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New Hair for Spring

Published: 28/Apr/2011     

Today I’m going to talk about some of the trends I’ve been noticing for this season.  I spent

Ombre Haircolour

Ombre Ends

a couple days at the ABA hair show a couple weeks ago, and I’m so excited to try out all the techniques I learned!

Firstly, any of you who have been regularly checking up on my website probably remember me talking about single-tone, platinum blondes about this time last year.  When I visited NYC in November 2009, I noticed platinums everywhere, and assumed the trend would trickle across the country in about 2 years…and it has picked up faster than I thought!  In the past month I have noticed that it’s finally catching on.  Platinum is great, but quite high-maintenance.  I recommend a regular reconstructive treatment (My favourite is Redken CAT) and root touch-ups every 3 weeks.

My favourite products for achieving a perfect platinum are in the Schwarzkopf BlondMe series.  The reason I love the stuff so much is that the on-scalp lightener is gentle yet extremely powerful.  Generally I have not been impressed with the effects of regular lightener, mainly because it causes insanely painful damage to the scalp.

And by the way…the trick for eliminating the sting of lightener is SPLENDA.  That’s right, and if anyone has the audacity to say to me that stuff is ‘healthy’ because it’s ‘made from sugar’, I will gladly invite them to put plain sugar in their lightener and see if it does the same trick.  Splenda is NOT anything I’d ever put into my body, but try it in your lightener and see what happens.

Also everyone is talking about ombre colouring techniques.  I ombre’d my ends a couple months ago and it makes my natural waves really stand out.  Of course, at the hair show the colours were over-the top, but if you use a natural shade it looks really cool – keep it within 2 levels of your base colour and you’re good to go.

Haircuts are staying in the soft and natural range of layering.  Even the geometric cuts look frothy and textured!  I love this trend mainly because the weather in Vancouver is hard on high-maintenance haircuts.  Wash and wear is the way to go, and the season’s new cuts are great for this.

In May I’ll be taking the Essential Looks 2011 class, and will report back with some new trends.  I’ve skipped a couple years since I last took the EL course (2007 was the last one!) so I’m really looking forward to it.

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