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Wedding Hair Dos and Don’ts

Published: 19/May/2011     
Victoria pinning a veil for a bride

Love your Wedding Hair!

In this day and age brides are bombarded with information about what their hair should look like on the big day.  Today I’m here to help sort out the dos and don’ts of wedding hair…with my usual straight-up honesty.  Let’s get right into it!

DO collect images of hairstyles you like a few months leading up to your trial style so you can clearly communicate what you want.  Your hairstylist is not a psychic, otherwise they’d be making a living doing that instead…so be straightforward about what you like and dislike about each photo.  Then, be straightforward about what you like and dislike about the hairstyle!  Ask her to fix it if there is a major problem.  The hairstylist should take photos for her own reference on the wedding day.  This will guarantee you get the perfect style.

DON’T let other people tell you how to style your hair.  Your wedding is all about how YOU want to look.  The only exception is if your fiancé prefers your hair up or down or some other particular way.  You want to look hot for him, so he’s the only one whose opinion matters.

DO consider your hair type when selecting a style!  If you have fine, thin, shoulder length Caucasian hair, don’t choose a picture of a thick-haired Indian bride.  Consider what your hair can and cannot do, especially if it doesn’t hold curl or is too heavy to pile on top of your head.

DON’T deep-condition your hair for about a week before your wedding.  This is contrary to what you might think!  Deep-conditioning can make your hair too soft and shiny to hold an updo, or too limp to hold curl.  Oil treatments are out of the question for 2 weeks unless you have African hair.  The best thing to do is a protein conditioner (spray-in, rinse-out liquid type) 2 weeks beforehand, and the last time you wash do 2 shampoos and no conditioner or leave-ins.  Your hair will last for days!

DO think about how your reception hair is going to look.  If you are gonna tear up the dance floor, you’ll probably need your hair up because otherwise it’ll frizz out and stick to your face.  It’s sexy at the bar (maybe?) but NOT in a $5000 dress.  There’s no amount of photoshopping that can clean that up…

DON’T try anything drastic with your cut and colour before the wedding.  You might hate it!  It’s important to feel like yourself on the day-of, because if you don’t it shows in photos.

DO book your mobile hairstylist for a touch-up during the day, especially in the summer months when humidity is at its worst.

DO plan a basic look for your bridesmaids.  They are not allowed to upstage you or look more pampered than you.  If you are wearing a classic chignon, it’s inappropriate for a maid to go for an Amy Winehouse beehive.  Some brides choose the same basic style for all their girls, for example a simple bagel chignon or a low side ponytail.  I sometimes have to do ‘damage control’ with this issue, but it always works out great!

DON’T change your mind about the hairstyle on the wedding day.  Go with what was done in the trial!  In my experience changing almost always goes wrong because the bride hasn’t seen the style on herself and usually it’s not what she really envisioned.  If you change your mind and want a completely new style, DO book a re-trial to make sure it will look okay on you.  It’s worth the investment, and again in my experience brides always come out happy from the re-trial.

DO have an emergency kit on hand, with a mini hairspray and bobby pins!

DON’T get bonded, fused or glued-in extensions!  They are horrifically bad for your hair and cause traction alopecia.  Pick up some human hair clip-ins (worn often by Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Underwood) and have your hairstylist clip them in and style them.  You can even colour them to match your real hair!  Buy them before your trial so you can see the full effect with your desired style.

DO realize that red carpet hair is not the same as wedding hair; it only needs to last for the few minutes of paparazzi photos, while wedding hair must last upwards of 6 hours.  Celebrities have a pro stylist on hand during these events, and some (Taylor Swift you are SO guilty of this) have multiple brand-new styles over the course of a couple hours!  Your hairstylist will blend the red carpet look with the necessary styling and product required for a wedding look.  It will not look the same as the frizzed-out ladies after the Grammys, but that’s OK!

DO enjoy your hair, wear it and work it for the photographer…be natural, be yourself and have a fabulous day!

Any further dos and don’ts I’ve neglected? Email me at hairstylist@victoriakuzma.com.  Have fun with your wedding hair!!

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