soon, your hair will be too limp to hold curl or volume. And it can be an even worse situation if you are doing a drugstore ‘box’ colour! 7-10 days is the best window of time to do your wedding haircolour.

Also, a lot of hairstylists like to use day-old hair for their wedding hairstyle. I do not, for many reasons. About a week before your wedding, I will provide you with a list of special hair prep instructions that will help you get the most out of your hairstyle. A bride who follows the instructions will find that her hair can last up to three days – even in this wet Vancouver climate!