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Short Wedding Hairstyles for 2013

Published: 02/Jan/2013      Tags:

Here’s a topic that has been getting a lot of attention lately! A short haircut is more versatile to dress than you think. There are actually many ways to style your short hair for your wedding! You may feel pressured to get extensions or grow your hair out for the occasion, but keep in mind that a big change in length can affect how comfortable you feel. You want to be able to look in the mirror and see your very best and most beautiful self, not a complete transformation. As I have mentioned before many times, you will feel your best in something similar to how you usually see yourself. Even if your hair and makeup are done perfectly, if it’s not YOU, then there’s a big problem.

Your family, friends and fiance may have mixed feelings about it as well – particularly your fiance, because when a man likes short hair on a woman, he REALLY likes it. I don’t know why. It’s just what my short-haired clients tell me. Also, speaking from experience, when I got an ultra-short pixie I received more random compliments from men than when I had long hair. Anyway, there’s no need to change your short hairstyle if you feel it will be a lot of trouble (growing it past the awkward stages is a real pain, ladies). Read on to find out some 2013 trends for your short wedding ‘do.

Short Hairstyles for a Vintage Wedding

Vintage styling is often the first recommendation that I would give. The reason for this is that many of the old-school styles are quite flattering, in addition to being classic of course. Depending on your features you can opt for a dramatic slicked finger wave (for softer faces) or a luxurious bouncy wet-set (for stronger faces). The Marilyn style is a beautiful way to flatter any face type, and it can be tailored to suit your unique look. Above are three options for vintage hairstyles, all done by me…but the first is a shot of Marilyn in all her glory for comparison. There’s a modernized Marilyn modeled by an alternative bride and a pin curl set followed by another modernized vintage look.

Short Hairstyles for a Modern Wedding

If you prefer drama and flair, you could go for something more up-to date with a funky or messy style such as a quiff or a fluffed curly look. Such styles have been seen on Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani, Audrey Tautou, Sharon Stone, Pink and Rihanna. Of course, these hairstyles are much flashier if you have a great set of highlights or a clean, fresh hair colour. They’re more red carpet looks than wedding looks, but then again, so are the majority of current wedding hair trends!

Short and Sleek Wedding Hair

A clean, sleek hairstyle can also look beautiful. Good examples to check out would be Hayden Panettiere, Ashley Simpson or Natalie Portman. The hair must be properly blown out and set so that you get enough volume at the root; this will also help to reduce flyaways and frizz. Whether you have very curly hair or flat, straight hair, this style will work well. For curly hair, you’ll need a really solid haircut to be able to control your texture, and I can definitely help you with that, too.

Voluminous bob hairstyle for All Ages

Shoulder length and bobbed hair is extremely versatile when it comes to bridal hair styling. My favourite thing to do is a voluminous iron set with a lot of back combing to give an elegant yet flirty look. Here’s an example of such a style that I did for a bridesmaid last year. In photos it looks a lot smaller than it actually was! Sadly, I did not have time to grab a photo of her before I started, but her hair was very straight and past her shoulders in the front/at her shoulders in the back. This style was a thrill for me to do, and I look forward to doing it more often for both brides and bridesmaids because it can be tweaked in many different ways according to face shape, dress and accessories. This looks very chic when firmed up and sprayed clean for a mature woman (hello, Mothers of the Bride and Groom…you will LOVE this style) or tousled loose and a bit curlier for a young woman.

Updo on very Short Hair

Updo on very Short Hair

A cool thing about bobs is that they’re actually long enough to fake the look of an updo! Above, you can see two examples of styles done by me. These women said virtually the same thing after sitting in my chair: “So, I don’t really know what I want…my hair probably won’t do much.” I enjoyed their looks of surprise once they saw their hair! Hopefully these before and after shots help to illustrate that you don’t necessarily need extensions put into your bob to look pretty and formally styled.

Accessories are key to making your short wedding hairstyle picture perfect. They are so important that I should really write a separate post dedicated only to hair accessories! For any of the styles listed above, you will need an accessory or two in order for your hairstyle to look bridal. My current favourite accessory is the headband. You can adjust the placement in relation to your hairline in order to give your face the most balance possible, i.e. it will need to sit close to the front if you have an oblong, oval or diamond shaped face and further back if you have a square or round shaped face. It can be placed softly into your hair or pull it back tightly. My favourite places in Vancouver to buy headbands are Blue Ruby and Mimosa. You can even make your own with very little effort and investment – just buy a plain headband from the dollar store and head to a beading or scrapbooking store for crystals, feathers, lace and more! Check out a vintage shop to pick up an old cameo or brooch to glue on. The images below are from my 2011 A La Carte hairstyle collection, and feature headpieces by Mishe Jewels. (The photos are credited to stock photographer Nuno Silva, which is why you may recognize some of these images from elsewhere.)

Headband ideas for Wedding Hair

Aside from headbands, you can get jeweled clips or bobby pins, fascinators, hats and feathers from all sorts of places around Vancouver.  The sky is the limit! Some places to browse (depending on your budget) include mall kiosks, Club Monaco, Claire’s, Le Chateau, BCBG, and Granville Island.

On a personal note, I would just like to mention that I do offer a discounted rate for short-haired brides. You should feel perfectly pampered on your Big Day, and that means having your hair done up, too! Contact me today and I will help you to try some styles that perhaps you didn’t realize were possible with your hair.

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