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Vancouver Mobile Hairstylist FAQ

Published: 31/Jan/2015     

victoria-working-sans-soucieThere have been some requests for me to do an FAQ, and after hearing this from a longtime friend and client, I decided it would be a good idea to address a few popular questions and issues. Please enjoy, and if you can think of anything I’ve missed, email me to let me know!

Do I need to prepare anything for our appointment? I am unsure about how this mobile hair service works…

The only thing you need is a few photos for inspiration if you like. I am fully mobile and bring all my own towels, shampoo sink, products and styling tools. If you have products that you prefer I would use instead of my usual Schwarzkopf line, you are absolutely welcome to mention this! I do prefer to work in the kitchen or dining room as counters and tables are the best height for me to work from (I am tall), plus the lighting is usually best in those rooms.

I am desperate for an appointment in the next couple of days. My hair is a mess! It’s an emergency! Please can you make an exception for me?

As much as I would love to accommodate everyone when they need me, I simply cannot. I am the top mobile hairstylist in Vancouver and book months in advance – especially for evenings and weekends. My Facebook Page is my favourite way to communicate with my clients (as opposed to sending out mass emails or newsletters) and when I get cancellations I will post them there. Since many of my clients pre-book out the full year’s visits, I do not feel it’s fair to ask them to reschedule in order to accommodate a last minute request. The only exception to this rule is if you are a bride from out of town and have a limited few days to get in to see me.

I have a friend who would like to come to my appointment to also have her hair done. Do you see multiple people at once?

Absolutely!!! I call these Hair Parties and can do cut, colour and style services at these group appointments. I have a few groups of clients (mostly families with small children) for whom I book off entire days; for these sessions I set up at someone’s house or in a common room and everyone comes to me. It’s sort of like working at the salon! When the groups get especially large, the host organizes appointment times for everyone and receives a complimentary haircut from me as a thank-you.

I have been cutting my own hair and/or colouring with box dye in between our visits. Are you upset about that?

Not in the slightest. I completely understand if you are on a tight budget and will always do my best to make you look at feel beautiful. The downside of doing your own cut and box dye in between our visits is that I may need to cut your hair shorter or adjust your colour formula to match the box dye if you do not want to pay for a correction. I cannot guarantee that your look will always stay the same If I’m not always the one doing it. Many of you are OK with this and so am I 🙂

I am seeing another hairdresser as well. Is this OK? I feel like I’m cheating on you!

Yes, it’s more than OK! Some of my clients love the way I colour their hair but not the way I cut it, or vice versa. Some of my clients live in other cities, provinces and even the US and China (seriously). When you book to see someone else, please let me know and I will gladly pass along your colour formula. I would much rather that you go see someone and have the exact same colour done so that I don’t have to fix any mistakes! You are welcome at any time to see any other hairstylist and in fact I encourage this if you are in desperate need and I cannot book you in time. Just be honest with me – you all know how easygoing I am! I will be honest with you: I would rather you go see ANY other hairstylist than try and cut or colour your hair on your own. Also…I will not give up my secret technique for the Curly Cut, so if you want that you’ll have to wait to see me 😉

Can you go to the hospital to do my Gramma’s hair?

That depends on a number of things. I book far in advance, so I will only do hospital visits for palliative or longterm patients. If your Gramma cannot sit up, I will only be able to do a dry shampoo spray and maybe a hair cut. If she cannot sit for long, or cannot leave the bed, I can do a really basic quick cut or style. Some hospitals do not like me to be there – for example I was asked to leave G.F. Strong and have not been back since. I have done wash, cut and styles at St. Paul’s; I have done colours at Royal Columbian and VGH. Basically if the care staff are notified well in advance and if both the staff and the patient say it’s OK, I am happy to work in a hospital. No surprise visits, though! I was asked to leave VGH one time because I had been hired by the client’s wife and he did not expect me. That was pretty awkward. But I do have to say that it is such a nice thing to be able to do a super-thorough shampoo for those in the hospital. It always feels great to have clean hair!

On my wedding day, will you go to the groom’s house after my booking and do everyone’s hair there too?

This is not a good idea, as I aim to have my bridal parties done very close to when everyone needs to be dressed and on their way. If I were to do the groom’s party too, I would have to start you super early and you would lose beauty sleep. If you are all staying in a hotel, I am open to this option…but otherwise it’s best to hire a second hairdresser to style your groom and his family. I have a lot of friends I can recommend!

Do I need to shampoo my hair before you arrive for our appointment?

It’s up to you 🙂 If you don’t like having your hair washed by someone else (some people really don’t like it) or if you are very busy, by all means be freshly shampooed for when I arrive. I can even just spritz your hair wet with a spray bottle. I like to give a thorough shampoo and scalp massage as part of my ladies’ hair services though…and I have a portable sink that works great! For men I just go for barber-style and spritz the hair wet, though. Very few guys ever cared for the shampoo/massage so I just stopped including it as part of men’s services.

I am generally nervous about our first visit. There’s nothing really that I want to ask, I’m just feeling like it’s a bit weird to have someone I’ve never met come to my house for such a personal service.

Most of my clients were at least a bit nervous at the first appointment. Some people really get super nervous! Honestly I am probably the least judgmental person you’d ever meet, and everyone says I’m very calm and chill. You will find right away that I can chat about pretty much anything, and that I love to hear everyone’s life story 🙂 If you’re feeling uncomfortable or nervous, let’s chat about it!

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