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Schwarzkopf EL 2011 S/S

Published: 10/Jun/2011     
Flowing tousled waves

I love the PURE series for this season...

So as you probably know, I attended the Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Spring/Summer course back in May.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  I absolutely adored this collection because the concept artists created a style for every product in the Schwarzkopf range.  Needless to say, the PURE cuts were my favourite, specifically the one pictured above.

I literally can only say good things about this cut!  It’s simple to do, and easy to style.  You all know how important it is to have a style that the client can work with as well…and this is it!  The main reason why this cut is so great is that it is perfectly suited for Vancouver women; it is both a wash-and-wear and a high-maintenance style.  You can leave the house or the gym with damp hair, and it’ll dry into super sexy tousles.  Or, rollerset and finger style for mega volume and movement. It works on all hair types except for the ultra-curly.

Unlike many of the trend cuts that are happening right now, this cut is easy to follow for future trims and upkeep.  There’s no freehanding because everything is cut from a proper guide.  NO thinning shears or razoring is involved either, which makes me happy because I like to see thick healthy ends.  Basically it’s my impression of the perfect haircut, and unfortunately I can’t do it on myself…but I could if I would!  Yes, you heard me right.  I cut my own hair, and have done so since 2008.  Check out the cuts I did on myself here.

As for the other Essential Looks, I noticed that red is the colour of the moment.  So far this spring I have done bright coppers, soft strawberry blondes and rich pomegranates.  Nobody wants Rihanna’s fire engine crimson yet, but I could do it with Matrix’s line of reds.  To be honest, right now I am loving Matrix’s reds more than Schwarzkopf’s.  They are specifically formulated to cut through old colour, and turn the same flashing red from roots to ends.  Schwarzkopf is better for more natural reds that look like you’ve grown them yourself.

That’s all for now!  Be nice to your hair now that summer is here…go get a trim and make sure to use Sealed Ends….

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