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Vancouver Mobile Hairstylist

Published: 26/Jun/2014     

vancouver-mobile-hairstylist-weddingIn response to many of your emails, I have decided to do a special post today about mobile hair services. There is a lot of information on my website, and I have been thinking it’s a good idea to offer a blog post that simplifies it for you. Please read and enjoy!

I am a fully mobile hairdresser with no salon home base, and proud to be Vancouver’s most popular mobile hair stylist. This means that all you need to prepare for my visit…is to have hair for me to work with! I bring all my own tools, towels, dropsheet and products. My services include wet and dry haircuts, colour by Schwarzkopf, and all types of styling from basic flatiron straightening to luxurious vintage hair wet sets to elite wedding hair updos. Sadly, I no longer do perms; the chemical odor lingers for days or sometimes weeks, even if there are no spills. I unfortunately had many complaints about this issue before I chose to stop perming. Rest assured, though, that I have passed Coastal Health standards in order to obtain my mobile hair business license, and I care for the tools of my trade and my clients the same way I would in a salon.

So: why choose mobile hair styling over a salon? The answer is simple. I offer a luxury service, and travel to you for your convenience. My service is more personalized than any salon, as I tailor everything to meet the needs of each individual client. Some people cannot go to a salon for accessibility reasons, or because they are extremely busy and cannot spare the travel time in Vancouver traffic, or even because salons can be intimidating.

A lot of my clients are stay-at-home-moms with new babies and young children, and they choose to save the travel time as well as extra expenses of childcare and pay parking that they would otherwise have to consider. Instead of a 3 hour commitment, they receive a relaxing 1 hour haircut in their home. Did you know that children 5 and under receive free trims with any adult hair service?

I also see many busy entrepreneurs who work from home; they have all told me how great it is to be able to work without interruption on Haircut Day. Busy with an important call? Rushing to meet a deadline? No problem…I am just as comfortable working in silence as chatting up a storm! One key to success is efficient time management, and I offer the opportunity for busy people to have their hair cut, coloured and styled as they work. This enables them to spend their days off with friends and family instead.

A few of my clients are truly unable to go to a salon. There are those who cannot tolerate the bustle and drama of a salon. Even though many innovations are now available for persons in wheelchairs, salons are still quite inconvenient for them. I also do hospital visits for those in long term or palliative care – it is such a great feeling to see how a simple wash and blowdry can brighten someone’s day! Still others simply do not like salons and consider getting a haircut to be a tedious chore. It is my pleasure to assist my clients and ensure that they have beautiful hair without all the stress.

Hair is a branch of the fashion industry and I love to be able to update my clients on the latest trends such as ombré hair colour, big buns and faux bobs. I constantly update my skill set and am always open to new challenges with balayage highlights or growing long healthy hair. I work hard to learn about new products and run the occasional test on popular lines such as Kevin Murphy.

And finally, we all know how important it is to have perfect wedding hair. I specialize in the most current wedding hairstyles and can incorporate haircare plans into my bridal services so that you can have your dream hairstyle for your wedding! Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to style hair for your face shape? I have a lot of experience with weddings from all cultures, as well as a passion for styling Asian, African and Indian hair…and especially curly hair of all types.

If you have any questions about mobile hairstylist services that I forgot to mention, you are very welcome to contact me so that I can help you!

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