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Review of Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Line

Published: 22/Apr/2013     

I have used the Schwarkopf Oil Miracle line for about 2 months, and it’s time to tell you all what I think. I am going to be doing product testing from now on so that you can benefit from real-life experience on picky, weird hair like mine.  For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little background info on my hair type:

Despite the above, I have a lot of experience with all textures, from heavy coarse Asian hair to soft brittle African hair and especially with mixed-race hair, which tends to break many expectations for care and styling. So, I will break my review down into different hair types where I feel it’ll help.

Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle rinse, Liquid Oil spray and shampoo; in respective order.

Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle rinse, Liquid Oil spray and shampoo; in respective order.

So!  Let’s begin. My first impression of this line came from the Light and Heavy Finishing Treatments, which I tested on the left and right sides of my head.  Right away I noted that the fragrance is the same as the one used in the Time Restore line.  I find it soapy and artifical-smelling, yet tolerable…but my boyfriend absolutely hates it and has been complaining bitterly for these past months. He says it smells exactly like urinal freshener and has asked me to cover the smell up with other product (I used Glamour Queen hairspray, which has a delicious candy smell to it and a weightless finish).  The Finishing treatments were so heavily fragranced that I actually couldn’t wear them at all – I got a headache within a few hours. However, this is the only criticism I have for this line. After a day’s wear, I found them both to be about the same strength. I believe that Schwarzkopf is taking inspiration from other oil-based lines such as Moroccan Oil, and copying what they did when they discovered that their regular oil serum tinted blonde hair. Honestly I do not feel there is a reasonable weight difference between the Light and Heavy and I cannot say if either tints blonde hair at all.

I picked up the shampoo, conditioner and Liquid Oil spray a few days after rinsing out the Finishing Treatments, determined to test out this line due to the increasing popularity of oil-based haircare and my affection for all things Schwarzkopf.

The shampoo is clear, rich and very, very thick. I love how I don’t need to use too much and that it makes a heavy foamy lather right away! It feels like I could use it alone, without a conditioner, and I have done this successfully a few times by following up with a bit of the Liquid Oil. This would be a great shampoo for the majority of hair types because it’s thick enough to condition the hair, but surprisingly it doesn’t leave any residue.  Used alone, it made my hair feel clean but not squeaky or stripped. It’s one of the few shampoos I’ve tried that is truly ‘just right’ for me!

The Gold Shimmer conditioner is ultra thin and light compared to most conditioners, so take care when squeeing it into your hand. It has a pretty gold micro-sparkle that clings to the hair and makes my blonde shimmer and my brown look very rich. It does come off a bit on the fingers, but you shouldn’t have your hands in your hair anyway! I found that it was best to squeeze as much water out of my hair as possible before using the conditioner, but as with the shampoo I really didn’t need to use much to detangle my ends.

Morning and Night - same day!

Morning and Night – same day!

I picked up the Liquid Oil spray as an alternative to the finishing Treatment and I was SO HAPPY with this product! It was weightless yet provided lots of control and conditioning for my hair. To the left you see a shot of me freshly air-dried with only the Liquid Oil in my hair; then the next shot is of me the very same day, but 14 hours later. On that day I had a full schedule that took me on a circuit from downtown Vancouver to New Westminster, back downtown and then all the way south to White Rock and home again; I had been in and out of my car in the pouring rain and literally did not look at my hair until I walked in the door that evening.  These images are straight off my phone and have not been edited whatsoever (excpet for cropping), and you can see the very same curls compared to each other! This is what my hair looked like every day during this product trial. I cannot express how happy and impressed I am with the Liquid Oil and I would use it forever except for the fact that my boyfriend hates the smell.

It’s worth mentioning that Moroccan Oil products (and the majority of similar brands) soak into the hair so much that it makes styling virtually impossible. Thank goodness that the Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle line allows your hair to maintain stylability! I found it to be weightless and my hair is easy to curl or flatiron even after 2 months of daily use.

I would say that the shampoo would work great for all hair types (even for those with an oily scalp, as it did rinse quite clean). The conditioner is best for medium to fine hair, or coarse thin hair such as with certain Asian hair types, although I really don’t feel it’s strong enough for African hair, and it really won’t do much for Indian or heavy Caucasian hair. The Liquid Oil spray will work well for any hair type! I have successfully used it to rehydrate flatironed African hair into beautiful clean coils, and this tells me it is very easy for the hair to absorb.  I don’t feel that it sits on top of the hair as a cosmetic – it does penetrate quite nicely to reinforce and soften from within.  I wish I could say more about the Finishing Treatments, which are clearly the cornerstone of this care line, but honestly they are so strong-smelling that I wouldn’t recommend them at all unless you’d like to use them to cover up any smell that might stick to the hair such as cigarette smoke or cooking smells.

Any questions? Have you yourself used this line? Please leave a comment and let me know your opinion!  You are also welcome to contact me privately anytime.

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