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Moroccan Oil + Other ‘oil’ Products: Bad For Your Hair!

Published: 22/Sep/2014     

greasy_lank_hair***IMPORTANT UPDATE JULY 2017! Please read through the whole article, then the COMMENTS section below for advice and product recommendations before asking any questions. You may find something in the article or comments that helps with an issue you have. Use the search function in your web browser to find your hair type eg. “curly”, “thinning”, “highlighted” and so on.

If you don’t see anything that helps you, I would love to chat with you about your hair issue in the COMMENTS section below so that other people can see my responses – please do not email me or use my contact form. We all benefit from seeing your questions posted and answered here.

Also please share this article if it helps you. The more people who learn about Moroccan Oil, the better!

As far as I have discovered with my own clients, the Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment and Undo Goo shampoo as weekly maintenance are the best ways to clear out buildup from Moroccan Oil. Make sure to follow up after Undo Goo with a low pH conditioner (4.5) to seal the cuticle and help preserve colour and hair health. If you have ‘unicorn’ or any other temporary rainbow shade in your hair, the Malibu will rinse it off – so use a good colour shampoo until about 10 days before your colour retouch appointment, then start a deep cleanse by doing the Undo Goo and low pH conditioner every second day. You can repeat this before every retouch appointment for 6 months to strip out all the Moroccan Oil residue.

And finally, to all representatives of MONAT: Please do not contact me about MONAT. This horrible line has caused one of my clients to lose more than half of her hair since March 2017, and she now has 2 bald spots and horrible greasy hair, itchy scalp and zero regrowth. Upon researching honest MONAT reviews I discovered that it is just as bad, if not worse than Moroccan Oil – comparable to the Wen line in the amount of hair loss it causes! I don’t want to hear about how MONAT is silicone free, all natural, 3rd party research blah blah blah…I don’t care what’s in there, because the reality is that this product is ruining people’s hair.

The Moroccan Oil product line, as well as other ‘natural oil’ lines, have been bothering me since they invaded the market. I have always been suspicious of products in the beauty industry that are heavily marketed and unusually popular – beginning with the original Brazilian Blowout, and we all know how that turned out. After seeing many friends, brides, models and clients with dry, damaged hair after using these trendy oil serums and product lines, I decided to do some research. My goal? Discover why this stuff is ruining everyone’s hair!

It has come to my attention that when I recommend products to a client, often the retailers or salons will push Moroccan Oil onto them instead. I received an email from a client last year, complaining that ‘the product you recommended ruined my hair, and it is dry and completely unmanageable now’. Guess what she bought instead of the curl product I suggested? Moroccan Oil, at the insistence of the store clerk! This is but one example of many, so that now when I recommend a product I bring it with me to the appointment and have the client take a photo so she can buy the exact thing without being distracted. We need to get something straight here. I know a lot of salons and hairdressers will be angry for my giving this next tidbit away, but it is one of the offensively dishonest things about working in a salon; it is one of the many reasons that I went mobile. Hair product companies often have sales competitions wherein the team or the top seller on the team wins a big prize for selling the most products. I disagree with this so strongly because it does happen a lot with Moroccan Oil brand, and often the products that are recommended are not in the best interest of the client. In seminars we hairstylists are often told we can get rich quick from product revenue alone. Now that I’m working for myself, I am proud to say I do not sell products, but recommend the best products for my clients and tell them where to buy them at the best prices. Many of them take my recommendations seriously and have some of the most beautiful hair I’ve ever worked with.

How much of the ‘good’ ingredients are there anyway?

Anyway, back to Moroccan Oil. I went to the beauty supply store and read the ingredients for their products. I was shocked (but not surprised) to discover that in products such as their curl cream, there is more fragrance than actual argan nut oil! This is a big deal, as it shows that there is really not a lot of the good stuff in Moroccan Oil at all. You’re paying top dollar for the name brand while getting the same junk as you’d find in a drugstore product: the product line is completely silicone based. The first 4-6 ingredients are all silicones, depending on which product you’re looking at. Silicones are what I like to call ‘hair cosmetics’ because they cover up the problem (dryness and frizz) for a long time but do nothing to heal it. They make the hair feel ultra sleek and soft for the first while that you’re using them. Please do your research and read the labels of products before buying. It will save you a lot of money and a lot of hair damage down the line! Also, it’s really very important to note that although I am targeting Moroccan Oil here, this issue applies across the board for all ‘oil’ lines. I do make sure to take a photo of every miracle product that my clients tell me about, so that I can find out what exactly is in there that’s so special. Sadly, it is always SILICONES. Dimethicone, cyclomethicone, phenyl trimethicone, cyclopentasiloxone…any of the ‘-one’ suffixes basically. Hair cosmetics.

So! Why is it bad for your hair if the strands feel soft, shiny and smooth? Well, for starters, silicone molecules are too big to penetrate your hair’s cuticle.Β  They tend to build up over time and leave the hair looking dull, greasy and feeling drier than ever. It looks greasy, but is dry/coarse/stiff to the touch. I have literally scraped off old built-up silicone from clients’ hair with my fingernail – this buildup seals and locks in the dry damaged hair so that nothing can help the condition. It takes drastic measures and funky tricks to remove this old gunk, and often one trick is not enough. For example, one method is to use a clarifying shampoo (I love Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash!) but it will need to sit for 5-10 minutes and be repeated over the course of a few days to get everything out. Dimethicone, for example, is not water soluble and can really build up, so it does need a lot of scrubbing to clear off. Another method is to use a Malibu Treatment such as Crystal Gel and apply it using heat for 45 minutes. For more intense stripping and a faster processing time, try using cheap dish soap and leaving it for 10 minutes. A paste made of shampoo and crushed aspirin also works. You get the picture: it takes harsh chemicals to strip silicones out.

So silicones are bad?

I just want to quickly mention that silicones are OK in the right proportions. Many lines have silicones in them – just not as much or as many as Moroccan Oil does.

Remember: NATURAL doesn’t always mean BETTER. UN-NATURAL silicones are completely OK to use in your hair if they are in well-formulated products that can be rinsed out. Synthetic chemicals sometimes do better thanΒ natural ones and I recommend mostly ‘un-natural’ products that still do great wonders for all hair types. Silicone based products can even be awesome for the health of your hair (for example the Sealed Ends leave in treatment by Schwarzkopf, which builds up a teensy bit on your ends to protect them and help them stay fresh and healthy so that you can go longer in between haircuts). The problem I am discussing Β in this article is strictly about ‘miracle’ products like Moroccan Oil that are heavily marketed and claim to be oil based…but are instead loaded with the stickier types of silicones in the wrong proportions to natural oils. It is a problem because of dishonesty and NOT because of silicones themselves. People end up over-using these kinds of products since they claim to be natural and healthy when they absolutely are not.

In contrast to silicones, natural nut oils such as argan, coconut, avocado, jojoba (and more) have teensy little molecules that soak up into the hair and can provide great benefit for its health. You can probably already see a big problem here! If the cuticle is already overwhelmed and clogged with silicones, how do the meager amounts of nut oil in Moroccan Oil products (and others, remember there are many similar lines) stand a chance to penetrate the hair? Well, any idiot can see THEY DON’T. They can’t! The makers of these ‘oil’ lines know this, and that’s why they put such a small amount in their products – they know the good stuff is getting wasted!

I am feeling so angry and worked up, because I have now arrived at the main issue.

Moroccan Oil, Argan Oil, Saryna Keys, MONAT and other fancy ‘oil’ lines are LYING to you about what is in their products!!! They have loaded their products with a bunch of silicones that stick together and can’t be properly rinsed off! They are also marketing dishonestly by bribing hairstylists into selling you their products instead of what might be best for your hair. The MONAT reps claim there is no silicone in their products; that may be true, but it’s doing the same thing as the Moroccan Oil does, so as far as I’m concerned their products are also dishonestly marketed.

If you had dry, damaged hair before, it will be much worse after using these products. I have seen it time and time again. Any masque conditioners, protein treatments, true natural oils and other healing products simply do not penetrate your hair if you’re using heavy amounts of silicones. Your hair will stop feeling so soft and instead start to feel a bit dry or damaged…and you’ll use more serum…then it gets drier over time….and you apply more…you can’t understand why your hair is so dull and dry and frizzy…so you apply more because that miracle product worked so WELL when you first got it! And it smells so yummy…you simply LOVE to apply it for the smell alone, so why not go nuts?

…The cycle continues until your haircolour stops working properly. It won’t fully pass through the clogged cuticle and fades quickly. Your blonde looks dull, even brassy or rusty. Your brunette looks greyish and greasy. Your natural grey or white gets a yellowish tint regardless of how much you use your toning shampoo. Your sexy natural curls fall limp and flat while feeling drier and frizzier than ever before. Straight hair sticks all lank and greasy against your neck. Blowouts and curling irons do nothing. Your scalp gets sticky and packed with what appears to be oil. Shampoo stops working and your hair stinks and feels dirty no matter what you do. You may get acne on your scalp. Most notably, your hair will smoke as if it’s on fire when using hot styling tools. You can scrape the buildup off with your fingernail.

How can we fix this buildup problem?!

I cannot stress this enough: throw out your expensive ‘oil’ products and invest in some heavy duty clarifying treatments. Ask your hairdresser about a Malibu treatment or do some research online to find your own home care products. Go to your local health food store and spend your money on some honest, natural and true Argan Nut Oil. The page over at Saadia is the best resource for how to choose the right type of natural oil. When you start to strip the silicones out of your hair, it will feel weird and gross for the first few times. Stick with it! There will be a detox period where the clarifier actually causes buildup on your hair as the surfactants grip onto the silicone molecules but cannot break them apart. You can do this!Β  It will be worth it!

Then when your hair finally starts feeling normal again, buy some Undo Goo shampoo by Malibu (it’s 100% vegan!), and use it once a week as maintenance. Leave it for 5 minutes in your hair and rinse. It’s good to clarify weekly for scalp and hair health, no matter what products you’re using. Undo Goo is of a very high pH, so make sure to balance it out with something 4.5 pH (such as Schwarzkopf Colour Freeze conditioner) or even do an apple cider rinse. This will seal the cuticle and prevent your colour from fading.

Update July 2016

One of my clients picked up some Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask and started using it about 6 weeks ago. I saw her last week and her normally beautiful clear skin was breaking out all around her hairline and down her neck. I didn’t want to comment in case she was embarrassed (I sure hate it when someone comments about my skin). Near the end of our visit she mentioned the breakout, saying it was abnormal and she doesn’t know what’s going on, but that it started suddenly 6 weeks ago and she was looking for solutions. She said the acne was on her shoulders and back as well. I asked her if she had changed any hair or skincare products around that same time…and then it clicked – that was exactly when she bought the Moroccan Oil. She said she hadn’t changed anything else and was certain that it was due to that product alone. It’s so full of pore-clogging junk that merely the rinse water caused a breakout! So – if you are having skin troubles don’t despair, it might be the Moroccan Oil!

Update October 2017

One of my clients started using MONAT in March 2017. She is a busy mom and sees me sporadically, maybe once every few months; I saw her in April and then June, and at both visits I noticed a lot of hair falling out. She said her MONAT rep told her it was due to the ‘detox’ period which everyone goes through after starting MONAT. Then I saw her 2 days ago and was HORRIFIED. She has been my client for 7 years and normally has thick, full yet silky soft, bouncy hair that she can just wash and air dry…it’s just the most beautiful hair. She now has thinning all around her front hairline and behind her ears. She has two bald spots at the back of her head (one 2″ diameter at her crown that is completely smooth, and one 1.5″ just below that which is mostly bald with some hair still growing sparsely). Her hair is so greasy and sticky that when I did an Undo Goo shampoo, the residue was thick, viscous and white like hand soap…and after I dried and styled her hair, it felt just as greasy as before the Undo Goo! It is going to take years to fix her hair!!! MONAT is awful, awful, awful – please stay away from this line. If you don’t believe me, there are some interesting Youtube videos with before and after photos – check it out for yourself. I don’t care that some people are doing very well with this product, because the fact that enough people are having trouble with it points to something terribly wrong.

I have also discovered an interesting article about the benefits of coconut oil for hair loss, take a look! I would strongly recommend using the clarifying protocol with Malibu C before getting into using too much coconut oil, as the Moroccan Oil residue will prevent anything from penetrating your hair and scalp properly.

Any questions? Please ask in the comments section below!

HAIR ADVICE DISCLAIMER: By posting in the Comments section below, you acknowledge that I am unable to analyze your hair in person, and that therefore my ability to give advice is limited to my understanding of your comment only; since I cannot see or touch your hair and scalp this is a huge limitation on my ability to help you. Despite this, I do my best to give the most appropriate and helpful advice that I possibly can. By posting a question here, and/or by following my advice about any haircare instruction and/or cosmetic products, you hereby assume all risk and accept full responsibility for any and all results, and waive, release and forever discharge myself, Victoria Kuzma and my business, Vancouver Mobile Hairstylist, from all liability for injuries or damages resulting from or connected with using a cosmetic product and/or instruction. This applies also to those of you who do not post in this Comments section, yet follow any instructions or use any products listed in this article or in the Comments section.


396 responses to “Moroccan Oil + Other ‘oil’ Products: Bad For Your Hair!”

  1. Jessica Baker says:

    What are your thoughts on Aveda? I have been using Monat for about two weeks and it has thinned so much. Thanks in advance.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Jessica, you have got to throw out the Monat! Have you checked out the Facebook group called Monat – My Modern Nightmare? If not…do it right now. Your hair loss is 100% caused by Monat! You will need to clear that crap off your hair and out of your scalp ASAP, this is not a joke. Please use the Malibu regimen that I describe in this blog post, as soon as humanly possible. Go to a salon and have them do the Crystal Gel treatment under heat for 45 minutes; it doesn’t matter what the cost, you need to have this done as it’s the only way to get it all out. Then I honestly woun’t recommend Aveda at all anymore, they just aren’t the same since L’Oreal bought the company. I do not recommend anything natural for your hair for the time being – you need something that will supplement the Malibu Crystal Gel treatment from the salon. Pick up some Undo Goo shampoo and one of the lighter Malibu conditioners (the Swimmer’s or Hard Water are both great) and use those as your primary set until they’re done. Then, if you’d like something oil based and natural for the same price point as Aveda (or Monat!), then go get the new Kerastase line called Aura Botanica. It’s wonderful πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you with your hair!

      • Simone says:

        Wait, wait, wait…..you wouldn’t recommend Aveda since they were bought by L’Oreal? When did that happen? Estee Lauder has owned them since 1997, and you’ve previously recommended Aveda. I actually switched up my hair products based on your blog to Aveda and Rene Furterer, and my hair has transformed from a dry, course, frizzy mess to super soft and easy to style, which is saying a LOT because it’s long and thick and I live at the beach. Also, Kerastase is actually owned by L’Oreal. I haven’t used their products in years, so I have no comment on if they’ve retained quality, but just want to put the facts out there.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Simone, OMG this is so embarrassing. Somewhere down the line I’ve mixed up Aveda with Pureology, thank you so much for the correction! I just did a bit of research, and the reason I think I got confused is that there was a big change at Aveda when Dr. Peter Matravers left the company in 2008 – Aveda products haven’t been the same since he left – and it was around that same time that L’Oreal bought Pureology. I was in love with both lines when this happened, and so I can totally see how the mixup probably went down in my busy mind. So! I stand corrected, thank you again πŸ™‚ And yes, I know Kerastase is owned by L’Oreal as well, because I trained with them. It’s not really that I have a problem with L’Oreal per se, it’s just that when they acquired Pureology, the quality of the line really suffered. Kerastase is an awesome line and is extensively tested and researched, as is Redken (another L’Oreal line that I love and recommend). In any case, I’m SO pleased to hear that your hair has transformed with Aveda and Rene Furterer!!! Keep it up.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hi Victoria, I’m so glad to find your website, read this article and all the comments everyone’s left! I’ve long suspected Morocanoil is doing more damage than good. My hair is in serious trouble, it’s caused a lot of heartache and I’d be grateful for your advice!
    My hair type is curly, oily scalp+dry ends and in the last few years it’s been thinning at a terrifying rate. I always get split ends and have trouble growing my hair out. I’m in my 20s, I’ve seen my Dr., my hormones are fine, iron good, no thyroid problem. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, take multivitamins. I don’t color my hair. I fear what I’m putting on my scalp and hair is the culprit. I’ve spent a fortune on products, have tried every natural homemade mask, remedy online…I need serious help/advice.
    – Shampoo & Conditioner – I’ve tried several, I’m currently trying L’OrΓ©al Clay Rebalancing line and Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle, not bad. What would you recommend for balancing my oily/dry combo, taming my curls & gaining much needed volume? Is Un-Do-Go or the Schwarzkopf line for me?
    – Post-Wash – I’ve been using Morocanoil for years, when I style my hair curly or blow dry/curling iron. It looks good at first, then second day it’s like straw. If I apply heat, I also use very little Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry at the ends. What would you advise to replace Morocanoil for my curly, frizz-prone hair. I seem to need something to seal in moisture and help dry/split ends.
    – To Conceal Thinning – I use Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers, I worry if it might be suffocating hair follicles and the ingredients. Have your clients used Viviscal? I know it’s best to leave scalp clean, however the thinning is embarrassing, are there any concealing products that are safe?
    – Vitamins – I currently take a Women’s Once Daily. I’m hearing a lot of hype about the new SugarBearHair Vitamins and tempted to try. Have you heard any positive feedback about this brand?
    Thank You so much in advance!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Natalie, whoa, you have already covered all your health-related bases – good for you! In your case I can say with fair certainty that it’s Moroccan Oil, so definitely chuck that stuff. L’Oreal Clay balancing line is one I’m not familiar with, but if you want to use clay to soak up oils, just go pick up some liquid bentonite from your health food store. To apply it, wash and rinse your hair, then pour a capful of bentonite just on your scalp at the top, let it run over your scalp, then flip your head over and do another capful at your occipital area and then let it run over your scalp. DO NOT SCRUB! Gently press the clay in like you’re giving a massage, and get it all over your scalp only (no need for it to be in the rest of your hair). Leave it for 15 mins and rinse, then follow with conditioner through your ends only. You could also go for Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Special shampoo and use that for every shampoo. For conditioning, you’ll need something strong, so pick up some Redken Extreme daily conditioner (use just on your midlengths and ends) and also their masque to use once a week. Viviscal is AWESOME! I confess I don’t know much about fibers, but if you’re mixing that in with your scalp oil you could be causing a bit of trouble. I completely understand that the appearance of thinning hair can be embarrassing, though, and considering the Viviscal brand is pretty high quality stuff, you’re probably OK if you apply it lightly. That being said, I have had clients regrow their hair with Viviscal Professional (grey box, not the regular pink one), so maybe try that stuff before jumping on the SugarBearHair hype. And finally! Look into a filter for your shower, as the water where you live could be the issue. I live in Vancouver BC, and our water is kinda sketchy. I have seen a client regrow his thinning hair when he lived elsewhere for a few months…there is no other explanation for why his hair grew back. I hope this helps! Best of luck to you with your hair!

      • Andi says:

        I was wondering about Schwarzkopf Gliss. Is it that their grocery store, not professional Schwarzkopf haircare? Do you know if the Ultra Moisture line is good? I have medium texture wavy hair and I’m currently using Schwarzkopf Color Freeze, Sealed ends, Moisture Boost,Malibu Ungoo and Rene Furterer KarIte hydra which they told me is like the carthame line they no longer carry. I have used everything you recommend and I completely trust your opinion. Can you recommend some other great hair masks, please? Is the color freeze mask good? I love the Kerastase Magistral masque and the Rene Furterer KarIte hydra masks. Do you know other great masks like those two? Thank you very much for all your advice! You have gorgeous hair!

        • victoria says:

          Hi Andi, thank you for the tip on the Carthame! Thank you for your kinds words; I’m so happy to hear you’re using the products I recommend, they will do very well for your hair type. Schwarzkopf Gliss is not a line I would recommend for anyone. Just go for their salon line called BC Bonacure πŸ™‚ Both the Kerastase and the Rene Furterer masks are the best I can recommend. Stick with those and you’ll never need anything else! If you really want an awesome kick for your hair regimen go get some Olaplex #3 and use it once a month for like 2 hours with a shower cap on…or even sleep with it in…but really you’re using the best stuff (in my humble opinion) so all will be well. Enjoy!

  3. Kari says:

    Thanks so much for the informative article and taking the time to read and reply to the comments. I’m at a loss as to what products to use, and I’m desperate for good advice.

    Stylists have always described my hair as medium fine, but lots of it. I warn them that I have more hair than they realize, but they don’t believe me until they actually start to color or style. My natural hair color is a Classic #6 Brown. Currently it is cut in a long angled bob and colored a burgundy red. My hair has always had body, but in my 30’s it really has tried to curl more. If I work it right, I get some great wavy curls. When it was longer it would naturally clump together and I’d end up with rope curls. I feel like my hair can’t decide if it wants to be curly or straight. It grows fast and I don’t end up with a lot of split ends. Only gets dry if I go lighter. So I’m pretty blessed.

    But here are my issues. I get a very oily scalp and flakes. No so many flakes that I’m brushing them off my shoulders, but my scalp gets itchy and then I can see a lot if flakes. I feel like I can’t find the right balance for my scalp. I used to handle it pretty well by using Kenra Dandruff Shampoo once a week and then various Biolage/Redken lines. I used to wash it almost every day as well. But then it seemed like the Kenra just wasn’t working anymore. I’ve been trying to find the right product to get rid of the flakes and itchiness without being too harsh. I’ve gotten so many different opinions, I don’t know what to do.
    Currently I’m using Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo with their Dandruff Control Conditioner. It seems great the day I wash it, but day 2 and 3 the flakes and itchiness are back. I’ve been trying not to wash it everyday to help keep the deep red color and keep hair from drying out. I’m also a fan of dry shampoo. Day 2 I’m greasy around the hairline. Day 3 my roots are super greasy, so I just use more dry shampoo but my hair is kind of lifeless.
    I’ve seen recommendations for Tru Moroccan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, but after reading your article I’m scared.
    What shampoo/conditioner line and regimen would you recommend?
    Also reading the comments, I’ve learned that mousse should not be my go to styling product. I always loved how lightweight it was. Gels and creams were either too heavy or made my hair crunchy. I live in Iowa, so it is humid in summer and dry and cold in the winter. If I style my hair, it’s just wrapping it around a curling wand. I don’t have enough time to let it air dry, so I dry using a diffuser. My hair always looks good in my bathroom mirror. Once I step outside it gets poofy. And looks like I kept taking a knit hat on and off my head. Lots of flyaways. I don’t like combing/brushing my hair throughout the day because I lose any natural curl and/or gets staticky. Any recommendations on styling products would be great.

    Thanks so much!!



    • victoria says:

      Hi Kari, thank you so much for your detailed comment! Both of the lines that you’re looking at there are on my no-no list. I would recommend either one of: Rene Furterer Melaleuca Anti-Dandruff shampoo or Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special shampoo. Both of those have gotten wonderful results with my clients! They are both safe for colour-treated hair and need to be left on for 10+minutes each time in order to properly work. And yes, mousse if really not the best thing for your hair. Definitely try Schwarzkopf #3 Curl Gel with Oil to style instead! I have found that for medium to fine hair it helps to water it down about 2 or 3 parts gel to 1 part oil, then applying it by brushing your fingers through and twisting to give separation. This stuff helps wonderfully to resist humidity, controlling flyaways and those little curly short flyaways near the scalp. I live in rainy/misty humid Vancouver and all of my clients who use this product just love it! And like many people notice, YES, that product does have silicones, but you’ll find it rinses out quite nicely. Best of luck!

  4. Chele says:

    I had previously commented on Moroccan Oil, and trying Monat. I’ve read all the updated comments, above, and am horrified (yet again!). I was wondering why my hair had become thinner (after promising thicker hair)….Monat! In all fairness, the thinning was probably started by the Moroccan Oil, but I had tried the scalp oil hoping to correct that and it became even more noticeable. I’ve followed your advice about getting the gunk off my hair to free my curls and they are just getting better and better. Thank you so much!


    • victoria says:

      Hi Chele, I am so happy that my advice has helped you! Thank you for the update – it will help others here to have hope that their hair can recover from these awful products. Thank you so much πŸ™‚

  5. T says:

    Hi. thanks for the article. i used Moroccan argan oil on my hair and i got the worst case of dandruff ever. i dont know what to do about it. i was using Apple Cider Vinegar on my hair, is that a temporary solution or does it work as a long term cure.

    • victoria says:

      Hi T, apple cider vinegar is great for your hair – if it’s working to fight your dandruff, you can use it as long as you like.

  6. Cayla130 says:

    Ok so I just got the Moroccan oil about 2 weeks ago and I have never in my 21 years had dandruff but I started noticing it a couple of nights ago thinking maybe it was dry shampoo build up since I didn’t wash my hair the night before. Well that’s how I found this article luckily. I used Monat for about 7 months and it had damaged my hair to no end.. I use to have medium length healthy dyed blonde hair, but after using monat my hair has been so broke off and WILL NOT grow. I went to my hair stylist and she refused to put blonde highlights in my hair since it was so fried. She told me to stop using it, and recommend its a 10, she also told me to use wella which I have tried before and it was ok I never felt like it was helping nor harming my hair. Now my hair is almost brown from not getting highlights in it since September and my hair is so choppy from all the breakage. I have tried so many hair products over the years. I also blow dry and straighten my hair every other night because honestly my hair will not do anything anymore. I try to stretch it out 3 days and that last day I usually wear it up, I use low heat On my blow dryer and turn down the heat on my straightener. I also take hair, skin, and nail vitamins which I just started about a month ago. I’ve gotten my hormones checked and everything. I guess what I’m trying to ask is does the shampoo you recommended really help with growth? I’ve spent a lot of money and I just wanted to get your honest opinion on what exactly to use. Also what do you think about wella and it’s a 10 products? Thank you!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Cayla, I am sad to hear of another victim of Monat πŸ™ Glad you found this article, because Moroccan Oil would have likely made your hair worse! It’s a 10 is an OK option, I have a couple clients who love it and it seems to be helping their hair. I don’t like Wella products at all – maybe go for Redken’s Extreme line and use that instead. The shampoos I’m recommending here will help to clarify (Malibu Undo Goo) and restore your hair (Schwarzkopf Color Freeze conditioner) and they need to be used together so that the pH of your hair stays healthy. The products I’m recommending are not for hair growth at all! They will help your hair to get healthy again so that it stops breaking – your hair will grow as it always has – and when the breakage stops, your hair will get longer. I hope that makes sense! Good luck, you’re already doing a lot of the right things πŸ™‚

  7. beckss says:

    I’ve been using a very cheap 99p argan oil shampoo and conditioner for around 2 years now and nothing else and around this period of time I’ve noticed that my hair has been thinning and my hair is gradually disappearing so I can actually see my scalp. I’m getting the feeling that it’s because of the shampoo I’m using that is causing this. My hair is dry and frizzy but thick apart from at the top which is thin, flat and looks like it’s gradually balding.
    I bought some OGX Biogin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner today which I’ve not used yet. Do you think this will help with my hair growth and bring my hair back to its thickness again? I want it be volumised, soft and frizz free without being thin.
    What do you recommend and would you be able to provide me with a process of how long I should keep certain products on and stuff like that please? It would be so helpful. Because of your article it’s made me realise that it’s probably the cheap argan oil products that Ive been using so much.
    Thank you.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Beckss, I’m sorry to say that the cheap shampoo and conditioner could have caused your hair problems, but it could be a medical problem unfortunately. I really recommend that you go for a blood test with your doctor, as well you need to see a dermatologist or trichologist to make sure your thinning hair isn’t a symptom of something else. I’m not familiar with the products you’re mentioning here, but if you read through these comments you might find a product or two that would work with your hair, as well as instructions for use. Please go to your doctor! Your situation sounds like it could be hormones or a nutritional deficiency. Best of luck.

  8. Alexandra says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for this article!! I had a gift card to sephora and bought the morocan oil hydrating mask and the morocan oil oil treatment. I just returned them yersday after using them for a little over two months, i hope that wasn’t too much damage:/ I have a lot of long thin hair, semi wavy, and i have recently put two treatments of toner in to bring my color from full head of highlights to a medium brown. After using the morocan oil products I noticed my hair becoming dull, sticky, and hard to comb through even though i barely have spilt ends. I need help to recover my beautiful hair that i once had!!! Can you please recommend any products for me?! Btw I’m getting married in June and would be so sad if i walked down the isle with this dull hair! Yikes! thank you in advance :]

    • victoria says:

      Hi Alexandra, I’m glad you’re quitting the Moroccan Oil and are starting your hair detox well ahead of your wedding (and isn’t it fabulous how Sephora will accept returns of open product? I love that company so much). Your hair probably doesn’t have too much damage. The fact that you’ve just tinted your hair back to brown will make this process a bit tricky – using too many clarifying products can fade your colour. I would recommend getting the Malibu C Undo Goo, but mix it with another shampoo to make it a bit more gentle. The best shampoo and conditioner for you to use from here on will be the Schwarzkopf Color Freeze duo, because it’s the right pH to keep your hair healthy and help your colour stay vibrant. SO! For the first round mix 2 parts of the Undo Goo with one part of the Color Freeze shampoo and leave it into your hair for 10mins. Then for a month afterwards, mix equal parts and use it as normal (no leaving it on). Then, before your next colour appointment do a mega treatment with the Undo Goo undiluted for 15 minutes in your hair, and then rinse and apply the Color Freeze Conditioner for 15 minutes and rinse. Then your hair will be super clean for your colour appointment, and after your colour there’s no need to use Undo Goo ever again – just stick with the Schwarzkopf or another colour protecting line of your choice. Best of luck!

  9. Julie says:

    Hello, so glad I found this. I’ve been using A LOT of the macadamia natural oil in my hair because it’s been so dry and has tones of breakage. Do you know anything about this line? It has clyopentasiloxane and the first ingredient, dimethicone second, and then macadamia seed oil and Argania Spinoza kernel oil listed. It feels horrible to know that i am most likely the reason why my looks and feels so badly. Anyway I have a hair appointment tomorrow and am going to see if she can do a clarifying treatment and then get some good products. How often and how many clarifying shampoos dose one need. Is there a way to tell if all the gunk is gone?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Julie, the silicones you’ve listed can be bad if you use them too much – which you have. The breakage can sometimes come from overusing these silicones as well. I hope your clarifying treatment worked! You will know when the gunk is gone when your scalp feels fresh and dry like normal skin (not greasy, oily or itchy, or with any odour of any kind), and your hair will be smooth and bouncy (depending on your hair type it can also get a bit of static/flyaway from the shock of being clean after so long). Best of luck with your hair, your hairstylist will probably be able to make better recommendations that I can πŸ™‚

  10. Jay says:

    What do you think about nioxin?
    Great article! Very informative!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Jay, Nioxin is WONDERFUL and does prevent thinning if you use it consistently. It does not regrow lost hair, though. I hope that helps!

  11. Charlie says:

    Hi. I’m an apartment manager and we recently had a tenant try to dry a towel with Moroccan hair oil on it and it caused a nasty fire. Is this stuff flammable?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Charlie, oh my goodness this is definitely a different kind of comment! I guess it’s flammable – there’s no other explanation. How horrible, I’m so sorry that this stuff causes more damage than just hair problems!!! That actually makes a lot of sense considering so many people are complaining of breakage and damage; I’m guessing Moroccan Oil also intensifies any heat styling that’s done to the hair, instead of protecting it. WOW!!! I just really don’t know what else to say, I am totally shocked.

  12. Christine says:

    Hi Victoria,
    My fine blond hair looks like it had been through a shredder after using Moroccanoil for about six months. I can’t believe how quickly the damage happenend. At first I thought it was my new paddle brush and then I thought it was my diet. I just kept putting more and more oil on my hair thinking that it was helping. I finally figured out it was the oil because I was only applying it to the back top layer of my hair (The reason I was applying the oil to the back top layer of my hair was because I thought the oil would protect that layer from heat and from my flat iron). My back top layer is so broken up it looks like trash. I am horrified! Thank goodness I found your post and I finally know what’s happening. I have thrown away my oil and bought Redken Extreme. I am going to try to let it air dry as much as possible, wash it every few days, and use some of the other products that you recommended. I am also going to get a hair trim every month to help me get through this. Is there anything else I can do? I am so sad πŸ™

    • victoria says:

      Hi Christine, I am so sorry about your hair – sounds like you have a classic case of Moroccan Oil damage. I can say with total certainty that Moroccan Oil caused your breakage….and it just annoys me to no end that this crap is marketed as a miracle product to soften hair and protect from damage when really it’s the cause of it! Ask your hairstylist to do a surface cut or ‘hair dusting’ to trim off the short broken split ends without affecting the length or layers of your hair. If they don’t know how to do this…cheat on them with a stylist who is confident in this very tricky technique. You can get insanely wonderful results within 2-3 sessions with this technique! Your hair will seem to grow faster and thicker than ever – but it’s growing at its normal rate and the splits aren’t breaking and fraying off to cause length loss. I hope that makes sense! Just visualize how a rope with a frayed end will open and fray even more with time, but if you seal the end it stays the same length forever. Anyway, your hair *will* recover πŸ™‚ Take extra good care, and by the end of summer your hair will be much better.

  13. Dezi says:

    I was looking at the Kerastase (owned by L’Oreal)products, which you recommend, and most of them do contain silicone. What is the difference between those silicones and the ones that are in moroccanoil?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Dezi, great question. Kerastase is very strictly formulated and rigorously tested. It does have silicones but they are in the correct proportions and will wash out of your hair easily. Moroccan Oil is most certainly not as carefully developed, and as many people here can attest, it builds up and causes problems.

  14. Michelle says:

    Hi Victoria! What a wonderful and informative siteβ€”thank you for this! I have medium thickness, naturally straight, color treated hair due to gray. My stylist uses a Redken Shades color I believe e dry 2 months. I was looking for more shine and was getting ready to purchase Moroccan Oil when I saw your blog. I have been using Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind shampoo for the last ear or so. I am now looking at the Kerastase Aura Botanica shampoo and conditioner and Essence D’eclat. Do you think these products would give me the shine I’m looking for? Thanks so much!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Michelle, you’re so welcome and I’m glad you enjoy my site! The new Kerastase Aura Botanica line seems pretty awesome to me. I’ve tried it but I find the fragrance just a bit strong. I like it so far but it hasn’t been around long enough for me to really give a solid opinion. I tend to trust Kerastase, just based on the amount of research that goes into their products. Redken Shades EQ is awesome for shine – really the best out there next to the clear Elumen glaze for shine – but if you want more, just pick up some Schwarkopf OSIS Sparkler spray. That stuff leaves the craziest glossy shine, is ultra lightweight, and it doubles as a gentle detangler if used in wet hair. Careful though, if used over a hard floor it’ll make a dangerously slippery patch. Best to apply it in a room with carpet πŸ˜‰

      • michelle says:

        Thanks so much, Victoria! Is it safe to use the Kerastase Elixir Ultime oil after every wash? I love how it feels in my hair.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Michelle, yes it’s safe, but I would only apply it to the last 3″ of your ends if you want to use it frequently. This area is the most sensitive to damage and you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck there πŸ˜‰

  15. Ellen says:

    My hair has had major thinning over the past 2 years. I started using jojoba oil on my hair for a few months. It’s now fly away and unmanageable. What do I do? Help please!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Ellen, unfortunately I need a bit more info to be able to help you with this one. Firstly I would go to your doctor to double check that your thinning isn’t from low iron, thyroid issues, or something worse. Jojoba oil is actually awesome for your hair, *if* you’re using the pure organic oil. If it’s a jojoba product from a hair company, I wouldn’t trust it. Thinning does tend to make hair more flyaway, so I would address your thinning issue first before looking at products. Best of luck!

  16. Alice says:

    Thank you for this very helpful article, Victoria! For about the past year, I was using a super cheap shampoo I had found in the supermarket. I had been a-mazed when I started using it by how shiny and “clean” it made my hair feel. At a recent haircut, my hairdresser scraped a mini-mound of silicone from my hair. I was mortified. I then did some research and realised that my sworn-by shampoo of the past year contains several silicones (including dimethicone). I immediately switched to a combination of the Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash and Repair Me shampoo/conditioner range. After a couple of weeks though, the situation still feels dire. Do you think it would be safe to just solely use the clarifying shampoo until it comes out?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Alice, ohhhh, so cool when I hear about a hairstylist who knows their stuff about buildup! I would stick with them for sure πŸ™‚ Yes, just stick with the Maxi Wash for now, although I trust Undo Goo a lot more. Maybe put Repair Me just a teeny bit on your very ends to seal them, but otherwise lather/rinse/repeat with the Maxi Wash. Good luck!

  17. Lauren says:

    Hi, Victoria! I have always had fine, naturally board-straight hair, but a lot of it, that is insanely healthy no matter what I put it through. I even bleached the ever-living doo-doo out of it in 2015, and my stylist was blown away because there was zero evidence of damage, even after multiple times. I just need a little extra help eith volume.
    Of course it has since grown out and I’m back to my natural brunette for a while now. I recently bought samples of Kevin Murphy Angel wash and Rinse at a salon, as both my sister and sister-in-law swear by it. I was in love with it the first couple of washes, however, a week in to using it my hair began to feel extremely dry. Then the next thing I knew, it was breaking off about half-way up/down, sometimes closer to the root. I have TONS of fly-aways, and it is prettt much a mess now. I have also severely broken-out around my hair line and on the back of my neck, as well as shoulders and a bit on my back. My face has also become extremely dry. The shampoo and conditioner were the only change I made. I admit I have always had extremely sensitive skin, I even have to stay away from certain toothpastes because of it, but my hair’s reaction has me completely perplexed.
    Have you ever heard of anyone else experiencing this with Kevin Murphy products? I’ve been trying to research it online, but all I find are more raving reviews from happy customers. I actually stumbled upon this article during a search and noticed you recommending other KM products so thought you might be a good person to ask. Thank you!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Lauren, you have a very interesting problem! I have used Angel Wash and Rinse for a while now as my primary products and am so surprised to hear your story. But! I believe you and am interested in finding out what’s going on. You may have a sensitivity to one of the natural ingredients – this is quite common for people with sensitive skin. Now I have to check something…are you using the KM products from the salon, or did you order the full sizes online after trying the samples from the salon? If you bought full sizes online, then I can solve your problem. Many online sources for hair products (Amazon or Ebay retailers for example) do tamper with their products and are either selling watered-down, old/expired, or even products cut with baby oil or something else. Always buy high-end products (really any salon stuff) from your local salons or directly from the company online. NOW! That all being said, I will make a mental note not to recommend KM products if someone has a sensitivity. It’s so unusual to hear of such extreme damage after only a week of use that it can definitely only be the KM stuff. Thank you very much for your post, I think I will hold off from recommending KM until I can find out what could have happened. Best of luck to you with restoring your hair – I am nervous to recommend anything to you other than a good split end dusting/surface trim on your hair to minimize the breakage. Maybe try Schwarzkopf Sealed ends to protect from any further spltting?

      • Lauren says:

        Hi again! I actually never even got around to purchasing full-size bottles. That was just from the samples, purchased at a salon. I have always stayed away from purchasing make up and/or hair products online, for the very reasons you stated. I’ve been lucky to have a number of friends become sylists, so they keep me on the up-and-up on that kind of stuff. None if them use KM products, though, so they weren’t sure about this particular situation. On another interesting note, I decided to take a risk and also purchased samples of the KM Plumping wash and rinse, and had no reactions to it! In fact I love it and purchased the full size bottles of that line. My skin cleared up relaticely quickly after discontinuing the Angel Wash. I was by no means attempting to bad-mouth the brand or line in general, as I know I have crazy skin haha! (Not that I think you had that impression, just wanted to state it for the record).
        My hair is doing better now as well. I will be getting a trim/cut soon, and I think that should really clear up the minimal remaining damaged areas as you said. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond!! I had no idea about all this stuff with the moroccan products, and I cringe every time I see them now!! They were on the shelf at the salon I purchased the KM stuff at, and I really wanted to freak out and show them your post LOL!! I refrained, though, as I haven’t established a relationship with them just yet and didn’t want to be the subject of discussion at their dinner table that night.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Lauren, thank you so much for your update! Great to hear your hair is doing better!!! I am so glad that you weren’t buying products online – I just had to double check just in case. I’m also glad you have friends who are stylists, that’s always a bonus! I completely get that you weren’t trying to badmouth the brand, and I appreciated that πŸ™‚ (KM is not ‘my’ brand anyway – I am a Schwarzkopf girl) It’s ultra clear that you simply had a reaction to some ingredient in the Angel Wash, and to be honest I will be passing along your story to those who ask me about KM in the future. It reinforces the fact that natural products can cause quite strong allergic reactions, and that fully synthetic lines are best for those who are concerned about that stuff. NATURAL IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER, although our current beauty culture is really trying to push the natural stuff on us lately…whatever will bring in the most $$$…. But! I’m glad you did find that you love the Plumping products, as I do really like that KM is such an ethical line, and want people to support them. Haha – well when you have more of a relationship with the salon where they sell MO, feel free to share this article. I would be interested to know what their reaction would be, ESPECIALLY because it’s backed up by hundreds of horror stories in this comments section… Thanks again for your update, and best wishes to you for healthy hair!

  18. Mimi says:

    Brilliant! I think this is the first time that I’ve stumbled upon a genuine answer to these questions. Now, I’ve actually never purchased or used any Moroccan oil, except for a sample sized shampoo/conditioner that I received years ago. Since I only used it for about.. 3-4 times I didn’t actually see any difference on my hair and thus went back to my drugstore shampoo/conditioner.
    I have always tried different things that claim to do wonders for hair and somewhere along the road something went wrong.
    So naturally I have wavy/straight-ish and very thick hair but for the last couple of years it has become much much thinner and falls out a lot. Relatives who are used to my thick hair often comment on it being thin, I even checked if perhaps I was low on any vitamins or minerals – but nope!
    As long as I can remember I’ve used drugstore products, and my sisters who use the same lines, except only use shampoo (not conditioner) don’t seem to share my problem. In fact one of them is getting thicker hair. It could vary between Garnier Response, Garnier Fructis, L’oreal Elvital and so on.
    I used to have a problem with dandruff, and head pimples every now ant then which is where my “experimenting” began. I did different hair masks with coconut- olive- castor- or almond oil, I bought different shampoos and seeing as this was the period when I started to straighten my hair, I also started moisturizing it with conditioner, store bought hair masks etc. I noticed my hair would get split ends even if I only straighten it once every 6 months, so I stopped completely. When I asked my hairdresser about it, she said that I was simply born with the kind of hair that damages easliy.
    I refused to believe that and so bought Eco friendly products from Yves Rocher, and started rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar every so often. Then I read about sulfats being the enemy so I bough Marc Anthonys sulfate free shampoo and conditioner which is what I’m using today. I’ve been using this line for about 3-4 months ( I wash my hair 2 times a week) and while I havent seen any bad reaction, I haven’t seen any improvement either.I still get dandruff sometimes, my hair feels thick the day I wash it (especially if I dry it with a blowdryer) but the second day its dull and thin again. Without the blowdryer there’s no volume, and I used to have tons of it.
    So what am I doing wrong? Is it the conditioner? Should I do like my sisters and stop using it? Or is it the products? Do you know anything about Marc Anthonys line?
    I’m just looking for a shampoo and a conditioner that will give me my hair back.
    So what products do you recommend for every day uses? I’ve heard about Redken being good, but I am not sure if the Extreme or Soft is what I need and recently I haven’t been able to trust anything enough to buy it haha!

    I would really appreciate an answer, thanks! πŸ™‚

    • victoria says:

      Hi Mimi, great detailed question, I love it! Marc Anthony is really not a great line. Sounds like you also have a buildup issue on your scalp (dandruff/pimples). Neutrogena Anti-Residue is an awesome drugstore shampoo that will help a lot. Yes it has sulfates, but you need to dig all that residue out of there and start fresh. Remember, shampoo is for your scalp and conditioner is for your ends…so don’t condition your roots and you should notice the problem clearing up within a couple weeks. I would really recommend a lower-end salon line instead of a drugstore line for when the Neutrogena runs out, though. Paul Mitchell, KMS and AG are all excellent and wayyyy better than drugstore stuff. They have reliable daily shampoo/conditioner combos that should meet your needs easily. Best of luck!

  19. Gretel says:

    Hi Victoria, I have been using argon oil for a long time now and I’ve noticed my hair has gotten thinner over time. I had a lot of hair and super thick and my curls are very loose now they were a little bit more curly than a 3B but not as curly as a 3C. They are a 3A now. I wanted to start with a home made clarifying shampoo. What do you recommend? Also, what do you recommend me to do after that? (I have really dark hair naturally, almost black, but have been slowly getting blonder.)

    • victoria says:

      Hi Gretel, a home-made clarifying shampoo simply won’t cut through the gunk – best to go for Undo Goo and follow the steps I’ve written here. If that doesn’t work, a change in thickness and curl pattern can sometimes mean a hormone issue or thyroid problem. Please see your doctor just to make sure.

  20. Naomi says:

    Your article has been so helpful. I have fine, but fluffy hair (past my shoulder) that is highlighted and can get damaged from time to time. This past September, I started to experience a lot of hair loss. The dermatologists seemed to think it was Tellogen Effluvium, I thought is might be hormonal changes (I am 43), but after reading this, I am wondering if it is actually just due to dimethicone buildup on my hair. Have you seen a lot of hair loss due to dimethicone use?

    Here’s my history:
    -I use a sulfate-free shampoo (Leau de Mare Formula 4 Hydrating shampoo) but started using Yululuka conditioner back in mid-August. Now, I realize that this has a lot of dimethicone. I noticed my hair feeling very dry and starting to fall out more than usual, starting in September. I also noticed that my scalp would get oilier more quickly (I thought this was due to having less hair than before and so it just seemed oiler, but perhaps it was due to the silicone build-up.)

    -About a month ago, I tried Moroccan oil to try to tame the dry feeling. This just made my hair feel like wig-hair (super plastic-y), which is when I started to learn about silicones. Unfortunately, I have had a really hard time getting the silicone build-up out of my hair and my hair has continued to shed.

    -I just got my hair highlighted yesterday and they used the Malibu Crystal gel (for 10 minutes with heat), but then I think they must have put more stuff on my hair that has serious silicones, b/c it has that wig-like feeling again (the ends feel like plastic-y wig hair).

    Given that I just highlighted it (and they do some kind of color gloss at the roots), what would you recommend? Just get the Malibu undo goo shampoo and follow up with a serious conditioner for a while? It just seems like my hair really likes to hold onto the silicones…and at this point, my hair is so dry, it can be hard to run my fingers through the layers–feels like the hair gets all tangled.

    Also, could this be the main cause of the hair loss?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Naomi, great question. If the dermatologists think they’ve found the cause, I would trust them since they have seen your hair and scalp in person. You could be having a combo of telogen effluvium and dimethicone sensitivity. Your hairstylist has unfortunately NOT used the Malibu Crystal Gel properly. It’ll only sort-of work if you take it off too soon, and the buildup can get gluey if it’s only half dissolved. It must be applied for 45 minutes with heat – I’d recommend booking a Crystal Gel session on its own and ask for the full 45 minutes. You may need 2-3 of these sessions, plus the at-home care with Undo Goo and a low pH conditioner, to see a difference. The plastic-y wig feeling is definitely buildup. It will take a while to strip it off, but keep at it and you’ll get results πŸ™‚

  21. Desiree says:

    Hi. I’ve been using Monat for a while now and have noticed my ends are sooo dry! After reading your article I know I need to stop using and start to clarify. I am also 3 months postpartum and have hair loss which Monat seemed to be helping (losing way less than previous pregnancies). What is in Monat that causes the buildup? And if I use the Malibu ungoo which conditioner and styling products should I try? Thanks!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Desiree, I don’t know what it is in Monat that causes the buildup. I feel strongly that there is some dishonesty going on with that company πŸ™ I recommend Schwarzkopf Color Freeze conditioner to balance the hair after Undo Goo. Maybe go easy on styling products for now, until the Monat buildup is gone. I have TONS of recommendations in this Comments section, just search for your hair type and you’ll find something good!

  22. Elyse says:

    I have been using Moroccan Oil treatment for years and I’m willing to try ditching it to see if it makes a difference in my hair. I have always had fine thin curly hair and is prone to the regular curly frizz and dryness. It also refuses to grow past my collar bone. I have had blonde balayage for the last year or so and just made an appointment to return to brunette because I’m tired of the damage. I recently purchased Bumble & Bumble’s full potential hair preserving shampoo (I’m finishing up my living proofs restore shampoo) and I use redken all soft conditioner. I have fekkai apple cider as a clarifying shampoo.

    I have been using the MO treatment in conjunction with Bumble & Bumbles hairdressers invisible oil primer.

    I know you seem to support some redken products. What do you think of the other lines I mentioned? I will plan to look into the un do goo and Schwarzkopf Sealed Ends.

    How many treatments do you recommend to remove the buildup?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Elyse, yes, go for the Undo Goo and Sealed Ends – that’s exactly what I would recommend for you! Make sure to pick up Color Freeze shampoo and conditioner too, or your haircolour may fade quickly. Bumble and Bumble is quite a good line and I think the products you’re trying are going to help. I don’t know about Fekkai; just go with Undo Goo. The buildup will rinse off differently for everyone. Since you’re retinting your hair,mix the Undo Goo 2:1 with the Color Freeze shampoo so it doesn’t strip your colour. Do the Undo Goo/Color Freeze once a week for a month, and see how it is. Then if it feels much better, do every 2 weeks. Good luck to you!

  23. Wendy says:

    So, I have been using Monat and bleaching my hair. I went insane and tried a perm which fried it, BAD! I’m 2 months out trying to recover it. I just bought the Redken Extrmeme line and I usually wash daily because it is extremely short and I at least need to wet it to get it under control. Any advice on what product to use until I can get it grown out? Moroccanoil was suggested but I didn’t use it. I have started Olaplex treatments.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Wendy, oh no – another Monat horror story. Redken Extreme is fantastic, keep that up for sure! And Olaplex is going to be your hair’s saviour, keep that up too. You can use watered down Olaplex to style your hair, and this is what I would also recommend. Good luck and have patience! Your hair will recover.

  24. Margarita Toumazou says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I started using moroccan oil 2 years ago after having a brazilian blowdry at a reputable salon in London. My hair felt soft and sleek for 10 days and then the frizz returned worse than ever. I returned to the salon after 6 weeks and they offered me the treatment again. I accepted (stupidly) and my hair has never been the same since. The moroccan oil products at first seemed to be helping but over 3 months people started commenting on my flatter and thinner – my hair would fall out in clumps which was devastating. I tried an alternative hair treatment described as one to restore moisture and vitality and my fair now feels burned, rough, matted and dull. It’s taken 2 years of hard work to try and save it. It his horrific that these products are being sold when they know full well the implications they have! Coconut oil treatments are the way forward. I will definitely be sharing this blog! Thanks you!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Margarita, oh dear, sounds like you got the double whammy of an improperly-cured keratin treatment plus the damage of Moroccan Oil. Keratin smoothing can work wonders if the stylist takes their time to apply it and cure it right…if it’s not done properly it can gunk up the hair and grab any buildup (i.e. Moroccan Oil) to make things even worse and yukkier than ever. I really really recommend a Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment every few weeks, plus the Undo Goo/Schwarzkopf Color Freeze conditioner combo until your hair feels clean and shiny again. I’m so sorry it’s been a couple of months’ delay in my reply, but hopefully your hair is getting a little better now? Please post again and update me!

  25. Theresa says:

    Hi, are Oribe products ok to use? I’m throwing out my MO products and I want to invest in my hair because it so much of it has fallen out since I’ve been using MO for many years.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Theresa, Oribe may be alright; I’m not too familiar with them and often get them confused with a line called Ojon (one of them is wonderful, the other is so-so, and I forget which is which!). I’m sorry to hear your hair has been falling out – it would be wise to go to your doctor to check your iron, thyroid and hormones to rule out any problems there. No doubt Moroccan Oil has been damaging your hair, but the falling out part is always what concerns me. Good luck!

  26. Ann Hurst says:

    AARGH! So the large amounts of Moroccan oil I’ve been using is what is destroying my normally healthy hair. i will take all of your kind advice to correct this issues, but the one thing i did not see in the blog was which leave in conditioner you recommend. i need to use something. My hair is long, thick, curly, frizzy, processed, and now dried out. Thank you so much for your time and caring enough to point this issue out and helping so many of us. Regards, Ann

    • victoria says:

      Hi Ann, this is an easy one! The best leave-in is Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray. It will help to restore the protein in your hair to strengthen it, and it softens your hair with moisturizers. You can apply it on your ends every day, and it’ll help to refresh your curls in the morning if you prefer to wash every few days (which I’d recommend for you…stretch it to every 3-5 days if you can). I’ve always loved this stuff and have seen it work miracles in clients’ hair. Enjoy!

  27. Natalie Kugler says:

    WOW thank you so much for your article!! I’ve been going to a hair salon for the past year for color, wash & blowout. My husband & sister noticed how much thinner My hair has become (& it was very thin to begin with!!) since I started going. I asked two stylists if there hair products could be the cause, neither one of them answered me!! I still couldn’t believe that salon hair products could be the cause of my brush being full of hair EVERYTIME I brush it & split ends all over my head. I don’t want to stop going as my hair needs to be colored every 3 weeks (for grey) but can you please tell me the products/manufacturers to stay away from? Since my hair is very thin & lacks volume I always ask them to do whatever is needed to add volume. They spray in something. I’ll stop that immediately. Should I start bringing in my own shampoo & conditioner to use & what would you recommend? Thank you so much for your help & your article!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Natalie, it sounds like your hair is very overprocessed and that it’s breaking like crazy. I would recommend that you take a year-long break from colouring your hair so much by having it coloured back close to your natural shade and taking extra good care of it…by then you should have about 3″ of regrowth if you’re going for regular micro-trims to fight your splits. I understand that greys can be a problem, though! A good colourist can recommend lowlights or highlights instead of a solid colour, so that all of your hair isn’t getting coloured each time. Basically what are you more worried about: thinning damaged hair, or your greys? In the meantime, the very best product line for you will be Rene Furterer’s Tonucia line. It will give you volume while helping to restore the protein in your hair, so that it will grow stronger and stop breaking. This line is quite pricey BUT it’s worth every dollar!!! Trust me πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you!

  28. Gabriel says:

    Hi, Victoria. First, I want to thank you for the article and congratulations on how dedicated you are to your job. I have an oily type of scalp and my hair is falling out every time I wash it (and since I started letting it grow it’s worse) and I wash it every other day. I wanted to start using this moroccan oil but thanks to your article I WON’T. I use this shampoo for oily hair https://www.apivita.com/asia/balancing-shampoo-for-very-oily-hair and as a conditioner I use something from Pantene. Maybe you can recommend me something that will make my hair less oily and strengthen it because it is really weak. I am from Romania and some of the products you recommended cannot be found here. I’ve seen a lot of Kerastase products here, though. Thank you in advance!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Gabriel, you’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed this article! Definitely go for the Kerastase line, as they have an excellent shampoo for oily hair, as well as strengthening conditioners that will help. Pantene is unforunately some of the worst stuff you could use on your hair – best to try something with better quality. Also, if you have thinning hair you should be visiting your doctor to check for hormone problems or nutritional deficiencies. Maybe even go to a dermatologist or trichologist if it’s really bad. Best of luck!

  29. Miss P says:

    Hi can anyone help, my new blonde fitted hair extensions have turned orange after I started using Moroccan Oil, can anyone advise how I get it off please? Thanks

    • victoria says:

      Hi Miss P, this is a common thing with Moroccan Oil as well. I don’t know if Mailbu C Undo Goo will be alright for use near your scalp, as it can damage extension glue…but if you use it on the ends, it will strip out the orange buildup. I would also recommend that you check with the salon where you got your extensions and ask for the strongest clarifying shampoo that is safe to use with your extensions. I hope this helps!

  30. Kathryn says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Would you recommend redkens clarifying shampoo??

    • victoria says:

      Hi Kathryn, the Redken one is good, but the ones I suggested are better πŸ˜‰

      • Kathryn says:

        Thanks for all the product advice! I like the idea of switching to a shampoo/conditioner that are in the 4.5-5.5 ph range. I have just purchased the colour save shampoo & conditioner to use as my regular combo. I have fine wavy/curly highlighted hair that’s prone to frizz and dry ends . Not sure if it’s due to the winter, but lately my scalp at the front third of my head has felt extremely dry and tight. I don’t have dandruff or any noticeable flakes, but if i look up close my scalp just looks parched. Do you have any thoughts on the AG extra moist shampoo? It claims to be moisturizing but also still has a ph between 4.5-5.5. Also, have you heard of the moisture crema conditioner treatment by the brand Uans? It claims to be an “insanely hydrating” conditioner that has a “ph reversing formula”. I assume this means it opens the cuticle so that the moisturizing ingredients can penetrate the hair strands… Would this be ok to use on my dry ends as a weekly treatment? Or would the presumably high pH be too damaging? Also I’ve been using PURE natural Argan oil from a health store as a scalp treatment before I shampoo. Do you think this could help my dry scalp or could it be clogging my follicles? Sorry to bombard you with so many questions, any recommendations you could make would be great ! Thanks so much,


        • victoria says:

          Hi Kathryn, great question. The Color Freeze is great, but for your hair type I would particularly insist on use the shampoo *only* on your roots and scalp, and the conditioner *only* on your ends. This will help keep your hair from being weighed down. I haven’t heard the name Uans in AGES!!! It is wonderful, definitely go for that. It is quite insanely hydrating and the only thing I don’t like about it is that the fragrance is kind of weird. The claims they make are kind of weird, and I believe Uans is actually low pH. I dunno what the pH reversing is all about, to be honest…sounds gimmicky to me. But Uan Crema is certainly helpful and will do wonders for your ends. Don’t put it on your scalp, remember! Pure argan oil is great for moisturizing your scalp, just use that and you’re good to go. You can also use virgin unprocessed coconut oil (Nutiva is an excellent and cheap brand). Best of luck!

  31. Tayla says:

    Ok I think I got through all of the products and didn’t see my question.

    I have recently had my hair go limp, gummy and lose curl. I’ve since quit the CG method (after 11 months) and been doing PT treatments which seem to be helping.

    Before I quit the CG method I’d been using Devacurl, Pantene mousse (with no silicones) and had been recently using the Shea Moisture’s (supposedly 100%) Argan Oil.

    Could it be the Argan oil that messed me up? I am scared to go back to the CG method because my curls are FINALLY back to normal.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tayla, yes, it could have been the Shea Moisture, but mousse is just not super great for hair due to the alcohol content. Maybe try a lightweight curl cream or my personal favourite, Schwarzkopf OSIS #3 Curl Gel with Oil (it does have silicones, but they are in the right proportions and are easily rinsed out). Definitely do a few clarifying treatments followed by a deep masque (whatever is your favourite), and see how that helps the gummy feeling. Sometimes hair can get gummy if you’re overprocessing it or using products that are too alkaline, so if it’s still gummy after a few clarifying shampoos, then you may have a protein imbalance. If that’s the case, get some Olaplex #3 or go to your salon for an Olaplex treatment – it WILL save your hair! That stuff is magic. Best of luck!

  32. Lee says:

    Hi! I have medium lengthy wavy/curly hair. I never knew how to get defined curls and control frizz, so I just always straightened it. I am really trying to embrace my curls now and stop heat damaging my hair. So I went to a salon and asked for a haircut and product recommendations to help on my curl journey. They recommended of course the MorrocanOil line. I bought over $100 worth yesterday and then saw this article. Sigh. So I did read through comments for my hair type. Looks like maybe the Schwarzkopf color save shampoo and conditioner and then their osis bouncy curls number 3. Does that sound right? I did Google the color save and can only find color freeze. Is that the same product? Also, I always used cheap store bought shampoo and conditioner and about six months ago developed dandruff for the first time in my life, so maybe something to clean and restore my hair first? I feel so lost on how to care for my curls and fight frizz. Thank you!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Lee, you may be able to return the Moroccan Oil to your salon! If you haven’t used it, you might as well ask them if it’s OK. Yes, the Color Save is now called Color Freeze. Since you haven’t used Moroccan Oil really at all, you could actually go straight into using a cowasher or no-poo line such as As I Am Coconut Cowasher. This will restore your curls faster than anything else. Heat damage does cause longterm damage and frizz in curly hair, and it will take a while for your curls to come back even if you do use just the cowasher. You could also try using the Schwarzkopf Color freeze shampoo and conditioner, but every second time you wash your hair, skip the shampoo and only use conditioner as if it were shampoo. Style with the #3 Bouncy Curls by either air drying or ‘plopping’ (youtube has great tutorials). Just don’t use your hair dryer or flatiron for as long as you possibly can…maybe give them to a friend for safekeeping πŸ˜‰ Best of luck to you with your curls and have lots of patience – it will be worth it!

      • Lee says:

        Thank you! I learned a lot from your website. I haven’t touched a straightener in about six weeks now, which is long for me. I still use my blow dryer to diffuse lightly (using a Dry Bar diffuser) and only on the cool setting of my blow dryer. Otherwise my hair takes way too long to dry, up to several hours. I can’t walk out the door in the middle of winter with wet hair. Anyways, I will stick with it. I am already seeing an improvement in my hair. It feels so much thicker and I am already getting a lot more curl than I was. My only issue now is I hate my hair color (it’s just this dull not really blonde, not really brown color) but I am afraid to color it and damage the hair that I am working so hard to fix. Is there any way to color (either all over or highlights/lowlights) that won’t ruin all the work I have put into my hair so far? I did also share your info on Monat with a friend that just started using it and is thinking about signing on to sell it. She didn’t want to hear anything you had to say. I guess time will tell for her.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Lee, thank you for your kinds words! I suggest lowlights for now, as they will be gentler on your hair than highlights. Thank you for sharing the info about Monat – sadly I have heard quite a few private and public comments of disbelief about this line. Yes, I agree that time will tell for your friend…to be honest if she wants to get into a MLM company for beauty products, Arbonne is better, as I believe one of the head researchers from Aveda is now working for them. Their products are honestly quite good, and they don’t make any outlandish, too-good-to-be-true claims either!

  33. Thank you so much for this post! My hair has been a mess and I’m finally convinced it is the Moroccan oil products I’ve been using. I’ve always thought I had thick hair, but I’ve been told I just have ALOT of fine hair. And the past few months I’ve been losing way more than usual in the shower, it feels thinner and does not naturally wave like it used to. After reading through the comments and your long hair product page, I’ve found Redken’s extreme strengthening shampoo/conditioner. I normally wash my hair about twice a week. Is this product safe to use that often with the high levels of protein or do you recommend mixing in another shampoo/conditioner?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Taylor, excellent question. The Extreme line is perfectly fine to use twice a week, but if you are using Redken CAT 5 Minute Reconstructor, please only use that every 2 weeks for about 6 months, then switch to a moisturizing-only conditioner because you don’t want that protein overload. Your hair type is notorious for being difficult to clarify, so it will take a while for the Moroccan Oil residue to come out. I would recommend using a clarifying treatment on your scalp once a week – Malibu C Swimmer’s clarifying packets are great! Just buy the pack of 12 from the Malibu C website and use one every week until they’re gone. Start by shampooing, rinse it out and then apply the Swimmer’s treatment for 10mins (yes, 10 – not 5 like it says on the packet) then rinse. Then shampoo again, rinse and follow with conditioner, then give everything a good rinse. You should start noticing hair regrowth (little weird baby hairs sticking up along your part line and hairline) in a couple of months…unfortunately it take a long time to regrow lost hair, but at least you caught it before too much damage was done! All the best to you with your hair πŸ™‚

  34. Janet Cody says:

    Have you heard of the line devacurl and your thoughts on it?
    It’s a nopoo system along w conditioner and a curl lotion added. All claim to be silicone free.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Janet, yes I’ve heard of Devacurl and I’m unsure if it’s worth the money or not. One of my clients tried it and thinks it’s terrible (her hair type is 3A and very fine/soft). I prefer natural no-poo lines such as As I Am or Carina Organics. Truthfully I would rather see someone go fully no-poo and just use apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay – I have full no-poo clients who have beautiful healthy hair, and would recommend this regimen to anyone. I have tried it myself during vacations and been so happy with the result! Unfortunately as I’m a beauty professional I need to be up to date on products, so no-poo doesn’t work for me πŸ™

  35. Pam says:

    For a number of years my hair has been falling out – a lot. Thank goodness I used to have a very thick head of hair. Recently, when I brush it or wash it, it comes out by the hands full. I thought it was stress & hormones, but after reading this article, I am wondering if it is my products. I recently switched to (you guessed it) Moroccan Oil products (serums, shampoo & conditioner). My hair is like straw, it’s thinning, and literally I can feel it falling out as I walk. I am stressed because my hair looks awful!!! I was using Pureology products but still had some issues with hair loss. What do you think about the Pureology products. Obviously, after reading this post, I am not using Moroccan oil anymore.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Pam, great question and I’m very very sorry to hear that you’re another victim of MO-related hair loss. Pureology has also caused one of my clients’ hair to fall out; she was using the Hydrate line. Pureology was bought out years ago by L’Oreal and since then their products are no longer as wonderful as they were in the early 2000s. I would fully stay away from that line as well. You would LOVE Kevin Murphy products – just go to their website and use their map search app to find a retailer near you. I would recommend KM’s Hydrate Me shampoo and Angel Rinse conditioner, so you hair isn’t super weighted down but still gets a good conditioning boost from the shampoo. Best of luck to you!

  36. Nicole says:

    Amazing article! I used to have thick, wavy, dry hair which over the years has morphed into fine/medium, limp hair that breaks easy due to over processing…. and apparently due to all of the cheap drugstore finishing oil I slathered onto it while I was bleaching. I’m so glad I read this article.

    I no longer bleach or heat style my hair, but I do still color it every 6 weeks (I believe she uses joico color). I use Redken Extreme or AG color savour every 2 days and olaplex #3 every week, but I also use cheap garnier fructis damage eraser as a deep conditioner which I apparently need to stop that right away.

    I’ll try some of the products you listed in the comments, but is undo goo really safe for my color? My roots are brown, but the rest of my hair is vibrant blue and purple.

    Any feelings towards Obliphica brand? Or Enjoy brand?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Nicole, I’m glad you like my article! Glad to hear you’re being gentler on your hair πŸ™‚ Redken and AG are solid lines, and if you’re using Olaplex #3 weekly, it’ll work miracles. Great question about the Undo Goo and your blue/purple! If you have β€˜unicorn’ or any other temporary rainbow shade in your hair, the Malibu will rinse it off – so use a good colour shampoo until about 10 days before your colour retouch appointment, then start a deep cleanse by doing the Undo Goo and low pH conditioner every second day. I don’t know anything about Obliphica or Enjoy, so sorry that I can’t be of help about those. Best of luck to you with your hair!

  37. Andrea Livoti says:

    I have a few questions.
    1. I have medium texture hair that’s pretty healthy with highlights and lowlights. My texture is wavy but I blow out every 3-4 days and usually curl it with a curling iron. My hair doesn’t get oily or weighed down either because I only put hair masks on from my ears down. I currently use Malibu ungoo and Moisture kick and sealed ends. What would you recommend for a shampoo and a hair mask for my hair?
    2. I currently also use Keratase elixir ultime, is this
    this Keratase product ok? It doesn’t seem to build up. Also, have you heard of Marrakesh endz? I think it’s like sealed ends. Just curious.
    3. A couple times I have washed my hair and put on a hair mask and rinsed it out. When I tried blowing my hair out only the bottom layer seemed like it would not dry with the dryer and it’s like sort of greasy. What’s going on? The way I fixed it was re washing my hair with Malibu ungoo.
    4. My stylist noticed breakage at the ends of only one small section on the right side. I think it’s from my purse strap pulling it? Anyway, it was trimmed so it’s it even but would the sealed ends help prevent this? I will also not carry my puts on my right side if that’s the cause.
    Thank you so much for your blog! You seem like such a nice and genuine person! Thank you,

    • victoria says:

      Hi Andrea, thank you for your questions! I’ll answer them in order:
      1. I’ve recommended quite a few options for your hair type in these comments, just push CTRL-F and a little search window will pop up in your browser so you can type ‘medium hair’ and ‘colored hair’ or ‘highlights’. For now, the best I can think of off the top of my head is Schwarzkopf’s Color Save shampoo and conditioner.
      2. Kerastase is an awesome line because of the careful formulation and extensive research and testing that goes into each product. It’s definitely OK! I don’t know anything about Marrakesh Endz, but it sounds a bit like it’s trying to ripoff Moroccan Oil’s gimmick, so be careful.
      3. You had buildup on your ends, no question about it. Probably the Marrakesh Endz if that’s what you’ve been using πŸ™‚
      4. Yes! Your hairstylist is bang on if she suggested it was your purse strap! Another culprit could be your seatbelt if you mostly ride in the passenger side. Just tuck your hair around to the opposite side of your purse strap or seatbelt, and the damage will stop.
      I’m so glad to hear you like my blog! If this article helped you, please consider sharing it on Facebook so that more people learn about how bad Moroccan Oil is <3

  38. Joanie Weiss says:

    Several months ago, at the continued recommendation of my hair cutter, I switched to that salon’s “colorist” using Kevin Murphy color. My former colorist had been using Redken Fusion for many, many years. I really liked the color….but I did switch to the Kevin Murphy color. My hair is quite dull now and she hasn’t been able to achieve the color I want (a goldish-red). I have verrrrrry naturally curly hair (I am Caucasian) and it’s quite gray now. This salon has a huge array of Kerastase as well as Kevin Murphy products for sale. They sold me Kerastase “Reflection Bain Chroma riche” shampoo and “Reflection Chroma Captive shine intensifying care”. My hair seems excessively dry so….HORRORS, I used some Moroccanoil…..which didn’t help at all. (Never again) I’ve used some Redken Extreme CAT (Protein) also used Redken Hair Cleansing Cream. And a little Redken “Time Reset”. Additionally I have used Nioxin #3 off and on for many years (and have liked it). BUT NOW after switching “color” my hair is quite dry and a strand or two falls off at random! Not hunks. Also it feels like “straw”…..I always let it air dry! No dryer or hot tools. I use Bumble and Bumble “setting hairspray” and when dry and when styled I use L’Oreal hair spray (the lightest one). What would you recommend for me to use to for the excessive dryness? Redken Extreme??? A different Kerastase??? Nioxin #3???

    • victoria says:

      Hi Joanie, I don’t know anything at all about Kevin Murphy’s colour line, but it sounds like maybe the switch to that colour was what caused your problems. Best to find someone who uses a different line (I love Schwarzkopf!), or to go back to the Redken Fusion. Your hair sounds like it just needs a good hydrating masque, to be used weekly. Kerastase makes a few different wonderful options there, your salon will be able to recommend the best one, but I love the Oleo Curl line. You might want to try Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate.Me shampoo and conditioner for your daily combo. As with everyone who has dryness issues with their hair, I’d recommend getting Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure’s Moisture Kick Spray! Use that generously on towel dried hair after your shower, then also use it daily to refresh your curls and fight frizz…it’s a miracle product and you’ll love it, I promise!

      • Joanie says:

        I greatly appreciate your reply. I forgot to mention that, my hair is VERY FINE (along with very curly and gray under the color!!! Not going natural, ever!) I have very balanced hormones so that shouldn’t be a factor (I’m a very healthy 75 year old but look 50, feel 35!!!!) My hair now seems much MORE FINE with the Kevin Murphy color…..which contains no peroxide or ammonia! Which was supposed to be “better” for my hair than the Redken Fusion. I will purchase the mask etc that you suggested…..Is it alright if I continue to use Bumble and Bumble Hair Setting for body (I spray it on wet hair after shampooing, then air dry)? Even curly, my fine hair doesn’t have a lot of body!!!! And is the L’Oreal Elnett Satin Strong Hold hairspray okay for me to use? (Also I use all Mason Pearson brushes and wide-tooth combs on my hair). thank you in advance.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Joanie, you’re welcome! The Bumble and Bumble is still OK to use because you’re just air drying, no worries about that. I wouldn’t use strong hold hairspray on your hair type at all – go for something light such as Schwarzkopf OSIS Elastic, Sebastian Shaper Plus or Kerastase Laque Dentelle. All three of those can be built up to a strong hold if you desire…but to be honest I wonder if using strong hold hairspray isn’t also contributing to the damage in your hair. It can build up and also cause breakage if you’re not gentle with brushing it out. Great questions!!

  39. Scarlett says:

    Hi! I got here after searching for “do moroccanoil products cause hair loss”. I was using Joico shampoo up till recently when i decided to give Moroccanoil a try since its reviews seemed so fab. I bought the clarifying shampoo and the repair shampoo. After using the shampoos a couple of times, i realised my hair has been falling out a LOT! It’s making me really nervous. It has to be the shampoo right? I have thick hair and have never had any hair loss issues. I feel so shortchanged because i spent a LOT of money on these shampoos :(((( Should i just stop using the Moroccanoil shampoos with immediate effect? I think i should just try selling them off. Ugh! πŸ™

    • victoria says:

      Hi Scarlett, chuck that Moroccan Oil out right away! It’s the cause of your hair loss for sure. If the Joico was working well for you before, go back to that. If you want to use something extra rich and oil-based for a deep conditioner, try Rene Furterer’s Carthame masque – it’s well worth the money πŸ™‚ Best of luck, and make sure to do some clarifying washes like I’ve described in the article, just to clear all that Moroccan Oil out of your hair ASAP.

  40. CurlyCue says:

    Hi…I *just* bought Moroccan Oil this week and have used it twice. I randomly mentioned to my colorist who made a face and told me to be careful as she says it can turn blonde highlights orange. I started googling and found this article today. It scared me. I have almost full bottles so no noticeable damage *yet*. I was using Ouidad products. Any thoughts on them? I have thick curly hair; what products do you recommend to control frizz and dryness (that ideally isn’t crunchy!). Thank you, in advance!

    • victoria says:

      Hi CurlyCue, thank you for your question. Your colourist is right, by the way, the buildup from the Moroccan Oil will make your hair go a gross colour. I don’t know much about the Ouidad line except that it’s SUPER pricey. There are a ton of hydrating shampoos and conditioners I’ve recommended for your hair type in these comments, just take a look (Ctrl-F and search for your hair type) and you’ll find something good! To control frizz there is nothing better on the market than Schwarzkopf OSIS 3# Curl Gel with Oil (yes it has silicones…but this product rinses clean with normal shampoo, so you won’t have a problem). Best of luck, and I’m glad you haven’t used much of your Moroccan Oil!

    • victoria says:

      Hi CurlyCue, thank you for your question. Your colourist is right, by the way, the buildup from the Moroccan Oil will make your hair go a gross colour. I don’t know much about the Ouidad line except that it’s SUPER pricey. There are a ton of hydrating shampoos and conditioners I’ve recommended for your hair type in these comments, just take a look (Ctrl-F and search for your hair type) and you’ll find something good! To control frizz there is nothing better on the market than Schwarzkopf OSIS 3# Curl Gel with Oil (yes it has silicones…but this product rinses clean with normal shampoo, so you won’t have a problem). Best of luck, and I’m glad you haven’t used much of your Moroccan Oil!

  41. Cecil says:

    Hello.What about Joico products?Is the combination and amount of silicones in their products good?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Cecil, Joico products are generally OK, they’re at the lower end of salon quality lines, but they have been around for over 20 years and their K-Pak conditioner is still one of the best for the price point. I wouldn’t recommend anything else from their line, as there are better quality lines available. I hope that helps!

  42. Aaron O. says:

    This is so enlightening! Does this apply to Argan oil too or does that depend on the product?
    I’m using Fixx Shampoo and it uses Argan oil, but if it has the same effect, then I’ll try something else!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Aaron, it depends on the product. I don’t know anything about the Fixx line, but it’s worth spending time to research the ingredients just in case you’re unsure. There are websites that can help with this – try Skin Deep. Remember, it’s not the Argan oil itself that’s the problem, or even the silicones. Silicones are OK in the right amounts. It’s the combination and amount of silicones that are in the products that are bad. Best to research Moroccan Oil ingredient lists and see if they compare to the Fixx products you’re using.

  43. Justine says:

    Hi there

    Thank you for your article. I have blond (dyed) hair and they are thin and break. In order to keep them a little smooth and not too stray-looking I used marrakesh oil from my hairdressers. But I have the feeling it dries it out just more. What product can you recommend after washing and drying, to keep my stray hair a little straight and in form?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Justine, have a look through these comments using the CTRL-F function on your browser to search for your hair type. I have listed so many options for your hair type that I’m certain you’ll find something that will help! For now, protect your ends with Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Colour Save Sealed Ends. Best of luck!

  44. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I recently bought the Moroccan oil repair shampoo and conditioner, and have used it few times. My hair was falling out a lot more than it normally would, and hair feels so dry even after conditioning it. I have fine hair, and it’s lately been so dry, and quite frizzy as well. What products do you recommend?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Nancy, have a look through these comments using the CTRL-F function on your browser to search for your hair type. I have listed so many options for your hair type that I’m certain you’ll find something that will help! You might benefit most from Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray – you can use it daily, just spray into freshly shampooed hair to comb through, or spray into dry hair, quickly blowdry and restyle. You can’t overdo it with this product πŸ™‚

  45. Anushka says:

    Hi there, I’m so glad I read this today when I was a few days away from buying a range of Moroccan Oil for my damaged hair.
    I am 25 and underwent a Smoothening treatment in May 2016 thinking that it is less damaging than straightening. The salon used Wella products and I remember she put the cuticle breaking formula + heat + rinse twice because it didn’t work very well the first time. She gave me Wella shampoo and conditioner (for straightened hair) to keep the effect for long which I stopped using 3-4 months ago when I switched back to store bought shampoo and conditioner. Now my new growth is almost halfway of my current hair length and the weird division between frizzy and treated straight hair is evident but I cannot go for another chemical treatment since this one caused a lot of problems like hair fall, I have half of the hair I used to have, there’s loads of dandruff, scalp has pimples, follicles pain when I tie a ponytail, hair breaks off of the follicles as well as mid length very easily, my hair gets greasy and stinks 2 days after wash, scalp is itchy, have pimples on shoulder and back.
    Problems like dandruff and frizzy hair were there before the treatment too, and I have always used commercial and store bought shampoos and conditioners with application of coconut oil.
    Now I want to make my hair better but healthier and not cosmetically.
    My Q’s:
    1. Does going bald or cutting your hair short help in growing better hair?
    2. I live in India and the Malibu products are not available here except through Amazon which I don’t trust πŸ™ Do you suggest any other products for buildup removal?
    3. Many of my hair strands are not even in diameter, as in a single strand might have thick and thin parts. What may have caused this? How can it be corrected?
    4. Do serums cause buildup? What is the best serum to use to avoid buildup? (currently using Grapeseed oil serum from Body shop)
    5. Should I be going for colouring at this point or allow my hair to get in good health first?
    Thank you for your time and advice in advance! πŸ™‚

    • victoria says:

      Whoa, great questions Anushka! Here’s what I can answer:
      1. Cutting your hair short can help to reset your hair because it will leave only healthy blunt ends (no splits) and give you better access to your scalp if you want to try regrowth treatments. If you go this route, invest in Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Sealed Ends to use after every shower on your ends only (important as it does cause a bit of buildup to protect against the ends ever splitting).
      2. If you have Neutrogena where you live, their Anti-Residue shampoo is second best. Did you check to see if the Malibu website can ship to India? they might not be able to, but just in case maybe double-check. You’re 100% correct not to order from Amazon!
      3. The thick and thin sections in your strands, plus the breakage issues and scalp problems sound like you may have a growth issue such as Trichorexis Nodosa. You may also have a thyroid issue? I would recommend never doing chemical treatments again – and definitely go see a doctor to get your thyroid levels checked.
      4. Yes, serums cause buildup because they’re mostly silicone. I’d recommend an oil instead – pure argan oil from Saadia Organics would be great, or something like almond oil or castor oil, depending on how heavy you would like it to be in your hair.
      5. Definitely do not colour your hair until the chemical treatment has grown out πŸ™‚
      i hope this helps! All the best to you!

      • Anushka says:

        Thanks a lot! This is very helpful! My last resort was gonna be to use dish soap but I wasn’t sure how I will tackle the harshness it may have.
        Thank you Victoria, your doing some wonderful work here πŸ™‚

  46. Jill says:

    Sorry! Also one more quick question…. What is the difference between using the Malibu Undo….vs Kevin Murphy Maxiwash and which hair type should be using which? Thanks! 😘

  47. Jill says:

    Hi I have thick wavy hair. It tends to be dry a lot lately and frizzing up. I was using a lot of OTC hair “oils” including Morocaan, Wella, organix… Etc
    I never once thought to use a clarifier as my stylist never suggested or hinted to anything about Malibu Treatments. To be honest, I never heard about Malibu until coming across this blog.
    My hair has really been acting up for last yr now. I realized that little over a yr ago I went to a new salon and the stylist used thinning shears to remove the bulk! Biggest hair mistake ever. It’s taking forever to grow back and it’s frizzier than ever! : /. I’m going to continue using the Malibu undo and Colorsafe conditioner. I ordered Sadia oil as well. After a month of clarifying which shampoo conditioner would you recommend for helping get my length and fullness back? How often would you get dusting trims? Thank you for your time.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Jill, thank you for your comment, I hope those products will work well for you (they almost certainly will!). Get dusting trims every 6 weeks until the thinned layers grow out. For thick wavy hair you could try Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me shampoo and conditioner – I love those and use them at home. Excellent question about the Malibu vs. Maxi Wash!! Malibu works great for everyone, Maxi Wash also works great but it tends to work best on virgin (non coloured non permed) hair. Also you might like to use Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Sealed Ends to help fight frizz and keep the outer surface of your hair under control. Yours is the only situation I’d recommend using this product on more than just the tips of the ends; apply it to your ends and then softly brush it over the surface of your hair with your palms to control frizz. All the best to you, growing hair out takes patience and time, but you can do it!

  48. Laura says:

    Hi Victoria,
    This is a great article. I used Moroccan oil for a full summer before I realized it was the result of my horrible oily build up and breakage. I’ve since been on the hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner. I am currently using Monat and I’m ready to give that up as well for the same reasons. I have done a lot of research and tested a lot of products, but nothing is standing out. I saw you recommended Malibu and wondered if this would work for me. I have long, fine, natural golden blond hair. My scalp tends to get itchy (without dandruff being the cause – I believe it may be allergy related) but also oily after a day without wash. Then ends of my hair do dry out. Thanks so much!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Laura, I’m super disappointed to hear how Monat is no better than Moroccan oil, despite their ingredient lists. I guess there are exceptions to every rule! You are not the only one to mention this. Malibu would be great, they have a line specifically for blondes (order either from a reputable salon or directly from Malibu…not Amazon or Ebay)! Also pick up their Undo Goo to use weekly but make sure to find a good low-pH (4.5) conditioner to follow with. I like Schwarzkopf Color Freeze, but if you google low pH conditioners you’ll find lists a-plenty. Best of luck!

  49. Tilma says:

    Hi. I’m was recently diagnosed with Lupus/Sjogren’s Syndrome. Those, plus the medication are leaving my hair really, really dry. Already had it cut very short, try quite few products, but nothing works. Could let me know which is the best product in my case? Thansk a lot.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tilma, excellent question! I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Your health plus the medication are certainly to blame for your hair, and unfortunately there’s not an option to fix the problem – it can only be mitigated. Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray would be best for you. You can use it daily, just spray into freshly shampooed hair to comb through, or spray into dry hair, quickly blowdry and restyle. You can’t overdo it with this product, it’s great for your hair and I have used it to help very very damaged hair before bleaching. It also would help to go SLS/paraben/silicone free, and as with many people here I recommend Carina Organics, available directly from their website as they are a very small company. Best of luck!

  50. Crystal Hammond says:

    I just recently bought the morrocooil intense hydrating mask $65!!! I have used it 3 times would I need to use a clarifying shampoo do get it out?? Or could i just chuck it out and use a different brand and if the stuff wil come out???

    • victoria says:

      Hi Crystal, just chuck it and use something else, you’ll be fine πŸ™‚ Have a look through these comments using the CTRL-F function on your browser to search for your hair type. I have listed so many products that I’m certain you’ll find something that will help!

  51. Gigi says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your article, this inspire a lot! I have been using MO for 2 years and I had experienced the exact situation that you described!!!! I used to have shiny and hair hair but not anymore πŸ™

    I would like to obtain some advice from you:
    – I have thin hair
    – not heavy volume
    – fizzy hair
    – tangle a lot at the end
    – dark brown colour
    – experience hair loss

    What would you recommend me to try please?

    P.s. I tried to post a comment to you last month but seems it wasn’t successfully posted.. awaiting for your feedback! Thanks!!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Gigi, so sorry to miss your comment! Definitely use the Undo Goo shampoo/Schwarzkopf Color Save conditioner combo I have been recommending here. Your hair needs a good trim if your ends are tangling a lot. I’d recommend at least 2 months on the Undo Goo/Color Save combo as your primary shampoo and conditioner, then start using the Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner as your regular combo. Use any of the following deep conditioners as your weekly treatment:

      -Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Masque
      -Redken Extreme Masque
      -Olaplex #3
      -Rene Furterer Carthame conditioner
      -Kerastase Masque Force Architecte

      Best of luck!

      • Gigi says:

        Hi Victoria,

        Many thanks for your reply! I did some research on the shampoo, and saw that some of them consist on Silicon (Dimethiconol). So is it still fine to use that? Is it because the shampoo doesnt consist a lot of silicon so its fine?

        Or do you recommend to go for some SLS, paraben & silicon free shampoo? Living Proof claim to be one of them.


        • victoria says:

          Hi Gigi, great question! Yes, silicones are completely OK just as long as they’re not in massive amounts or combined with a whole bunch of other silicones in the same product. Just cross-check with Moroccan Oil ingredient lists and you’ll find what’s OK. If you want to go SLS/paraben/silicone free that’s a wonderful option! I recommend Carina Organics, available on their website as they are a very small company. Best line ever invented, and wonderfully priced!

  52. janet says:

    Hi Victoria I hope this is my last post because I don’t mean to bombard you with a series of questions on a weekly basis. I kind of just want a regimen for my hair it’s thick coarse wavy frizzy I was using Moroccan oil for a number of years I started using the Malibu undo goo shampoo a few days a week with the bonecure. conditioner I put coconut oil on the ends I just did a hard water packet treatment today it felt a little strange and then I put the bonecure conditioner in it how would you maintain my hair though on an everyday basis I should not wash it everyday use the same products or should I switch to a specific shampoo also what about hair color what is the best type of hair color that is healthiest I have minimal drying should I get semi-permanent or should I just get subtle highlights and that healthier and less damaging?
    My hair still isn’t feeling right I don’t know it feels dry.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Janet, you are not giving the products enough time to work! Here is your regimen, do it and then wait at least 4 months before asking me any more questions πŸ™‚ This will give you time to go through 2 rounds of colouring, and then the Moroccan Oil will be out of your hair. Any dryness left after 4 months will be your true texture and you will have to learn which product combo works best for you at that point.

      -Malibu Undo Goo shampoo and Color Save conditioner as your regular combo. Wash every 2nd or 3rd day. Lather, rinse, repeat, rinse, conditioner for 5mins, rinse well.
      -Once every 2 weeks use a Hard Water packet. Wash with Undo Goo, rinse, apply Hard Water and massage in for 5mins, rinse, wash with a teeny amount of Undo Goo again, rinse, apply Olaplex and let it sit for a couple hours before rinsing.
      -Coconut Oil on the ends is fine anytime. I recommend Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray if you really want a good leave in conditioner…you can apply it daily and it will be great for your hair.
      -After a month, you can colour. Go for something close to your natural shade, and find a salon that uses Schwarzkopf Vibrance demipermanent. At this time you can switch to using Schwarzkopf Color Save Shampoo and conditioner as your usual combo, with the Undo Goo+Hard Water+Olaplex combo every 2 weeks.
      -Do NOT get any kind of bleaching, lightening or highlights. Only get your natural shade or darker.

      Best of luck!

  53. Janet says:

    How is that product line Grow Gorgeous? Would it be beneficial for coarse thick wavy hair type? Also how about Redken Smoothdown Line. I know its not Sulfate free…..
    I know oils are supposed to be great for our hair.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Janet, I don’t know anything about Grow Gorgeous, but Redken Smoothdown is just OK (not super great, but not terrible). Their Extreme line is better.

  54. Janet says:

    What is the cause of all those ugly unsightly broken hairs that I can see middle to crown of my hair? you know the ones you see on a sunny day car window a bunch of spikes of broken hair ? how do you get rid of this…?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Janet, the only thing that I’ve ever seen to cause those broken hairs is when one of my clients used baking soda to scrub her hair. Unfortunately the only way to fix them is to have your hairstylist do a surface trim so that the hairs can grow out. If the ends look pointy (ie. not whitish or broken on the ends) this is normal regrowth and everyone has it πŸ™‚

  55. Carla says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been using moroccan oil conditioner for about 6 months now, and your info may be the explanation of what is happening to my hair. I’ve always had a dandruff issue so it is pretty difficult for me to keep a good hair cleaning routine since my scalp goes crazy some times. I have gradually progress from cheap products to more expensive ones, but none of them seems to really work much time, they either give me dandruff of stop working leaving my hair feeling dry again. I live in Mallorca and I have to say that keeping a nice hair here is quite difficult per se, we have very alkaline water and a lot of humidity. Las winter I started using some products that make my hair feel amazing (Crush Shampoo and conditiones Power, It is a Swedish brand.) the thing is that, of course the shampoo ended up feeling super itchy and making my dandruff awfull, so I switched to Moroccan oil, cuz it was supposedly the best I could get without splurging too much. Right now my dandruff got better with a pharmaceutic shampoo, but instead I’m having some dermatitis break outs on my hair line (wich has never happened before). So, please what would you recomend me to clean my hair, and keep it healhty. My hair is long and brunette, it’s been a year since I dyed it, but I would like to change my color again, and it feels thin,dry, without shine and volumen and like it needs to be repaired. Thanks !

    • victoria says:

      Hi Carla, you would benefit from using Malibu C’s Hard Water products. The shampoo, conditioner and weekly treatment Hard Water packets would help you a lot! You can order them directly from Malibu C’s website. You could also use the Undo Goo shampoo once a week (work in a good amount and leave on your hair for 15 minutes) for a month so that you strip out the Moroccan Oil. Remember to use a low pH conditioner if you use the Undo Goo! Don’t colour your hair until the dermatitis and dandruff clear up. All of the best to you with your hair!

  56. Ally says:

    Hi, I use OGX Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil 100ml, and based on the ingredience this is pretty much crap to, but I only use it on the ends so I guess I am not in such a deep trouble.
    You can find the ingredience here

    For the shampoo and conditioner I use natural world


    My hair are dry but not much, but gets oily very quickly, like every second day I have to wash my hair. They don’t really grow also. What will be the good shampoo. I live in UK.

    Thank you

    • victoria says:

      Hi Ally, thank you for the links! The Natural World line looks OK to me. It sounds like you have a combo oily scalp/damaged hair. Best to switch to a lightweight shampoo such as Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, and use a clarifying shampoo every 2 weeks. Keep up with your usual conditioner but make sure to ONLY apply it to your ends – never on your roots as this will create more buildup and oil. If your hair is not growing, it could be that your hair is too dry and that it’s breaking off at the ends more quickly than it grows. It could also just be that your hair doesn’t grow long at all; everyone has a different set point for how long their hair will grow, and some people can grow it super long while others can’t grow hair past their shoulders. Without seeing your hair in person, I can’t tell which one it is, but maybe ask your hairstylist what they think. Best of luck to you!

  57. Jessica says:

    Hi there,

    This will probably be a bit long so apologies in advance.

    I used to absolutely love my hair. It is naturally curly, fine, and I used to have a lot of it. 3 years ago I moved from Canada to Germany. I began to notice a change in my hair. I was losing a lot more in the shower and the texture began to get more and more dry.

    I’ve been dying it red for about 10 years and for the past 5 have been using esalon to colour my hair. I have a lot of grey and need to colour approximately every 6 weeks. I thought for a while it was the coloring, but after reading your article am not sure. For a very long time I’ve used the Moroccan Oil curl defining cream.

    The current state of my hair is extremely dry, the curl stays only an hour or two before hanging limp around my face, I feel that I have about half the amount of hair I used to have. I’ve also been going back and forth on how often to wash my hair. If I do it too often, it’s doesn’t help the dryness. If I wash too infrequently, I get a massive sebum build up and can even get acne. My hair doesn’t seem to get oily, it just feels gross and sometimes the follicles themselves seem to hurt.

    I currently use the Kevin Murphy Angel shampoo and rinse. Should I be switching one of those to the Hydrate me?

    I would welcome any suggestions you might have to help me with my hair problems!!

    Best wishes,

    • victoria says:

      Hi Jessica, your symptoms are so similar to the others who posted here, that I can guess it’s probably the Moroccan Oil – I’m so sorry about that. It’s not a sebum buildup, it’s the junk in Moroccan Oil! Glad to hear you’re using Kevin Murphy…I’d suggest switching to their Maxi Wash as your shampoo and the Hydrate Me conditioner for the foreseeable future, as it sounds like your situation involves heavy, heavy buildup. With the Maxi Wash, use a small amount and massage it deeply into your scalp and then ‘squish’ it through to your ends (do not pile on top of your head), then rinse. Then apply a slightly-larger-than-normal amount and give your scalp another good scrub, and squish the shampoo down into your ends again…but this time comb it through gently working from the ends up to the root. Afterwards apply the Hydrate to your midlengths and ends only. If you do this every time you shampoo, it will help tremendously!!! For your new curl cream, you would benefit from either Motion Lotion by Kevin Murphy, or OSIS #3 Curl Gel With Oil by Schwarzkopf. Best to pick up a hair masque to start using about a month after switching to the Maxi Wash; right now your hair is so clogged with crap that no masque will penetrate, and it’ll be a waste of $$$ down the shower drain πŸ˜‰ All of the best to you with your hair!

  58. Carina says:

    I was actually looking for a solution to my “straightening gone wrong” problem when I saw your article. I’m wondering if you could help.. I straightened my hair with Schwarzkopf Glatt-0 last December and my roots got burnt due to overprocessing I assume. So then I waited until May to redo my hair and some how ended up with ridiculous unnatural bumps in my hair. My hair is naturally thick but wavy but look way better without the straightening clearly. So my question is, should I get them straightened again cause they look ridiculous and if so when since I’ve done it in December and then again in May?! Or better yet is there a way to strip off the straightening all together – oiling or salt water.. does any of it work!? HELP!!!

    I’m hoping you can help a girl out! Thanks xx

    • victoria says:

      Hi Carina, thank you for your question. The bumps in your hair are burnt sections, I’m sorry to say. You are heat styling and processing your hair too much. I’d really advise against processing your hair any further or even continuing to heat style, as burnt hair is a serious thing and there is nothing you can do but either grow it out or cut it off – you can’t ‘heal’ or fix it at all. Best to start air-drying with a good product such as Schwarzkopf OSIS #3 curl gel with oil – it works beautifully on wavy hair too. Just let your hair recover for a year before trying anything again. It will be a bit of a struggle, but my concern is that if you do anything more to your hair (including continuing to use a flatiron) that your hair will break off short. Long wavy hair is much more beautiful than short fried hair πŸ˜‰ Take care, be patient and gentle with your hair and all the best to you!

  59. Kay says:

    Hi. After having my two children, I lost an extreme amount of hair. I seen a dermatologist last year who said its in my genetics and that’s why I’m loosing so much hair. Something to do with my hormones being up and down through pregnancy has caused my premature hair loss. I tried the Nioxin system for about 10 months. The reason I stopped using it is because it completely dried out my hair, made my scalp shiny and more noticeable and I never seen true results. I’ve never been one to have my hair cut routinely. I usually only cut it twice a year. It takes forever to grow anyways. I used to dye my hair maybe twice a year but after the birth of my children and all the scary hair loss I stopped all together. I usually buy drug store shampoos and conditioners that are labeled for “Volumizing and/or Thickening”. I recently purchased the big duo set of HASK Argan oil shampoo and conditioner from Costco. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and love how smooth my hair feels and looks however this morning I noticed some dandruff and a terribly itchy spot on my scalp. I didn’t buy it to help with the volume, I just thought if my hair gets healthier and has more moisture, that maybe it’ll help with my natural volume. Wrong! It’s still flat, thin and fine.
    I’m only 27 and I would LOVE some suggestions. I’m not looking for a miracle. I would just like to find a product that helps my hair feel and look more thick and also one that doesn’t strip it of moisture. My confidence level is very low. I’m always wondering if everyone’s staring at the girl with very thin hair πŸ™ I even bought a real human hair wig last year but ended up selling it just because I could never be comfortable wearing it.
    Thanks for reading!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Kay! I just emailed you but see that you posted this here as well – thank you! Your question is complicated, because not only do I believe you may have a nutritional/hormonal imbalance, but you are also using terrible products for your hair (aside from the Nioxin). Your dandruff is most certainly from the cheap ‘argan oil’ products from Costco. I recommend clarifying your hair using the steps I mention in my article. Unfortunately there is no cheap alternative to good products that will support your hair growth or improve the condition. It would be best if you invest in a mid-level salon line to care for your hair and scalp. You’ll have some success with using Schwarzkopf’s Bonacure Colour Save shampoo and conditioner, even though you don’t colour your hair. It’s got a low pH (great for hair and scalp!) and is relatively light, but also very conditioning. I’d advise using the conditioner only on your ends for detangling, as your natural hair oils are enough to condition the roots of thin/fine hair. Shampooing your scalp well and conditioning your ends only will help give your hair more body and volume. Most volumizing lines can cause buildup on the hair, as they deposit a protein that contracts as it dries, creating lift and bounce…so don’t bother with those. As for your health, your doctors may not be giving you all the information. Please have your Ferritin levels checked via a blood test, and *VERY IMPORTANT* ask to see the printed results. A ferritin level of 40 or below is still considered ‘normal’ by some doctors, but it will cause severe hair loss. You can counteract this hair loss by supplementing with Floradix Iron supplement – expensive but worth it. You will need to use it for at least 8 months consistently to see results. One of my clients is dealing with this issue right now, and doctors told her in March of this year there was nothing they could do because everything was fine. When I told her about checking her ferritin, she found it was at only 10! She is doing very well on Floradix now; I saw her this week and she is already sporting about 2″ of little baby hairs regrowing all over her scalp. All the best to you with your hair!

      • Kay says:

        Hi Victoria! Thanks for the quick reply.
        As for a clarifying shampoo, what would be a good one to use? I’ll be traveling to the states this weekend and will buy it down there.
        I will get my ferritin checked again. Thanks for all your tips!

        • victoria says:

          Hi Kay, I list a few different types of clarifying shampoos in the comments here, and in my article. Best to use Malibu C Undo Goo, but there are may others πŸ™‚ All the best!

          • Kay says:

            Hi Victoria,

            Do you know where I can find Malibu C UnDo Goo in Vancouver? I’ve checked a few salons in Bellingham and Vanvouver and I can’t seem to find it.
            Also, I did try the Schwarzkopf colour save shampoo and conditioner but felt there was too much residue left on my scalp that it made my already thin hair look even thinner. Do you happen to know of any good organic lines? I used to use Sukin while pregnant and I’m debating if I should try it again.

          • victoria says:

            Hi Kay, great question! Try Chatters or Zennkai – one of those shops carries it but I forget which one. Also you can order it directly from the Malibu C website if for some reason those shops don’t have it in stock. Thank you for your feedback on the Color Freeze – just for curiosity’s sake, did you use the regular shampoo formula or the Rich formula? I just realized I’ve been recommending it this whole time without making the distinction!!! So sorry about that, it’s the regular formula, as I’ve noticed the Rich formula does build up. If the regular formula was building up, that’s important to know. One last comment along that track: shampoo is for your scalp, conditioner is for your ends, so make sure you never apply conditioner directly to your scalp as some conditioner formulas will cause buildup regardless. Anyway you’re in luck to be in Vancouver because you can go to the Soap Dispensary and pick up some Carina Organics, which is the very very best organic line that I’m aware of. It’s so clean you could eat it! Best of luck πŸ™‚

      • Michelle Hamilton says:

        I myself have lost over 2/3 of my hair in the last 5 months. This also happend to me 2.5 years ago and I ended up having to wear wigs for 6 mo till i had enough growth for dream catcher extensions. I wore them for 2 years and my hair grew back. Filled out nice so I took them out. One month after taking them out my hair started falling out by the handfulls again. I am devastated. I use and have always used salon products. I’m at a loss. I have spent thousands of dollars on diff products including several of Kevin Murphy’s line, all natural/organic, vitamins & cure all’s. I have had test after test ran. My testosterone is not low. Ive Seen dermatologist and multiple other doctors with no help & no answers. As soon as water hits my hair if comes out by the roots in my hands. I try not to touch it and it will still fall out into the water in the bathtub. I have zip lock bags full of my hair from every wash. I can’t even run my fingers or brush through without gobs of hair coming out by the roots. It has consumed me and I’m completely devastated. I’m 45 with a 15 year old son who is very active in sports and at school. I’m so embarrassed. I don’t even want to leave my house

        • victoria says:

          Hi Michelle, I am so sorry to hear about your hair loss. Please have your Ferritin levels checked and insist on having the actual printout of the results to hold in your own hands. Anything lower than a 40 means your hair will fall out. Some doctors still consider this in the low end of ‘normal’ healthy range and will not mention it because to them there is nothing wrong. Look into buying a strong supplement called Floradix and take it religiously as directed. One of my clients is already experiencing dramatic regrowth since she started this supplement. I also want to mention that I have a client who experienced severe, frightening hair loss a few years back (she hid it with a wig because there were large completely bald patches and cracked/bleeding scalp) and as with your situation she went to many doctors and had all the tests done, plus she did vitamin and steroid injections to no avail. Ultimately she chose to quit every treatment and stop stressing about it…and amazingly her hair is now completely filled in and we have been colouring her hair for a year now with no ill effects. She believes that it was the stress of obsessing about her hair that caused her issues! There is also another client of mine who loses handfuls when under stress – she also tells me doctors have found no underlying cause despite multiple tests and minimal product use (all natural only, no silicones/sulfates/parabens, etc). I am not a doctor but I hope this info will help you. I do not believe your hair loss comes from product use. I sincerely hope that the underlying issue can be found for you, so that you can have beautiful hair again.

  60. Heena says:

    Y m i loosing hair inspite of doin evrthng… my diet includes lots of proteins n m hvin a healthy diet.. oilin n shampooin regularly still its breakin lyk hell…. durin pregnancy i achievd a grt length n hair fall was zero or 1 hair falled in one day… after breastfeed hair are falling very very badly… nw wht do i do

    • victoria says:

      Hi Heena, it sounds like you’re experiencing the normal hair loss that comes post-pregnancy. During pregnancy, hair growth and hair fall completely stops, as all nutrients go to your growing baby. Then, sometime afterward (occasionally up to a year afterward) all of the hair that should have fallen out during your pregnancy, falls out. Your hair will grow back, don’t worry! Within a year, you’ll see funny little short hairs all around your hairline and throughout your hair – this will be the post-pregnancy regrowth. Keep up your healthy diet and your hair will grow back healthy too!

  61. Janet says:

    Hi again….so I tried using the Malibu C undo goo shampoo along with the BC BOnecure color safe low pH conditioner…and an olaplex number 3 . My hair still feels coarse frzzy and like straw.
    Would I benefit from also doing the Malibu salon treatment as well as the saadia oil?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Janet, how long did you use these products for? Often it takes weeks of the Malibu Undo Goo to strip everything out. Also, if you’ve used the Olaplex your hair should feel fantastic! I bet your hair isn’t clear of the buildup yet. Keep doing that, and hold off on the Olaplex until your hair feels better. Also keep in mind that if you’ve always had coarse hair, your hair may just feel that way and there’s nothing you can do to change the thickness/coarseness. You can soften it with a stronger oil such as castor or coconut – slather on a super thick layer and wear it in a braid all day, then wash it out at night. Finally, make sure you’re getting your Olaplex directly from a salon, in person. If you order it from Amazon or Ebay it’s likely diluted or tampered with…

      • janet says:

        oh wow thank you for that. I did buy the olaplex from amazon….lol oops
        I’ve been using the Malibu undo goo for about 2 weeks now. it feels slightly better. As far as texture goes..yes its always been coarse…however, after blowouts my hair would feel thick soft and shiny like silk. My hair type is SUPER thick coarse wavy…not super tight curls.. it air dries very thick..with frizzy loose curls. I cannot seem to get a healthier blowout any longer…now I see I a lot of broken hairs where they shouldn’t be as well as hair not growing past my shoulders..im guessing…that my stylist keeps cutting it over an inch due to damage…from buildup??? not sure really why it doesn’t grow long anymore.
        I’ve noticed hair issues for 2 yrs now.
        Also, how do you feel about me getting the Malibu C treatment in the salon?

        • victoria says:

          Hi Janet, well there you go – the Olaplex is probably not legit. The breakage can be from over-blowdrying as well as Moroccan Oil, that’s why your hair isn’t growing long. Maybe take some time to test out good air-drying products because it sounds like your hair truly needs a vacation. Keep up the Undo Goo for at least 2 months (thick hair takes a long time to clarify), and yes, the Malibu C treatment is excellent, definitely go for that πŸ™‚

  62. Chele says:

    I’m so glad I found this article! I’ve been using Moroccan Oil for over 3 months now. I had used it before, but my sister-in-law starting selling Monat and convinced me to try it. It was okay but, for the price, not spectacular. I ended up going back to Moroccan Oil. I’m noticing my curl (2b/c) has actually started to straighten out, which is horrifying – I love my natural curl! Now I know what the culprit is. As I started letting my hair go naturally grey over a year ago, I’ll be trying the Malibu Blondes collection. I also wanted to say β€œthank you” for your comments on ordering from Amazon, etc. It’s easier, and sometimes cheaper, but not worth the worry of the product being tampered with. Lastly, when I mentioned finding this article to a friend at work, she said that she’d been using it for a month and noticed her shower drain was getting clogged up fairly regularly – something that never happened before. When her man swamped out the drain he said that it was completely coated with conditioner (along with the usual gross amount of hair that comes out – yuck!) She quit using MO immediately.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Chele, thank you so much for your comments! Monat seems to be proving itself more like Moroccan Oil than a miracle product, especially for the price; thanks for your feedback about that line. Yes, a common issue with Moroccan Oil is the curl loss – I’m sure it will recover now that you’re using the Malibu πŸ™‚ Very interesting to hear about your work friend’s experience with Moroccan Oil…that’s an interesting way to find out about the hair loss it causes. I’m glad she quit using it right away, too. All the best to both you and your friend for your hair!

  63. Andra says:

    Hiii! I’m really glad i found this article. I’ve been using the smoothing lotion once a week for about a month and it’s been okay so far but i’ll toss it out before it actually damages my hair. I have long ish wavy hair that’s naturally frizzy if i don’t use proper products in the shower and it tangles easily. I’ve managed to make it look decent but i’m still not happy with it. The strands of hair are all puffed out and don’t stay together so i have to straighten it to look a lil more “put together” even though i wish i could just blowdry it for it to look nice. I’ve had a haircut problem so it has just now started to grow in volume again and i have a lot of short strands of hair. Also.. humidity is my worstttt nightmare.. it puffs out instantly and it’s all over the place.. a frizzy mess. Sometimes i feel like i’m burning it with straightening it everyday in vain cause it never stays the same when i step outside. Can you please recommend me some products to get that smooth, sleek and shiny look? I literally never managed to get that look at home. I’m currently using the Macadamia Natural Oil shampoo, Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle conditioner and the L’Oreal Liss Unlimited Keratinoil Complex mask (i just bought this one) and i used to use the Revlon uniq one treatment before i bought the smoothing lotion from moroccanoil but it wasn’t that great. I’m happy to replace them though just to get that salon look. Sorry if i blabbered a lot haha

    • victoria says:

      Hi Andra, it sounds like you have a similar hair type to me! My wavy hair just puffs if I don’t treat it right, and it tangles even if it’s in top condition. The good thing is that our texture is THE hip texture of the moment as we can get beachy waves by just air-drying with the right product. My best advice is to only comb it in the shower with conditioner, then after the shower use the comb to distribute the product of your choice…then don’t comb, run your hands through…nothing at all until your next shower. Also, either air dry or use a diffuser. This will help it to start going into a natural wave pattern without puffing. If you want to blowdry and flatiron, go ahead, but make sure you’re using a good heat protecting product to keep any damage away. You’re using drugstore level products, and they won’t work that great in your hair type, but the best option for that price point would be the Schwarzkopf drugstore line. Next option would be to try a middle level salon product line such as Redken Extreme (very conditioning but not at all heavy, so it’ll help keep the texture under control) or Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save (Color Save is a great option to help seal the cuticle of the hair and keep it shiny and frizz free). The best option for a leave-in conditioner would be Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray…I use it daily to calm my frizz and give a moisturizing boost (keeps the ‘puff’ reaction down during humid months). To be honest I believe you might really love Kevin Murphy’s Motion lotion; it’s good for air drying wavy/curly hair or to use as a blowout cream. To flatiron your hair, go with Schwarzkopf OSIS Flatliner. Best of luck!

      • Andra says:

        Sorry if i’m asking too many questions but could you tell me your thoughts on the Kerastase discipline line? I just noticed i’m close to finishing my shampoo and conditioner and i can’t decide with what to replace them from what you’ve told me too. I payed a lot of money for some products that dryed my hair out in the shower and i wanna make sure i buy the right stuff this time haha. Is there a high end line that is worth splurging on?

        • victoria says:

          Hi Andra, Kerastase is an excellent line. Their products are carefully formulated and extensively researched. They’re worth the splurge as well as Rene Furterer (which I love even more than Kerastase!). Make sure to buy these products either directly from the Kerastase or Rene sites online, or in person from a salon that is authorized to sell them. Best of luck!

  64. Elle says:

    Hey! Thank you for this amazing write up. It was so informative and helpful to know about these products! I would love to know your suggestion for oily hair which I struggle with. It sometimes even gets oily the same day I wash it! Currently using tresseme shampoo- I usually do an ACV wash following shampoo (never really use conditioner) and from time to time use coconut oil (organic and pure!) to help as well. I saw amazing results from both helping my hair get thicker and healthier but never conquered the oil problem. I wish I knew of a better shampoo to use them tresseme – maybe that would help? I appreciate your response and thank you in advance!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Elle, Tresseme isn’t a great line, and it could be the reason your hair is oily. Try using Neutrogena Anti-Residue shampoo as your regular shampoo. Then, do the ACV rinse and apply coconut oil as you normally would. This will make a huge difference, I promise. Best of luck!

  65. Janet says:

    Hi again…i had written in a prior post that I was a long time user of silicone based hair products as well as the Morocaan oil.. without having any knowledge of it’s detrimental hair effects. Would the now popular baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse be beneficial for my coarse curly hair? I understand the Malibu goo undo shampoo is a good solution as well but it’s taking forever to arrive in the mail! I’m just very impatient because it’s summertime and we all like to look nice this time of year! My once healthly lustrous locks look completely fried ,frayed and frizzy right now…even after doing the Redken Cat spray and olaplex number 3 treatment. : /
    Also when I do go to the salon and get my hair colored and trimmed should I do a non-permanent color ammonia-free.. and should I also have them do a gloss treatment each time I go. I apologize for the countless number of questions I have it just really want to get my hair healthy again

    • victoria says:

      Hi Janet, definitely DO NOT use baking soda in your hair ever! It’ll cause the worst damage…you can’t even imagine. Just wait for the Malibu, it’s worth it πŸ™‚ No need to go for a gloss treatment until after you’ve been at least a month with the Malibu Undo Goo. After the gloss, you’ll want to quit the Malibu for a bit so that it doesn’t strip the gloss off (just use a good colour shampoo/conditioner combo such as Schwarzkopf or Redken).

  66. Janet Cody says:

    Hi I have longish (passed shoulders) coarse curly hair. I get it colored around every 8 weeks. I’m 35 so I’m starting to gray a little by the sides. I have been using Morocaan Oil prodcuts for few yrs and after reading your site…I had an OMG moment. My hair has soooooo many unsightly flyaways. I see who’s supposed to be a top notch hair stylist in Locust Valley NY …Darrens….and never once did he warn me about Moroccan oil …he DID recently recommend Oloplex and Sapphira brand products. But if I have ALL that Moroccan oil buildup how is my hair EVER supposed to get a good result from these products. He never tells me about clarifying my hair etc. I’m honestly very disheartened and upset after reading your page about the MO brand. I feel like I’ve been conned all this time. lol. I’m even more disappointed w/ my stylist for not having the decency to put me on a good product line and tell me how to get my ha ir in tip top shape. Instead he fries my hair w/ these blowouts I can actually smell my hair burning.
    So from what I gathered from reading your M O brand blog. For my thick coarse loose curly dark brown hair type. I need to stop w/ my blowouts….get rid of the Moroccan oil…invest in that Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Color Save Conditioner as well as Malibu Un-Do-Goo Clarifying Shampoo…Do you recommend any other products for me. Or some kind of a routine to undue all this yucky damage? Should I try putting oils in my hair. I tried coconut oil 2 weeks ago and my hair felt like straw literally afterwards. I then learned its because my hair is to coarse and thich..and probably have too much keratin and the Coconut oil makes it worse. Also worth noting….my hair color fades within literally a week. again probably due to the Moroccan oil.
    Thank you for your advice in advance!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Janet, thank you for your comment – I’m so sorry to hear that you’re disappointed in your stylist, but he probably honestly does not know that Moroccan Oil is bad. Most hairdressers are only seeing the good effects of MO, and don’t make the connection when a client comes in with damaged hair from it. The burning smell is simply the product buildup burning and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Also to be honest, hair dryers can often give off a burning smell. If your hair was actually burning, it would be breaking off during the blowout and you would be able to see melted/burnt ends – so don’t worry πŸ™‚ I can tell that your stylist does care about your hair, because Olaplex is a miracle product. Just make sure to do some really deep clarifying shampoos before using it, so that it actually penetrates through the MO buildup. As for a routine to undo they yucky buildup, just follow what I describe in the article. You can certainly use pure natural oils in your hair! The real argan nut oil, from a reputable company such as Saadia, will be great for your hair once it’s been stripped of MO buildup. I guarantee the reason your hair felt like straw from the coconut oil is that your hair has mega buildup from MO. Thick coarse hair actually benefits greatly from oil applications – it’s why folks in South Asia do regular overnight treatments with coconut oil. Be wary of cheap oils, as they are probably diluted with processed oils or even silicone. Real argan nut oil is very expensive, but worth it. You can also use coconut oil, but again make sure it’s the real stuff, and not the crap that is processed for cooking. Again, pure coconut oil will be expensive and should be ordered from a reputable company. Best of luck to you!

  67. Anne says:

    I have progressively thinning and fine hair, that also has ‘fluffy’ body, not like a lot of people with fine hair that is pin straight (i think that might be better). In the past year i have been losing a lot of hair, and my hair is very dry…. i assumed it was due to a surgery i had at Christmas. I use pureology, but have also been doing ACV treatments the last fee months and also use Olaplex regularly. I only recently started using Moroccan oil as it is the only thing i could fine that made my hair look better and not feel like straw.
    So! What do you recommend I do going forward for healthy manageable hair and scalp?


    • victoria says:

      Hi Anne, thank you for your question. Pureology caused one of my clients to lose her hair – might want to stop using that for now. ACV is great as long as you are only using that alone (not after a baking soda rinse), so you can totally keep up with that. Olaplex is super great, definitely keep using that! But…get rid of the Moroccan Oil products. You are in the ‘honeymoon’ stage of loving what they do, and it won’t be long until the damage begins. Nioxin is an excellent line if you want to help your hair loss. It sounds like you just need a leave-in treatment to help your hair feel great πŸ™‚ For your hair type the best option will be Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray. You can apply it to your ends daily if you like! Instead of Pureology I would recommend Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and rinse; I use these myself and always get great reviews from clients who buy them. Kevin Murphy is a similar line to the original Pureology formulas…once L’Oreal bought Pureology the quality started decreasing and as I said, my client who had used them for years started losing hair. The new Pureology isn’t worth it anymore. Best of luck to you with your hair!

      • dianab says:

        What an eye opening article. Thank you for being honest and letting the public know! I have a question to you about my fine and thining hair. I have been using Nioxin shampoo and condition and then started shampooing with Lipogaine (switching everyother day with Nioxin). I also stimulate my scalp for growth. I use Lanza trauma treatment every day after my shower along with Argan Oil made by Fructis. I love how it makes my hair feel. Does this Argan oil also have the same problems as you mention? I also us Castor Oil mixed with water and spray on my scalp nightly to help hair growth. Any problems with Castor oil buildup?

        • victoria says:

          Hi Diana, I’m glad you enjoyed my article! Thank you for your question. You’re using great products except for the Fructis Argan Oil (that stuff has little to no oil in it, and will probably cause the same problems as Moroccan Oil). Castor oil is awesome for the hair!!! Definitely keep that up! If you like the way the Fructis feels, just use a bit more castor oil through your hair and you’ll get the same effect. My one concern is that you’re using quite a heavy treatment for such fine/thinning hair, but if it works for you there’s probably no issue. I have fine/frizzy/wavy hair myself, and prefer to use heavier products to weigh it down, so I get it. All the best to you for your hair!

  68. Ross says:

    Great article, thank you! I’m hoping you can help with a few product recommendations.

    I’m a man with coarse thick hair that is normal to slightly dry (products for normal to slightly oily don’t work for me), cut pretty short (2-4 inches on top). For the last 1 1/2 years, I have been using Keratase Nutritive Shampoo, Moroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner and Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream, all usual every 1-2 days. I LOVE the shampoo and saw you recommended this line. I haven’t noticed a lot of negative effects and my hair is very short and grows quickly, but after reading your article, I’d like to explore other products

    1. Can you recommend an alternate conditioner?

    2. Can you recommend an alternate styling product? I prefer a light/medium hold and like to still be able to run my fingers through my hair. For a stronger hold, I already have Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming cream, which I’m happy with, so I’d like something with a lighter touch than that.

    3. My wife likes the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo. She has thin, fine hair – can you recommend an alternate there?

    Thank you!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Ross, great questions! The Kerastase nutritive line is excellent – I would recommend their Lait Vital Irisome for your conditioner, and the Creme Magistrale to style (it’s heavy but also will give light hold and control). Your wife would really like the Kevin Murphy dry shampoo, Fresh Hair. I use it myself and prefer that to all others I’ve tried. Best of luck!

  69. Maria says:

    Hey Victoria!
    I’m a caucasian Norwegian girl with blonde, curly hair. My curls are kind of big and looks like the curls most people make with curling irons. I don’t have problems with greasy or dry hair, but my hair gets tangled the day after washing my hair and it is almost always frizzy, regardless of the time of my hair wash.
    Anyways, I have been using the weightless shine shampoo and balsam by define in about three years. I have never tried curl products, partly because I’m 15 and it’s pricey, but also because my mother, who buys the hair products have straight hair. But I have tried both expensive and inexpensive products as well as the define products, but I must say that define has the best non-curl products for my hair.
    However I have now begun my search for some curl-based products. I was about to buy the moroccan oil products, with several recommendations from my friends and having tried a great sample once, until I stumbled over this article.
    So I was wondering if u could recommend a shampoo, conditioner and a mousse or something, that will take away the frizz, give me more curls and maintain the softness and mouistness of my hair. I’ve seen that you’ve recommended several products to others, but it seems like all of them have either to oily or to dry hair, which is not a problem in my case.
    (Ps. I’ve heard that silk-pillows will prevent hair from getting tangled, is that true?)
    Thanks, Maria

    • victoria says:

      Hi Maria, thank you for your question! Yes, silk pillows can prevent tangles, and you can also wrap your hair in a silk scarf to sleep – it will prevent frizz. You honestly don’t need specific curl products for your hair, you just need something that will maintain moisture and keep it healthy. For shampoo, try something with a low pH to keep your hair cuticle sealed, as curly hair naturally has a slightly open cuticle and this causes tangles. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save shampoo and conditioner are great options (and nevermind that they’re for colour, they work great on natural hair too). Schwarzkopf OSIS has just released the best curly product ever, called Bouncy Curls Curl Gel With Oil – it works on ALL curl types, is lightweight and soft, smells fabulous and controls frizz on air-dried or diffused hair. It also doesn’t cause the silicone buildup that I mention in this article, so it’s basically the ideal product for all curly hair. Remember never to comb, brush or even run your fingers through your hair once it’s dried, and this will also help keep frizz level down. I recommend that curly folks only comb their hair out in the shower with conditioner, then once again after apply product to wet hair. This will keep damage to a minimum. Best of luck to you with your curls!

  70. you?
    First of all, thank you for your honesty about products. Due to all the hype I tried moroccan oil and got terrible results. Same with organ oil. I use Controlled Chaos styling cream and it really keeps my hair soft and manageable. I am looking for more volume/lift at roots but hate crunchy hair. Yes, Ive been trying all types of techniques but remain a bit disappointed. I’ve also used Deva Curl gel, moisture lock, no-poo/conditioner. Not all that impressed so far. I wrote your suggestions down but if you have more suggestions please share. My hair is very fine as well. Thank you.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Christine, thank you for your question! I don’t know much about Controlled Chaos, but if it works for you then I’d recommend to keep using that πŸ™‚ To get more lift at the root, you might like to try the ‘plopping’ technique for curly hair. I use it myself and love how it works! Just google it or look up how-to videos on Youtube. Your hair may benefit from Rene Furterer’s Tonucia line – it will give your fine hair a strengthening boost. Just buy the shampoo and conditioner, then use them until they’re gone. After they’re gone you can use another line, as the Tonucia gives a long-lasting effect and you’ll only need to use it once or twice a year if your hair is in good shape otherwise. Sometimes it’s not worthwhile using any cowashing or curl specific product for fine curls, as they can weigh down the hair. Instead, I’d recommend using a hydrating shampoo followed by a volumizing conditioner. One of my favourite combos is Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me shampoo with Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse conditioner. You could also try Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick shampoo followed by no conditioner, then on damp hair apply Moisture Kick Spray. Best of luck with your hair!

  71. Johan says:

    Hi Victoria,

    I came across you website as i am a user of the Maroccanoil line which i got from my hair salon. After using it for half a year or more my hair is getting extremely greasy in between washes. Normally i like it a bit as i have a bit wavy/curly hair and the hair curls come out nicely. But its getting way to greasy and way too fast. Also lots of hair fall out when washing it, but sort of always had that i think. I wash/condition every 4 days.

    What products would you recommend me?

    Male, brown hair (with some gay), its medium thick, wavy with a bit of curls.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands


    • victoria says:

      Hi Johan, thank you for your question! It sounds like you have the same issues as a lot of people here, and you’ll need to clear off the buildup on your hair before starting a different shampoo. I don’t know what’s available in the Netherlands, but the best option is to order some Malibu C Undo Goo shampoo and use it exclusively for a few weeks. Make sure to always condition afterward with a low pH conditioner such as Schwarzkopf Colour Save Conditioner so that it neutralizes the Undo Goo shampoo. Then, when your hair feels better again, you might like to use the Kerastase Aura Botanica silicone free line to take care of your wavy/curly hair. It’s around the same price point as Moroccan Oil…but wayyyy better for your hair. Best of luck!

    • Johan says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Thank you for your reply. Malibu C Un-Do-Goo Shampoo is not not available here and online only in the US it seems. Is there an alternative?

      Almost forgot, i also use the Maroccanoil Curl Defining cream. I kinda like it, is there an alternative you would suggest?

      • victoria says:

        Hi Johan, Malibu Undo Goo is worth ordering online – trust me πŸ™‚ As for a curl defining cream, try Kerastase Oleo-Curl Discipline, it’s like a conditioner and defining cream in one.

  72. Lisa says:

    Hi, I have fine hair that I have gotten bleached foy years. About 6 months ago I started using Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair has be one dry, brittle and the breakage it awful. How and what products should I use to get my hair back to a healthy condition. Thanks so much in advance!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Lisa, definitely follow the clarifying steps I’ve outlined in the article…it’ll take a few weeks, but it’ll be worth it! Use Schwarzkopf Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner as your regular products, and get Olaplex #3 to use once a week to restore your hair. It also might be worth asking your colourist to use Olaplex in your bleach formula. Best of luck to you!

  73. Rina says:

    Hello, I have thick wavy hair that usually like to curl. My stylist had me use morroccon oil dream curls and now I have no more curls and my hair feels greasy even after washing it (and I’m not an oily person). I want a shampoo and conditioner that will help my hair stay healthy and nourished without being heavy or greasy. I would really appreciate any help!! PS I did have the Bed Head recovery shampoo and conditioner used on me once and it felt pretty nice.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Rina, just follow the clarifying steps in my article, then use a light shampoo such as Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, with a moisturizing conditioner such as Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me. Probably best to use just clarifying shampoo as your main shampoo for now, with the Hydrate Me conditioner, then when your hair feels better switch to the Angel Wash for shampoo. Best of luck!

  74. Abhi says:

    I have a horrible experience with my hair going totally dry and frizzy after using these argan oil products specially the ACURE shampoo and conditioner. I had my first hair highlights 2 months back and i wanted to use a shampoo without parabens and was introduced to this shampoo by a friend.

    My hair is Naturally wavy and now it started losing its shape. I have no clue now on how and what to choose as my next shampoo, so that i don’t loose the shine of my hair totally.

    Do you have any suggestions of hair shampoo that are paraben and silicone free so that it wont bring down my highlights and have no harsh chemicals. I would definitely need a suggestion on how to maintain it going forward.


    • victoria says:

      Hi Abhi, thank you for your question. I don’t know anything about ACURE products, but there is a wonderful line called Carina Organics that is completely natural and so healthy that your could eat it! They have a great selection of products, probably their moisturizing ones will be best for you. You can only order Carina Organics online. Best of luck!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Abhi, thank you for your question. I don’t know anything about ACURE products, but there is a wonderful line called Carina Organics that is competely natural and so healthy that your could eat it! They have a great selection of products, probably their moisturizing ones will be best for you. You can only order Carina Organics online. Best of luck!

  75. Aditi says:

    Omg, this is so true. I was using moroccon oil and shampoo past 2 3 months and was noticing terribly dry and fragile hair at the ends. I thought there is something wrong in my diet but actly eat quite a well balanced diet. Now I got the main reason. It was this oil. what a waste of money.
    Please suggest some nice shampoo.
    Also suggest if Moroccon oils shampoo and conditioners are good or not.
    Thank u so much

    • victoria says:

      Hi Aditi, Moroccan Oil products are definitely bad! Your diet is probably not the issue – just quit the Moroccan Oil and look for a moisturizing repair line such as Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner. Best of luck to you with your hair!

  76. Susie says:

    Hi Victoria

    I have naturally fine curly hair and quite damaged by bleaching as well. Before I bleached my hair my hair was about upper back length, but since I bleached I struggle to grow my hair over shoulder length. It’s really bad that I use straightener regularly too as I do not like the curls, which has not helped my hair situation. I’m very glad about reading your post as I was looking at buying a range of Moroccan oil products. I have been using their hair oil the last few months and I will definitely stop using it. Any good recommendations on repairing and growing my hair longer? I don’t care about the price but I just want beautiful long hair again!! Thank you!!!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Susie, Thank you for your question – it’s a good one. Your hair is damaged by bleaching for sure! The Moroccan Oil is probably making it worse. Here is what to do:

      1. Go to your salon and get an Olaplex in-salon treatment (with Olaplex #1 followed by the #2). Then buy a couple bottles of the Olaplex #3 to take home, and do a #3 treatment at home for at least an hour once a week.
      2. For regular shampoo and conditioner choose one of the following combos: Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner, Schwarzkopf Color Save shampoo and conditioner (they make a toning version of the shampoo for bleached hair), Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse.
      3. Pick up some Malibu C Undo Goo shampoo and use that once a week to cleanse your hair before applying the Olaplex #3. Make sure to do two rounds (lather, rinse, repeat) to get your hair really clean.
      4. As a leave-in, pick up Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray and use that after every time you wash your hair.
      5. Also get Schwarzkopf Repair Rescue Sealed Ends to protect your ends from breaking.

      If you follow this I guarantee your hair will grow back long and strong. Good luck!

  77. Tsion says:

    I have just order moroccoan oil for my dry scalp my problem is that I have a dry scalp and dandruff it’s hard and embarrassed for me to control itching in front of my customers my doctor recommend me to use moroccan oil do you think I should start using it or do you mind advising me other product which helps me to control itchiness and dandruff.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tsion, do not use Moroccan Oil for your dry scalp! It’ll make it ten times worse. Best to use a tea tree oil shampoo such as Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo or Rene Furterer Melaleuca shampoo. When you apply the shampoo make sure it sits for a good 15 minutes. It will feel very strong on your scalp, sort of like peppermint. This will help a lot! Best of luck with your hair.

  78. Chris P. says:

    Can you please comment on Image Intrakera leave-in conditioner and Brocato Curlkarma? After reading your article I just washed my hair with Dawn to strip the Moroccan oil I have been putting on my hair every day…ugh! Now I’m using the above. I have curly hair that has lost some of its nice curl and seemed dry and frizzy, now I know why..thanks Moroccan Oil.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Chris, I’m sorry about your hair, but at least you now know what the problem was! I don’t know anything about the Image Intrakera or Brocato lines, I’m so sorry I can’t be of help with that. Your curly hair will need some support to regain its texture. Depending on your hair’s thickness and curl pattern, you might like to use castor oil (very thick/coarse or short hair), coconut oil (all hair types), shea butter (thick/coarse or short hair), pure argan nut oil (all hair types…make sure to order from a natural company that is selling the pure oil! It will be very expensive but worth it), avocado oil (coarse dry frizzy hair) or almond oil (fine hair). Best of luck!

  79. Bailey says:

    I am having a hard time finding good hair care products I have looked at some of your suggested ones in your article, but I am trying to find a good shampoo and conditioner and wheat soy or bad silicones or parabens that can hurt me or my hair. If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated(:

    • victoria says:

      Hi Bailey, you would love Carina Organics. Just order online from the company, it’s a very rare line so you probably won’t find it in stores. Their products are so clean you could eat them πŸ™‚ Best of luck!

  80. Sofia says:

    Ever since I have started this line, my hair has been shedding like crazy. I thought it was something in my diet but I haven’t changed a thing besides buying all the products from this line. This is only two weeks of using it too. My hair snaps and breaks very easily. I have been losing my hair. This is a horrible brand.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Sofia, yep, it’s horrible alright – I am sorry to hear about your hair shedding. Just clarify and it should go back to normal. So fantastic to hear that you caught it early before worse damage could happen!

  81. Laverne says:

    Hi. This was a very interesting article to read. Wish I had found this 4 years ago. I am a redhead with shoulder length hair who about 4 years ago was told by my salon to use Moroccan oil. At the time I thought my hair was a little dry and needed some help. So everyday I used the oil. About a year later my hair is breaking off and falling out. My doctor said there is nothing wrong with my hair it looks fine. But I knew different . I had him order full lab work on me just to rule health reasons out. Then after 2 years past my hair is even thinner and you can really notice the breakage. Again my hairdresser said keep using the Moroccan oil and to start using the Kevin Murphy plumping wash for thinning hair. I really like this shampoo and it made my hair feel somewhat better. However after every wash I was still using the Moroccan oil. I have always curled my hair everyday with an iron for like 20 years so why now is my hair falling out and breaking off? I had my doctor send me to a skin doctor for my hair in Vancouver but he did nothing for me. Said my hair is fine. Now 4 years later I can do nothing with my hair it is very fine, thin, lifeless, dull and I just cry cause what is left to do with my hair other than a wig. Then the other night I thought and thought and came to the clue it must be the Moroccan oil that has sucked the life out of my hair and ruined my self esteem. This is what brought me to your article. Thank you! Thank you! I have recently purchased the Kevin Murphy maxi wash and used it once so far. I think I can use it once a week. I am still using the Kevin Murphy plumping wash and a hair protector before I curl it. Four days into it and my hair feels free and if I can say happy. Please help me and inform me if I am on the right track or is there any products you may suggest I can use. Like a leave in conditioner? I don’t want to be using the wrong shampoo/conditioner and be right back in the rut again or worse yet lose what hair I have left.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Laverne, I’m so sorry about your hair. You are on the right track, though! Just keep up the Kevin Murphy, but switch to the Angel Wash and Rinse because I’m not too sure if the plumping products are OK. The Angel line is super lightweight and will still give great volume. Best of luck to you with your hair!

  82. clare says:

    This is an amazing site! I’m so happy I found this article. I used to be an all over bleached blonde then I grew my hair out to my boobs and now only 4 inches of the “all over blonde” exists at the ends. (I have highlights on the top) I’ve been using Moroccan oil on my ends, loved it at first, but now they feel like straw. I have fine hair but a lot of it and it lays straight and flat unless i put it up in a bun, then I can get some wave. I have to wash my hair every day or my scalp gets super oily, but my ends are always dry and straw-like. I also have tons of breakage.

    What should I use to clarify the silicons out? Once clarified what should my daily shampoo and conditioner be? What should I use to detangle my hair when I get out of the shower and what do I put on my ends to hydrate and help with breakage?

    Thank you!!!!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Clare, I’m sorry to hear about your hair – just use the clarifying products I mention in my article, and read these comments to find out some excellent options. Without knowing details about your hair type, I can’t make any recommendations, but I’m sure you’ll find someone with your hair type in the comments here, so just use whatever I recommend for them. Best of luck!

  83. Sarah Short says:

    i recently found out about the silicone in oils, and stopped using them immediately, i have dyed blonde hair, and its very curly, so it is heat treated quite often, i would use hair masks weekly, and still get no repair to my damaged hair.
    after one trip to the salon, i went a little blonder than normal, and before i knew it my hair was snapping off at bottom, and i lost about, 5cm off the length.

    since then i have been trying everything to get it to grow, getting olaplex treatements and avoiding heat treating it so much.
    sadly its still breaking off at the ends.
    now that i have stopped with the oils, i have noticed my colour is turning less yellow as well which is awesome, however im still struggling with dry hair. Do you have any recomendations to make my hair less frizzy and feel less dry throughout the day that isnt an oil. i was using morrocan oil for years so not used to not putting anything in it .

    Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    • victoria says:

      Hi Sarah, just keep up the Olaplex #3 treatments weekly at home – that will be best for your hair. You can even leave it in as a curl cream if you like? Best of luck to you!

  84. Tarry says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for your genuine and informative post. You have actually saved many people from getting into the hair trouble & saved many from wasting their money on morocconoil.
    And I was one of them. As I was about to buy morocconoil shampoo & mask for my dry & frizzy hair.

    Could you please help me and suggest me that which shampoo & mask can I buy. As I have very dry, extremely frizzy & thin but long hair( it touches my belly button).
    Also in our religion we don’t cut our hair, I can only get split ends done in 3-4 months.

    Actually I got hair Smoothening (rebounding) done last yr and I was using L’OrΓ©al repair shampoo & mask as adviced by my hair stylist. But I stopped using it about couple of months back coz I was facing problem of extreme itchiness on my scalp & also extreme hair fall as well. So I used viviscal shampoo( which is for hair regrowth) but it didnt worked .
    So now I am using John Frieda Flawless straight. But it’s not working either. I usually do hair spa treatment and L’OrΓ©al power dose treatment at home ( as I have small baby so don’t get time to go to salon)
    My hair is getting worse day by day and I have severe hair fall (probably we just moved to Texas and water is hard here). I feel like I will get bald soon as it has become really thin. Now I have started taking vitamin for hair too.
    But nothing is working for me…😞
    Please help me and save me from getting bald.
    I would be waiting for your reply.


    • victoria says:

      Hi Tarry, Thank you so much for your kind words πŸ™‚ It sounds like you may need to see a doctor about your hair fall – the Viviscal and L’Oreal are OK lines to be using. Viviscal vitamins are excellent for the hair (I know a few people who are getting great results!). Please have your Ferritin levels checked, as anything under 40 means that your hair will fall out. You can supplement with Iron such as Floradix or similar brand. Also please pick up the Malibu C Hard Water treatment packets, and use those once a week along with their Undo Goo shampoo and a low pH conditioner such as Schwarzkopf Colour Save Conditioner. Best of luck to you with your long hair!

  85. Jason says:

    May have been asked and answered but there are a lot of comments. Heard argan oil worked extremely well for dry scalp/dandruff. This is an understatement for mine.. are there any specific shampoos tailored towards that or can any of your suggested products work to eliminate over time?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Jason, pure natural argan oil (like the stuff over at Saadia) is excellent for dry scalp. You may want to try Rene Furterer’s tea tree shampoo, though, or the Tea Tree Special shampoo by Paul Mitchell. Best of luck!

  86. chloe says:

    Wow! You are a genius! I am very low maintenance with my hair and low budget, and as an outdoor girl with lots of time behind me in the sun and ocean, my hair ( often with highlights) is super dry, with split ends and frizzy. Naturally my hair has some wave and can get quite wavy/curly in moist conditions, or more straight if a dry climate. I have not blow dried my hair for about 10 years and I don’t even use a brush. I was having so much breakage before I switched to natural hair dye (it helps Tintsofnature)..and I was using an oil serum that I just was suspecting was making things worse. Yesterday I read your page and immediately did a clarifying shampoo. Wow my hair felt so clean. I let it air dry and my hair was gorgeous all day and night. Today I went out and bought the BC Bonacare end sealer and also the moisture kick shampoo and leave in conditioner. I used the end sealer today and wow..My hair feels so soft and light still from yesterday’s clarified wash ( no conditioner, who would have thought)..and it nearly feels like I had it done at a salon. It is the nicest my hair has felt in years. Next wash I will see how the shampoo and leave in conditioner work. I can see lots of other products on your list that would work too…but this is a start. In live in kits, so just walked right over to Zenkai. For my next purchase, I will try a purple shampoo. There she recommended milk shake but I will follow your lead and probably get one of those angel products? Thanks so much!! great advice!!! seems like I have just been adding gunk to my hair all this time. Thank goodness I googled that and found your site! It feels so natural and healthy now.:) πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Chloe, thank you so much for your comment! Glad to hear my suggestions are working! You’re very, very welcome πŸ™‚

  87. Gina says:

    Hi Victoria…thanks for all the info on Morrocan Oil. My hairdresser recently highlighted my hair and used Moroccan oil products on me that day..i fell in love with the smell….so I purchased some shampoo and conditioner on line. My hair is looking more and more brassy….for awhile it looked really good….but then again I was isrimg purple shampoo. Do you think the Morrocan shampoo and conditioner is ruining my hair? I just love the way it smells.😊

    • victoria says:

      Hi Gina, you’ve got to chuck out the Moroccan Oil!!! Yes it smells wonderful, but so do many other lines (try Kevin Murphy). Moroccan Oil will ruin your hair, please quit using it now before worse damage happens πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you!

  88. Cathy says:

    After reading your blog, I’ve stopped using Moroccan Oil as a leave-in for heat protection after shampoo/conditioner. I’m not experiencing dry & brittle hair, but I’m noticing I have WAY less hair (normally have a TON of hair!) & my hair color wasn’t working like it should (I have red hair). I’ve clarified once with Nutrogena Anti Residue. Do I need to do that multiple times? And now I’m kind of spooked about what products to use? I have wavy hair that I CAN leave natural, but most times blow dry or curling iron. What shampoo, conditioner & heat protectant do you recommend? I SO wish I lived near you & could get my hair cut to let my natural curls do their thing! Thank you for all your help!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Cathy, thank you for your comment πŸ™‚ You’ll need to clarify a few times, until your hair feels normal again. If you want to keep with the price point of Moroccan Oil, try the Kevin Murphy Hydrate line, that will protect your hair as the conditioner is meant to be left in the hair – you only rinse like 90% out. Best of luck to you!

  89. Sandrine says:

    Thank you so much for your article, you have helped me so much in resolving my problem! I have my roots done regularly with Inoa process which I love because it has no harsh chemicals, at my hairdresser.
    My hair was a little dry ( I had run out of my fav products by Oribe) so without asking me the hairdresser sprained a bunch of Moroccan “Oil” in my hair at the end of the coloring process and put a plastic cap on. she didn’t tell me but I heard her say to her assistant to get the Moroccan oil spray.
    After she blow dried and straightened my hair, I never get a blow out as I prefer my hair naturally wavy.
    Anyway as soon as I walked out I noticed my hair was totally static, and already during the 5 minutes I sat with the Moroccan product on my scalp and hair my scalp was starting to get irritated :(:(

    After a few days and washing my hair twice, I couldn’t get rid of the static, and my scalp would get really oily quick and was very itchy…I had never experienced this..

    Thankfully I found your found your post and immediately got the Neutrogena clarifying shampoo and Keratine hair creme by Rene Furterer which was for sale closest to where I live, but eventually I got the Kevin Murphy products and that really did the trick!

    I felt the Neutrogena just didn’t really do the trick and eventually found a salon that sells Kevin Murphy not too far away. I used the KM Maxiwash which really stripped the silicones out and immediately my scalp stopped being itchy, and no more static hairs being stuck to my face for no reason..

    Now am using KM Angel hair shampoo and the Hydrate me rinse (my hair is naturally wavy, and fine/medium Northern European hair) and still use a bit of RF Keratin creme at the ends and my hair feels great now after almost 2 weeks of disaster!! I am totally in love with the Kevin Murphy products now!

    Read too many bad reviews that on line company’s secretly dilute the Kevin Murphy products, also the shampoo/conditioner are $30 in the salon in NYC, and actually saw some higher prices on line!

    I was given the Oribe Goldlust shampoo/conditioner, have used it and it’s a great product for my hair but the price of $49 per bottle is too steep! Now found a really good new line…thank you again for your great advice!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Sandrine, thank you for your comment. I’m glad you love Mevin Murphy – I love their line too! It’s what I use at home πŸ™‚ You’re welcome for the advice, best of luck with your hair!

  90. Cathy says:

    Thank you so much! Reading your comments has given me hope that I may have found the reason for my hair thinning! I’ve always had REALLY thick & coarse hair, to the point that it would need to be thinned periodically. As I look back, I think I’ve been losing it over the last 2-3 years, which is how long I’ve been using Moroccan oil as a leave in after shampooing & conditioning. Just like so many people have said, in the beginning it felt wonderful! But over time, my hair has become frizzy & definitely way less of it! I’m obsessed with finding the cause & trying to restore my hair!

    I have natural red hair, but as I’ve aged, instead of going gray my red has become brown. So I color my hair with L’Oreal Preference. What do you recommend I do to get rid of the silicone build up & what should I do going forward? After I clarify, what should I do? How do I know if the silicone build up is gone? Should I do it multiple times over a period of time? What shampoo & conditioner do you recommend I use? Ok to continue with my color?

    After I clarify & stop using the moroccan oil will my hair grow back? I’m so desperate!

    Thank you!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Cathy, these are all good questions. The products I recommend in the article are best for removing silicone buildup. You’ll know when the silicones are gone, because your hair will feel normal again. This could take weeks… It’s fine to continue with your colour, just use a nice basic line like Redken (their colour protective line) or Schwarzkopf Colour Save shampoo and conditioner. I can’t say for sure if your hair will grow back, but there’s a good chance it will. Best of luck!

  91. Iryna says:

    Hi Victoria,
    What is always strange for me is that how, companies, that actually damage your hair still are popular, in demand. With so many people complaining about how Moroccanoil actually made it worse for them, how come it is not brought Up to attention, so that companies like moroccanoil stop making false statements about how wonderful their products are. For me it is like a crime, yet nothing is happening, they are in business.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Iryna, yep, I think it’s a crime too. It’s a big problem because the company is so wealthy and popular that they just don’t care what happens as long as they continue to profit. The best that we can do as consumers is to NOT buy Moroccan Oil, and to share articles like mine (and many others) to get the word out. Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

  92. Dawn DeWeese says:

    I had just started using an argan spray shortly before getting my hair highlighted. It used to have natural curl in it, now it won’t keep a curl even with a professional curling iron. My color is good and I don’t want to lose it. What can I use to give life back to my hair?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Dawn, sounds like you need to clarify your hair. Just follow the directions in my article, and it will brink back the life in your hair πŸ™‚

  93. Deb says:

    Thank you so much for this VERY informative article! I’ve learned a lot from you and wIll be checking out some of the products you suggest here as well as working on removing any silicone build up I’ve accumulated. (I think I’ve got some build up because I notice that oils I put on my hair don’t seem to penetrate well – whereas they absorbed fully before)

    I’m older now and my hair is dryer, frizzier, and thinner these days, so I’m always looking for products that smooth, hydrate, but still keep some lightness/volume in my hair.

    Can I ask your opinion of Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil? I’ve noticed that their first ingredient is dimethicone. Would you put it in the same camp as Morrocan Oil, or do you think it’s safe in small amounts on the mid section/ends?

    Also, I’ve used the Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo on occassion but find it quite drying. Is the Malibu product you mention a little bit gentler do you think?

    And is there a silicone free product you’d suggest for smoothing/defrizzing/blow dry protection? It sounds like you’re a big fan of argan oil. Is there something else you’d suggest mixing it with to make a homemade formula?

    Thanks again for all of this valuable information!

  94. Lena says:

    Have you used Monat before? Their products remove all that build up and have no silicones, surfates, sodium or other harsh salts. I never knew how much build up I had until I used Monat, and now my hair is so clean I only need to wash it once every 3-4 days (whereas I used to have to wash it every other day). I would be interested to know what you think of Monat!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Lena, I have been contacted by a few Monat reps, and will eventually test it out. I also have a client who is using it, so I’ll be able to know soon what I think of Monat; so far she has been experiencing higher than usual levels of greasiness, but it feels oily and not silicone-y. Could be her hair is going through a detox? Time will tell!

      • Jen says:

        I have used Monat for 7 weeks. I have curly hair and have used the Unwash products with Paul Mitchell mouse. I’m still using Monat amd my hair has fallen out like crazy. It also feels so dry, damaged and and thin now. Curls are loosing their nice wave and just dull unwavy or culry. I’ve spent $600 because i became a rep and now I can’t even get my money back. Not sure what to do. Keep going and have it look even worse or try another line to find a good shampoo, conditioner and styling products for curly hair.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Jen, oh my god I have been expecting to hear something like this! I have a client who has spent $$$$ on Monat only to find it made her hair greasy just like Moroccan Oil does. I am so, so sorry about your hair and that you have been roped into this MLM program. Please quit immediately and follow the clarifying protocol I’ve mentioned in this article. If the Unwash line had been working well for you before Monat, definitely start up with that as soon as your hair feels shiny and clean again. I may also recommend that because you’ve had such a sudden fallout of hair, you could try Rene Furterer’s RF80 treatment to help your hair recover. It’s expensive, but worth it – I used to train with Rene Furterer and have seen results. All of the best to you and I hope your curls bounce back better than ever πŸ™‚

          • Gen says:

            I went to Ulta and after being there for 2 hours reading several lines I decided to buy the Quidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing,conditioner, Moisture lock leave in conditioner and their define styling gel-cream. I also bought some Paul Mitchell Clarifying Two and John Masters pure 100% Moroccan oil. I went home and did the clarifying twice and since I had some deep treatment from Deva Curl I left it on for 30 minutes. When I was done I added some leave in conditioner with some drops of oil and finished it with the gel-cream, twirled sections and did a loose twist on top of my head for 20 min. I want to cry at how soft and healthy in just ONE day my hair feels.I am so blessed. I normally have to put so many styling products on my curly hair but with the leave in and gel cream that was enough. Please please stay away from Monat, your hair should never fall out in clumps for weeks due to detox , feel itchy and dry and unhealthy to the touch. I think some of the ingredients are alcohol. I should have known better. I am just so lucky I stopped right away when my gut was telling me this was not right. I appreciate your help on the growth product line πŸ™‚ You will save me hours of researching. Thanks for your help and posting your knowledge as you learn. Have a blessed day.

          • victoria says:

            Hi Gen, very interesting to hear that Monat is causing the same issues as Moroccan Oil – but certainly not surprising given the amount of hype and the similar price points! Thank you for the details on your new haircare regimen, that all sounds great to me, and it’ll help a lot of people who are reading this article! All of the best to you πŸ™‚

          • Gen says:

            I apologize I meant ARGON from John Masters NOT Moroccan Oil.
            I used Moroccan oil last year (shampoo, conditioner, oil, curl cream, mousse ) from a stylist who advised me on this line and it was the same nightmare as Monat. I still have over $200 of these products in my bathroom πŸ™

  95. Julia Marie says:

    Thank you for such an awesome article dear and from my experience with sheamoisture I want to share that i am using hair care products for my hair Because this formulation provides nourishing hydration to brittle, over-processed curls. Natural ingredients like peppermint invigorate the scalp and strengthen your hair from the roots.

  96. Taryn says:

    further to my comment just now, these are brands available here:

  97. Taryn says:

    Hi Victoria,
    I stumbled across your blog as I was researching Moroccan Oil, because I had seen a you tube video where they promoted it to help with hair loss.
    My hair has been thinning out drastically over the past 3 months, temples, top, back and now from the front…..I have no clue why or where to even start.
    I have someone helping me work on what could be going on inside of me, but in the meantime I would love to address how poor, run down and dry my VERY FINE hair is looking as well as my scalp issues. I began with dandruff a year ago. I always feel the need to rub my fingers through my hair, rubbing the scalp, not too vigorously, but I do this a few times in a day. I dont think that is why my hair is now falling out though.
    But, I would like to clean my scalp in case that would assist with things….I live in South Africa and the products you mentioned I cant seem to find here.
    I was looking at this site under there hair loss products and I see Nixon is available. Can you look at suggest something for me? I would really appreciate it? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Any advise really would help on how I could maybe clean the scalp. Also u mentioned dish soap as a cheap option to clarify. How would I make this up. Just put it neat onto the head and leave for 10 mins and shampoo out? πŸ™‚
    Much appreciated, Taryn

    • victoria says:

      Hi Taryn, it sounds like you might need to get your Ferritin levels checked, as that pattern of hair loss is similar to 3 clients of mine with low Ferritin. Nioxin is a great line of products – definitely try those! Yes, dish soap is used just straight on the hair. Make sure to follow up with a good conditioner! Best of luck with your hair!

  98. Also is Shea moisture a good brand?

    • victoria says:

      I’m so sorry, but I don’t know anything about the Shea Moisture line…Check the ingredients, and if the main ones are all natural, then you’re good to go!

  99. Kat Gieb says:

    Hi there, so glad you made this article I’ve been searching around for months! About 2 months ago I started the “no-poo” trend. I started it because my hair had been getting thinner for the last year but became more alarming to me when it really started shedding a lot in the wide tooth comb every day. Every SINGLE time I comb, gently even, it is as if you took all the hair that collected in your brush after 3 days of brushing..this is after ONE time combing. It’s ridiculous and scary! my mom has twice the thickness of hair than I do, so I know it’s not genetic. My dad has lost his hair though so I guess it could be from him? The thing is I’m 20 years old and find it shocking to lose so much hair.
    The no poo thing seemed to help so much in the beginning with hair fall. I still had some that was a little more than normal but nothing like before. Then one day I used the baking soda again to help with the transition, and after that the hair shed was worse! I thought I screwed up with the baking soda so I haven’t used it at all since then, a few weeks ago. Now I barley wash my hair but when I do I use honey, safflower oil, olive oil, lemon, and apple cider vinegar for conditioning rinse. I have stopped using cocnut oil because it worked wonders at first, before no poo, but my hair was dry and straw like after a while and I learned about protein overload. Let me add that I stopped taking birth control after 5 years and thought maybe the “lack of estrogen” my body thinks it’s being deprived of after years of feeding myself extra amounts of it ? What do you think.
    My question is, is no poo worth it because a lotttt of people say and show that after the transitioning stage it has worked for them!
    Also no one believes that the products in the store are bad and I’m tired of people trying to recommend horrible brands to me simply because of their lack of understanding and ignorance.
    Are these brands good or bad:
    schwarzkopf Oil treatment
    Pura d’or
    L’OrΓ©al hair line
    Biolage RAW line (shampoo, conditioner and mask)
    It’s a 10 leave in sprays
    Miracle 7 line
    And what is good to use naturally speaking?
    Like the honey and oils, are they bad to use?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Kat, I’m so sorry about the delay in my response to your comment. You need to see a doctor about your hair loss and have your Ferritin levels checked. It can happen when hormones or stress levels change, but is also often just unexplained. No Poo is worth it, but your problem seems deeper than that. There is only one good brand in your list: Redken. Natural oils are great for your hair, but I’m not sure about honey. Best of luck to you!

  100. Debra Mackay says:

    Thank you and the ladies who have shared their comments on this post. My hair has started to thin very noticeably, with lots being list while washing – even more when conditioner was applied. I’ve been using morrocan oil Shampoo, Conditioner and leave in Oil.
    My hair gets greasy at the roots, smokes when straightened and despite all the oil, remains dry, brittle and frizzy.
    I was getting quite upset with my hair thinning and put it down to stress. The stress of thinning hair is enough in itself!

    Then the other morning a couple of weeks ago whilst in the shower it suddenly struck me that perhaps the morrocan oil shampoo didn’t agree with me so I used some of my husband’s 3 Action Head and Shoulders shampoo.

    I have to say it felt so nice, fresh and clean! By the second use I no longer had clumps of hair falling out whilst washing my hair. What a relief! I have still used the Morrocan Oil shampoo and even then there are literally just a few hairs that fall out.

    I am going to look back through these posts and write down the recommended conditioners and heat protectors.

    Is Head and Shoulders worthy of use?

    My hair is highlighted all over, naturally curly but straightened mist days. I realise with lightening my hair and using straighteners it is never going to be in excellent condition, but what would you recommend. I get split ends all the time.

    If I pull my hair between my finger nails I am left pinching a load of split ends which have broken off.

    I am so cross with Morrocan Oil. The products are expensive and they have badly damaged my hair.

    This is being shared on my Facebook to help and warn other ladies!

    I’m from England and the product is heavily pushed by salons over here too. It seems they restrict the sale to salons so they can demand a higher price and make it feel more special and exclusive.

    Your product recommendations will be greatly received!!

    Thank you again, and for lifting the lid on this dishonest scam!


    • victoria says:

      Hi Debbie, thank you for your comment, I am so sorry to hear you are another victim of the Moroccan Oil scam, but at least now you can fix the problem. Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for sharing my article on Facebook too! Best of luck to you with your hair πŸ™‚

  101. Voula says:

    Hi Victoria
    i recently bleached my hair after bleach there where a lil damaged so i decided to buy the moroccan oil repair line shampoo, conditioner and both of the masks restorative and intense hydrating after almost 2 months i m using i saw no differense at all my hair still dry and frizzy , when i bleached them first time on October i was using a line from Phyto shampoo and mask plus to give some protein i was using extreme cat from redken, recently by mistake of the hair dresser i had my hair cut a lot good thing is dead ends are mostly gone but they still need moisture should i continue with Phyto line from now on ? I have already done olaplex therapy once and will continue do once a month for the next 3 months cause i ve read it has great results
    Thank u in advance for any advice

  102. Doris says:

    My hair has also become a lot worse after using Moroccan oil for a while and I changed to Aveda instead. If this problem affects so many people, I’m not sure why the company is not doing anything about it. Maybe it’s worth creating a petition and get them to officially reply? Just think it’s worth highlighting the problem, if it can be proven?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Doris, I agree that something should be done – but the company is so wealthy that where do we start? I am just a hairdresser and have no idea how to tackle their scamming. Moroccan Oil have one of the biggest product lines in the world, and just keep making more and more…and more people keep falling for it. If I knew a scientist, I would find a way to prove it. I guess the best way for now is to just share all the articles you can find on how bad this company is, to spread the word as much as possible. Thank you for your comment.

  103. Gina says:

    I have a 7 yr old daughter that has blond fine frizzy wave hair. I do not use a blow dryer. We do let it air dry. We have been using the loma moisture shampoo and conditioner. And morrocan oil intense curl cream or their curl mouse. Her hair just seems to be getting frizzier and breaking off. Any recommendations on shampoo and conditioner? leave in or deep conditioning. And something to tame her frizzy wavy hair? That won’t break the bank.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Gina, get rid of the Moroccan Oil, it’s causing her hair to break off! Loma is an OK line, just keep up with that. They have a nice deep treatment that can double as a leave-in if you use a teensy bit. To clarify you daughter’s hair, just do the dish soap treatment, it’s super cheap πŸ™‚ Best of luck!

  104. Sarah says:

    Thanks for this post. Ended up buying pureolgoy hydrate instead. Then switched to the range for blonde here as I went lighter. But found that as a bit more build up. Trying to find a good clarifying shampoo. My hair dressor recommended the morrcanoil one which I don’t want to go with. Any suggestions?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Sarah, there are a few good clarifiers you can try. Neutrogena Anti Residue, Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash and Malibu C Undo Goo are all excellent. Good luck!

      • Kari says:

        Hi Victoria, just wondering if you could recommend a good hair mask? I was using Hask and Moroccan Oil masks and was breaking out. I still would like the benefits of the overnight conditioning mask though. Any recommendations??

  105. catherine marlowe says:

    Hi! When looking at the ingredient list of a product how does one tell if there is too much silicone or that it is not combined with the correct other ingredients?


    • victoria says:

      Hi Catherine, this is a really great question, and I can’t give a definitive answer. I honestly can’t tell from the ingredient list whether there’s too much silicone…but I would wager that if the first 3-5 ingredients are silicones, and if you’re experiencing other issues like the folks in the comments here, then you’ve definitely got one of the ‘too much’ brands. I’m so sorry, I wish I could be of more help on this one. Thank you, this just means I’ll need to do some more research!

      • Ivana says:

        Good article, and you are absolutely right about silicones – except for one thing. I don’t agree that the right amount or balance of silicones is OK. Nope. Avoid them entirely. This has gotten to be much easier in the last year or so, because lots of women like me simply refuse to buy hair products with silicones in them, so companies have started to offer products without them. Silicones are found almost exclusively in conditioners, but shampoos have their own problematic main ingredient – sodium laureth sulfate, or ingredients with similar names. These sulfates are harsh detergents, and strip your hair of all natural oils to the degree that your natural oil production goes into overdrive, and your hair gets oily much faster. If you are not using conditioners with silicones, you don’t need sulfates to clean your hair. Avoid them! Since I did my research, and stopped using sulfates and silicones entirely, my hair has become transformed. It doesn’t get greasy, and lasts much longer without needing to be washed. It doesn’t get dry or frizzy, and I can let my thin, fine hair air dry, and retain my natural waves with no frizz. The difference is unbelievable. Sulfates and silicones are used by the industry because they are cheap, and they get you into a vicious cycle where you keep washing and conditioning more and more often, because your roots get oily right away, but the hair itself gets dry and frizzy. These products may be good for the bottom line of the companies that make them, but they are terrible for you. Refuse to use any product with these two ingredients, and never look back. And by the way, I use pure, food grade Argan oil (meant to be ingested) on my hair, and it works great. Just make sure the one you buy is made from unroasted Argan kernels. I contacted the manufacturer to ask. I rub a few drops between my hands, and then gently rub my damp hair, focusing on the ends. It works great and leaves my ends smooth and conditioned.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Ivana, thank you so much for your comments and tips! While I do agree with you, not everyone can afford the higher price point of true silicone and sulfate free products. It’s part of why No Poo is becoming such a popular trend! I’m glad to hear that your hair is much better since cutting out silicones entirely – I would agree that if anyone wants to do this, it will be best for the hair, and there are some excellent lines out there that are silicone free. I also agree with using food grade oils, they are the best for your hair. Thanks again, your comment is extremely helpful!

  106. Jeanne says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks so so much for your article. I am an African American with curly unrelaxed hair that is somewhat fine (i.e. breaks off like crazy). My stylist used MoroccanOil on my hair occasionally. Then I moved cities and couldn’t find a stylist, so I started doing my own hair. I started using the MoroccanOil line exclusively a few months ago including the light treatment, moisture repair shampoo and conditioner. My hair has never been dryer! It feels soft but almost looks like straw. After doing a little research, I stumbled across your post (it’s nice to know it’s not just me).

    Anyway, I read in your comments section a program for biracial (African / Caucasian) hair that involves the products listed below. I’m wondering if you would recommend the same for me as my hair originally wasn’t that dry. Also, the Malibu C shampoo is a little hard to find where I live as it’s always sold out. You mentioned Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue shampoo in another comment and I’m wondering if that’s a decent substitute for removing the buildup.

    Rene Furterer Carthame shampoo and conditioner
    Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine leave-in creme
    Malibu C Undo Goo shampoo
    Redken CAT 5-minute reconstructor spray-in treatment
    Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

    Finally, I really appreciate your honesty and making yourself so available to your readers in your responses. Your blog has been ridiculously helpful πŸ™‚

    • victoria says:

      Hi Jeanne, you have the right idea! Your hair type will still benefit from this series of products. The more moisture you can pack into your hair, the less likely it will be to break off. I might suggest going just for the Rene products plus the Neutrogena, but to start off use the Neutrogena with no conditioner and apply the Keratine leave-in after the shower into towel dried hair to comb and style. Then after a few months, start using the CAT once a month only (use the Neutrogena first and lather-rinse-repeat, then follow with 2 back to back applications of the CAT for a 10-minute treatment with no rinsing inbetween). Thank you for your kind words! Please share if you have anyone else you think this article could help πŸ™‚

  107. HI Victoria,

    I have just called my salon who did a wonderful job updating the color on my hair for my wedding. I have naturally full body brown hair, with ash blonde highlights on the top, and full deep violet coverage underneath. The first time we did this it was beautiful, I loved it. They recommended the Moroccan oil and it was great for the last year. Now, I found my hair gets oily extremely fast, and it is very frizzy, flat and unmanageable. They did my hair 4 weeks ago, and currently, I look like a my little pony. All the purple has bled into my blonde and and made pink. Not a fan. They are now saying it could be the shampoo that is causing the color to bleed. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Cheryl, it’s the Moroccan Oil, which has blocked the colour from properly penetrating your hair. Just chuck it and never use it again πŸ˜‰ Best to find a shampoo/conditioner duo made for preserving colour such as Schwarzkopf Color Save. Give the top a good scrub a couple times with your new shampoo, and leave the second application for 10mins. The good thing about your issue is that your blonde is going to have a very pretty ash tone once the colour bleeding fades off!

  108. Meghan says:

    Hello so my hair was pretty healthy I do get bare minimum highlights every so often but I bought and used John Freda go blonder lighting spray twice after a month my hair started falling out like have my hair volume so I started using the whole line of redkens anti snap extreme shampoo conditioner and I think the leave in conditioner it didn’t seem to help with the hair lose and my hair still felt dry so I thought maybe to much protein and when’d back to the Salon they talked me into marrocon oil mask well o my the biggest chunk feel out in the shower now I do not know what to do is there a product for moister and protein or is there anything??? Pleas help

    • victoria says:

      Hi Meghan, I am so sorry to say, but the issue is that you over-used the Go Blonder spray, on top of already having highlights. The Moroccan Oil isn’t to blame for your breakage – your hair is simply overprocessed from using a drugstore brand lightener. To be honest, it sounds like your hair may be so damaged that you’ll need to get a really great short haircut to hide the damage until it grows out. Once again I’m very sorry about your hair, I hope you are able to find a good stylist to give you a fabulous haircut while your hair grows out πŸ™‚

  109. Paris says:


    Thank you so much for posting this article, it was a real eye opener. I started using the MoroccanOil hair line about 2 years ago because my salon recommended it. I started off by using the hydrating/repair leave in hair masque + the oil and then moved onto the hydrating shampoo and conditioner (the big bottles). To be honest, its the only shampoo brand that made my curly hair feel less dry and nourished. I purchased their product for curly hair as well and it leaves my hair looking amazing!! It is SO upsetting to hear that it doesn’t have good ingredients for the hair though, I am seriously thinking about switching ASAP when my bottles are done (I just re-stocked and they’re pretty expensive). I have bad hair loss but it runs in my family so I can’t blame MoroccanOil for it, but with those chemical ingredients in it, I don’t think I want to risk more hair loss.

    My question is: Which shampoo and conditioner brand + oil/leave in conditioner do you recommend? I know there has been a lot of questions on this already but I have curly, thick (ish) hair but its very soft for some reason and rarely too dry. I have highlights as well.

    Another big problem that I have is my hair gets greasy really quickly?!?!?!? could this be because of the moroccan oil? Its very frustrating because I would wash my hair and straighten it one day and then the next day it would look like I have washed it in a week (greasy and super thin).

    My NEW hairstylist does not carry the MoroccanOil line but she said its really good for my hair regardless, and recommended NEUMA shampoo and conditioner. Is this a good brand?

    Sorry about all the questions, and thank you for posting this wonderful article.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Paris, I’m willing to bet that your hair gets greasy due to the Moroccan Oil, and I’m concerned that it could exacerbate your hair loss. Try using the shampoo just on your scalp, and the conditioner just enough to pull through your midlengths and ends (don’t let it get on your scalp) and maybe that will help. It’s a good thing to note that the hair close to your scalp gets a lot of conditioning via your natural scalp oils. Doubling up on that with conditioner will absolutely make it greasy. It would be wise for you to help out your hair every 3rd shampoo by using either Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue shampoo or Malibu C’s Undo Goo (lather, rinse, repeat, and no conditioner except for a leave in!). That’ll keep the Moroccan Oil from building up too much.

      Once you’re done those bottles, I would recommend Kevin Murphy Angel Wash and Angel Rinse for you – it’s great for highlighted hair but won’t weigh your hair down. There’s a toning version of each called Blonde Angel, but I find they’re a bit heavier than the regular versions (but I love them anyway and use them as my regular combo). As for leave-in conditioners, I swear by Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray. It’s a miracle product that works for everyone!

      Rene Furterer makes a wonderful kit for genetically thinning hair and you would probably benefit from ordering it through their website and using it intensively until it runs out. One of my clients has finally had success with a product called Ecrinal after years of unexplained hair loss, so you may want to look into that as well.

      I don’t know anything about NEUMA, so I can’t give any advice on that one πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you with your hair!

      • Lauren says:

        Victoria, I appreciate the article and have been looking through the comments for good recommendations for products. I’ve just begun letting my gray hair grow in and am astounded at the strawlike texture of my natural hair. My stylist recommended Morroccan Oil, but I like to stay away from silicones. With all respect to you, I checked the Schwartkoff spray your recommended above and it is loaded with silicone ingredients. The first 2-3 products end in ‘-one’.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Lauren, thank you for your comment – you’ll see in my article that I address this issue. Yes, silicones are bad if over-used, but the products I recommend are great despite the silicones. If you prefer silicone-free, you can go for a natural high-end line such as Rene Furterer Carthame or Karite. You may also really like the option of No Poo, to allow your natural hair oils to soak into your hair as Nature intended, so check out my article on how to do that. Best of luck to you!

  110. Elliana says:

    Wow this was such a helpful article! I’m looking for a new hair treatment/mask and was debating whether I should get the moroccan oil restorative mask. Usually I am not too hesitant to pay much for hair treatments because I thought I would get what I paid for, and my hair DOES need some treatment. Well I guess that’s not true..
    I have a lot of hair. My hair is naturally curly, but it is so thin that the curls just makes it look frizzy. It gets damages really easily too, so I only use cold wind when blow drying my hair. I also use hair irons on really few occasions because every time I apply heat on my hair I get split ends. (And I do apply heat protectant beforehand.) By now I pretty much just gave up on styling my hair without getting hair damage, and so I just style my hair as I want and then get a haircut every 3-4 months to cut the damaged hair off. About a year ago I decided to invest more money in hair treatments hoping that they will protect my hair. So far I’ve tried Argan oil shampoo and Loreal Absolute Repair Masque. But I don’t see a big difference happening to my hair.. Maybe I get a little less tangling? I finished a full bottle so I am about to purchase a new hair treatment product, and would like to get some suggestions. For a very easily damaged thin hair, what hair treatment(or shampoo or oil..or just any type of hair product) should I use?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Elliana, I’m glad you found this article! You don’t always get what you pay for when it comes to hair products…however, the recommendations I’m about to make are well worth the price.

      You have curly hair, so I really hope I can convince you to stop heat styling your hair and just let it dry naturally. Not only will this seal the cuticle and keep it from damage, but it will stop frizz and help improve the shape of the curls! I guarantee that heat styling (even blowdrying on cold is bad!) is where ALL your hair problems are coming from. Read up on the ‘plopping’ technique for drying hair, as it will help you get lots of volume without looking too fluffy or frizzy. Air drying is the best way to go with curly hair of all types because you want to keep the cuticle as smooth as possible…curly hair’s cuticle layer just naturally sits more open, so that even blowing cold air will ruffle it and cause weak spots in the hair that will eventually split and break. This is where you’re lucky to have thin/fine hair, as your hair will probably air dry very very quickly πŸ™‚ Do note, though, that there will be a period of time where your hair needs to learn how to curl properly without frizzing. It takes time, as heat styling does damage the curl pattern and your hair will need some TLC and good care products to restore it.

      You are also getting haircuts too frequently. Curly hair should be air-dried, properly conditioned and only trimmed every 6-8 months if you are trying to grow it. BUT! do this cutting interval only if you’re air-drying.

      If you have thin/fine hair, I suggest using a moisturizing shampoo and a leave-in conditioner only. A great option would be Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash followed by Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick spray. Some of my clients really like conditioner, so I do understand if you want to use one – if this is the case, you would benefit most from Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse conditioner ONLY applied to the very ends, to help detangle. You can also use a teensy bit of the Angel Rinse as a conditioning curl cream. As for a deep treatment, you would benefit most from a deep conditioner for coloured hair such as Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Save treatment or Redken Color Extend Rich Recovery. Many curly haired products are too smoothing/relaxing and actually will make your fine hair frizzier.

      Best of luck to you with your hair!

  111. Gale says:

    Thanks for all the information on your site. I initially got gorgeous results with MoroccanOil, but you have helped me solve the mystery of why my hair and scalp changed so dramatically for the worse over the past few years. Thank you.

    A few questions:

    Do you know where it’s possible for a non-stylist to buy the following products (at fair prices) in the Lower Mainland of BC, or via mail order? I am in Whistler, and it can be tough to find products up here. Thanks!
    > Malibu C Undo Goo
    > Schwarzkopf BC Color Freeze line
    > Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure line
    > Schwarzkopf OSI Bouncy Curls Curl Gel with oil
    > Redken Extreme line
    > Kerastase Nutritive line
    > Kerstase Oleo-Relax line

    I’ve been using pure argan oil while weaning my hair off of MoroccanOil. (FYI, here’s some pure argan oil at a great price. http://www.timelessha.com/argan-oil-100-pure/) But within a few hours of styling, my hair frizzes wildly. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    To deal with the insane frizz but not use the MO, I tried mixing the pure argan oil with this product http://www.vitacost.com/glonaturals-coconut-collection-hair-serum-non-gmo — but now after reading your blog, I guess I am just re-creating the problem of too much silicones in an inappropriate balance. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    My stylist recommended Aveda oil and Aveda nourishing cream in addition to the pure argan oil. I find the Aveda scent overpowering and the price point out of reach for the quantity of product I have to use to get good results. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    I have a *massive* amount of hair. Most stylists say it’s the most they’ve ever seen on one woman’s head. It has always been incredibly dry (never oily, even a week after washing), and wildly thirsty for product. Whether conditioner or leave-in, my hair takes about three times as much as a normal head of hair per treatment. When drying, if left to its own devices, it frizzes out like an electrocuted witch’s hair (kinky curly in the back and underside, straight like a pin on the front right and big gentle waves everywhere else) but responds **beautifully** to styling. It will grow as long as I want. Longer is often better because the sheer weight of it holds it down instead of allowing it to frizz out. However, my hair will hold any wavy or straight style gorgeously for about five days straight, with just a gentle finger shake in the morning and very little maintenance — but only if it is brought to bone dry during the styling process and doesn’t encounter humidity or rain afterward. Generally I air dry my hair to keep it from heat damage, often rolled up in curlers. Sometimes I use a flat iron. I don’t color it. I am white, and my hair is dark brunette with streaks of white grey.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Gale, excellent comment! Thank you! Here is what you need to know:

      1. Malibu C is available online directly from the company. Best to order only from them. Schwarzkopf and Redken are available from Zennkai (closest to you is downtown Vancouver at Granville and Robson…do not let them try to sell you alternatives because they will!). Then Kerastase is available from select high-end salons. I bet there is one in Whistler that carries them, or you might have better luck ordering directly from the company.

      2. That Argan oil product looks to be of very dubious quality. Check over at Saadia Organics for honest product. Argan oil is very expensive but you only need a few drops per application, especially if you like to blend it with other products.

      3. I think that hair serum you’re using is also not the greatest. You could blend a combination of oils to make your own serum? I recommend coconut oil from Ostro Organics – you can order it from their site – and then mixing in some of the argan nut oil from Saadia. Ostro Organics is a BC company and one of my clients is good friends with the owner, so I know it’s a legit, clean product.

      4. It’s interesting you bring up Aveda! I have a client with a similar hair type to you and she swears by Aveda’s Damage Remedy Reconstructing Treatment, which she uses as a leave-in. This client has been with me for 5 years, and has always had texture concerns (dry, mature/greying hair); since she started using the Aveda the improvement is like night and day…the Damage Remedy has changed her hair for the better and she’s finally wearing it curly and loving it that way πŸ™‚ I completely get that Aveda fragrance is strong and that it’s a pricey product…but maybe give it a chance as it will have the holding power that the serums and oils just cannot give.

      The reality is that we live in a humid climate that encourages frizz, so there’s really no escaping it. But after all I’ve said, I think the best result might come from the Aveda Remedy after all. Maybe give that a try? Best of luck to you with your hair!

      • Brenda says:

        I am having problems finding the Schwarzkopf products. I live in the USA. Is it ok to order from united salon supplies and equipment? I want to make sure to order to real product and not a fake. Thank you!

        • victoria says:

          Hi Brenda, I think United is a professionals-only company, and that you might need a hairstylist’s licence to buy there. In the USA you can try any salon retail store you would typically find in a mall – they will probably carry Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure line, which is the one I recommend. YOu can also search for Schwarzkopf salons in your area and they will carry the line. Let me know how it goes and where you find the products, as I’m in Canada and have no idea where to buy in the USA.

  112. astra says:

    Thank you very much, this article was helpful. I am noticing my hair is getting bad on long term. I felt good for a day or two once I applied moroccon oil , but after 3 days it gets dry as well. I have a curly fine hair and it falls very often these days, I don’t know why. I used the Douglas protein repair shampoo and conditioner. After shower I use morccon oil treatment or argan oil from douglas. Do you think this is good ? Could you please suggest me a product or solution for frizzy curly light hair ?
    I face two problems :
    1. Dryness and frizz :
    The hair is beautifully curl for maximum one day after hair wash and later it becomes frizzy and less curl. How can I retain my curl and hydrated hair ?
    2. Hair growth is less .
    I can hardly see any change in my hair length even after 6 months (without cutting). My hair dresser says maybe because its curly you can’t see. Is it possible there is even slightest difference. When I was a child I have noticed very rapid growth . But now its almost not visible.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Astra, I recommend quitting the Moroccan Oil completely – just throw it out so you’re not tempted to use it. Your hair troubles are similar to a lot of the other posted here, so I bet the Moroccan Oil is to blame for dryness, damage and hair loss. I’m not familiar with the Douglas line, though, so I can’t offer advice on that πŸ™‚ Here is my advice for your concerns:

      1. You may need to use a different curl cream. I recommend TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier, or Scwarzkopf OSIS Curl Gel with Oil. Both last for days and days, plus they can be reactivated by spritzing with water.
      2. Sounds like you have a breakage problem. What’s happening is that your hair is splitting and breaking at the same rate that it’s growing! This is a serious issue and you’ll need to start by getting about 2″ cut off all over, and using an ends sealer such as Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends to prevent splits. I’m so sorry to have to give you this news, but sometimes there is so much damage that you need to start over with a healthy cut and good products.

      I’d recommend trying the Deva Curl Low-Poo line to help your hair keep enough moisture and prevent further damage. One of my clients can’t stop raving about it, and I trust her judgement πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you with your hair!

  113. Heather says:

    I stumbled across this post in my attempt to find moroccanoil products to make an Xmas basket for my daughter. Anyways she’s 14 (half African American half Caucasian her race matters I think as her hair is different from mine) she washes her hair maybe every 3 or 4 days and I’ve tried having her use other brands like Pantene or biosilk but so far they make her hair greasy and she hates washing it to frequently due to the length of time it takes to straighten it (super curly otherwise) so she has been using moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner and seemed to be ok. However I have noticed her hair thinning as well as having way more dead ends and flyaways. I assumed it was because of the straightening and blow drying that she’s constantly doing which she refuses to stop even for a month (she’s 14 they have to you know maintain a reputation) I never thought it was the Moroccan oil. Anyways what do you recommend for her? She is constantly if not more using heat (straightening iron) I thought hydration is good but she does not like the oily look at all and her ends are so dead and split I don’t know what to use πŸ™

    • victoria says:

      Hi Heather, what an excellent idea! Mixed hair tends to be very temperamental, and each person has their own special combo of products that work just right for their hair. Your daughter will be well on her way to finding what works for her if you put together an Xmas basket πŸ™‚

      Your daughter’s hair troubles come from a combination of the Moroccan Oil and the heat styling she does. Best to find something better than Moroccan oil that will still make her hair straight but without as much damage. She’s going to need to strip out the Moroccan Oil, though. Here is what I’d recommend for a starter kit. These items are a similar price point to Moroccan Oil, or cheaper; they also will not leave the hair looking greasy or weighed down. The thing is, though, that mixed hair tends to be very dry, and she will need to use a high quality moisturizing line for the rest of her life. The Rene products are of very high quality and also smell AMAZING…way better than anything she is using now, guaranteed. It’s a true luxury line (as opposed to the fake ‘luxury’ of Moroccan Oil’s image) and will be a wonderful gift.

      Rene Furterer Carthame shampoo and conditioner
      Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine leave-in creme
      Malibu C Undo Goo shampoo
      Redken CAT 5-minute reconstructor spray-in treatment
      Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends

      The Rene Furterer and Malibu C must both be ordered directly from the websites, but the Redken treatment and Schwarzkopf leave-in can be purchased at a Chatters or similar type of salon you would find in any mall. This would be my instructions for using the products:

      1. Carthame line to be used for ‘regular’ shampoo every 3-4 days. Apply the Absolue Keratine to damp hair before blowdrying and styling. After flatironing use a teensy bit of the Schwarzkopf Sealed ends on the ends only, to prevent breakage and smooth frizzy pieces around hairline and nape of neck.
      2. Once every 2 weeks use the Malibu C Undo Goo. Do 2 shampoos (lather, rinse, repeat) then towel dry hair. Spray in the Redken treatment and after 5mins, spray in some more and leave another 5 mins. Rinse well and towel dry, the apply the Absolue Keratine and style as usual.
      3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, your daughter will notice her hair feeling ‘gunky’ and oily as the Moroccan Oil products break down. If this happens, have her leave-on the Malibu C shampoo for 5 minutes and skip the conditioner, go straight to applying the Absolue Keratine and styling. It will be a gross phase she will need to go through…but keeping with it is the key.

      I know that your daughter will probably not be into this, but she could consider co-washing to help her curls stay moisturized. Have her look up http://www.blackgirllonghair.com for some inspiration on haircare and styling. I am a huge advocate of curly hair and wearing one’s natural texture (regardless of one’s background – it just makes everything better and is a huge help with self-image to embrace your natural hair!).

  114. Dhanashree says:

    Hello Victoria,
    Your article is like an eye opener for me. I have fine black straight hairs and I had highlighted them in May 2016 for the first time. I have been using Moraccon oil shampoo and conditioner from last year since it was recommended by the hair stylist. I have noticed unusual amount of hair loss and the highlights look pretty dull now. My hairs have become dry and frizzy from the mid length. I live in Burnaby and after reading your article I started searching for the salons in and around Vancouver who has Malibu c products or Malibu c crystal gel treatment but unfortunately couldn’t find one. Could you please suggest me any salon? Which shampoo and conditioner would you recommend for my hair type? It will be great if you can give the specific name since I don’t have the knowledge of many product lines.
    Also my husband has got lot of dandruff after coming to Vancouver. Is it because of the water? He has got fine hairs. Could you please suggest a shampoo for him as well?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Dhanashree, thank you for your comment! I’m so sorry about your hair, it’s very possible that both the highlights and the Moroccan Oil are to blame. If the highlights are overprocessed, there will be lots of damage, then the Moroccan Oil will make that worse. You can order Malibu C directly from their website, that’s where I would recommend buying as it appears that very few salons carry the line. Don’t order it from Amazon/Ebay as those products are not trustworthy unless sold to you directly by a hair salon or from the Malibu company.

      I would recommend buying some Malibu C Undo Goo shampoo to use once a week, then Schwarzkopf Color Save shampoo and conditioner to use for your regular shampoo and conditioner. The Schwarzkopf can be purchased at Chatters or Zennkai at the cheapest prices. When you use the Malibu, follow up with the Schwarzkopf conditioner and leave it on for 15 minutes. That will make a huge difference!

      Vancouver water is weird and I’ve heard quite a lot of stories about hair and scalp trouble from people who just moved here. Your husband will also benefit from Malibu products – they make a scalp treatment shampoo that he will probably like.

  115. Gloria Giovanello says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Was so relieved after reading your article as I have been going crazy for the last 6 months with the change in my hair. For 7+ years I have been using the Ouidad products for my curly hair and do the shake/rake after shampooing..etc. (I wash it every 3 days) I use the botanical boost and then the clear pomade and my hair responds very well to this as well as having the carving/slicing cut. About 5 years ago I started to use the Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair mask in place of my conditioner, as my hairdresser suggested this to help with the coarse texture and fly aways. My hair was amazing for all those years until March of this year when one day I woke up and it looked and felt as though I had put a relaxer in my hair. No curl, no body and was so thin. I did the deep treatment and it did revive it for a short time. I had my doctor do bloodwork…thought it was my thyroid, etc. Currently my hair has lost those relaxed wringlet curls and just have loose waves, no frizz, but much thinner. Have gone to the health food store and taking additional vitamins, as my hairdresser said it had to be stress or my diet! Anyway, I realize it will take a great deal of time to hopefully restore it and I did see numerous products you recommend. Since I have used the Moroccan Hair mask for so long, I wanted to reach out and see what you feel I should use to start the process, as well as anything I should use in between. Am just curious if you also feel the ouidad products are still okay to use. I have blonde hair and do get it highlighted, as well as touch ups on the grey about every 2 months. Thanks, Gloria

    • victoria says:

      Hi Gloria, I’m not pleased with the Ouidad line, but some people really like it and I don’t think it’ll be the culprit here. It’s probably OK to keep using. I also am not sure if the Moroccan Oil is the problem in your case, either…although it might be? If you had your doctor do bloodwork and they found everything to be normal, it could be part of the natural aging process. Do you remember if your hair was less curly when you were a kid? Often menopause causes a big change in hair texture and thickness, reverting to something similar to what the hair was like before puberty. Pre-menopause can start as early as your mid-thirties – I am starting to see some changes in myself now that I’m 35!

      Also, you may have overprocessed hair. Maybe have your hairstylist do an Olaplex treatment (it can be done without colour as an intensive restorative treatment) and then have your colourist use Olaplex in your formula from now on. Olaplex can water down the colour, so it may take longer to process…but it’s worth it for the health of your hair. You might want to look into transitioning to your natural grey as well? Many women are doing this now that grey hair is a trend; I’ve done many grey transitions for clients on the past few years and all of them except for one found it to be liberating. Natural hair is the healthiest πŸ™‚

  116. Athena says:

    I have been using the Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream for well over two years now. My hair has more shine and way less frizz. I have curly hair so i only wash it maybe 3 times a week. I know that it’s normal to lose 100 strands a hair a day but when I shower globs of hairs fall out. Is this because of the product or just because I wash my hair less? I asked my hair dresser and she said it was normal. I also use Pureology Strenghth Cure Shampoo and Conditioner. Also my hair stops growing when it hits past my shoulders. I’m not sure if it’s just an age thing bring 34. Any suggestions?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Athena, it’s probably because you don’t wash your hair very often. Washing the hair stimulates the scalp and anything that should have fallen out in the past 3 days will fall at that time. In this case it may not actually be the Moroccan oil πŸ™‚ I don’t recommend Pureology anymore, as the quality is terrible since L’Oreal bought them. Maybe try Kevin Murphy Hydrate if you want a natural product at that price point.

      There are 2 reasons why your hair may not grow past your shoulders. 1. Your hair follicles may have a shorter life than average, so they fall out at that length. On average, hair lives 3 years and grows 6″ in a year. You may be cutting it way too frequently, and since your hair is curly it looks like less is growing. OR 2. Your hair is damaged and the ends are breaking off at your shoulder area because of the friction of the hair rubbing on your clothing. It sounds weird but it’s true, especially if you have very fine hair. I recommend using an end sealer such as Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends (long name!!!) and check if that helps. It’ll help to keep your hair from breaking. Best of luck to you!

  117. Lola says:

    Hi ! Have you heard of the product Naissant Nanatsu Argan Oil Elixer? I have used this in conjunction, at times, with my “light” moroccan oil but lately my hair has seemed to be getting more and more dull. Not sure if it’s the moroccan or the Naissant? Have you tried this product?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Lola, I don’t know anything about the Naissant, but the Moroccan Oil is likely to be causing your hair’s dullness. Best to toss it and try the Naissant on its own for the time being!

  118. Maureen says:

    I had been using Moroccan Oil Repair Shampoo for only a month when I noticed an unusual amount of hair loss while rinsing my hair. Additionally, my long thick, course hair became even more dry, frizzy and limp. I found this blog and immediately discontinued using all of their products. Upon the advice in this blog, I contacted Malibu C to get Undo Goo. My questions is, when can I expect my hair to stop falling out after beginning use of Undo Goo, and, what specific products would be good for my course, wavy hair to give it body and make it shiny and less frizzy?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Maureen, that’s an excellent question. I’m so sorry to hear about your hair and I hope that the Undo Goo helps. Please note that you’re going to need to follow up with a low pH conditioner (4.5 is best) – make sure to do that to keep your hair balanced and avoid colour fading (if you colour your hair). Hair follicles have a life cycle that’s specific to each person and there is just no way to know for sure when your hair fall will stop. The good news is that you used Moroccan Oil for only a month! I bet it’ll take no more than 3 months for everything to settle down. If you have had children you may have noticed hair fall 3-6 months postpartum, and tons of fine regrowth for a year to 18 months postpartum. Expect this but on a smaller scale πŸ™‚ See a doctor if it gets any worse, though…better safe than sorry.

      As for product recommendations, you may like to read the Hair Care section of my website to read some of my favourites. For you I would recommend Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate shampoo with Angel Rinse conditioner and a leave in spray of your choice (I like Staying Alive by Kevin Murphy or Moisture Kick by Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure). A few of my clients are on this regimen and I use it too occasionally. It’ll give your hair moisture without weighing down your waves.

      Best of luck to you with your hair!

      • Maureen says:

        Hi Victoria, could you make a couple of recommendations regarding conditioners with a pH of 4.5 to use with the Undo Goo Shampoo. Would the Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse conditioner fall into this category? Do conditioners typically state what their pH is?

        • victoria says:

          Hi Maureen, conditioners don’t usually state pH unless it’s low. You could google the brands you like and ask the companies directly. You can even buy testing strips to use on your own products – that’s the best way. The two conditioners I know that are low pH are Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Color Save and AG Moisture Mask. You can even make your own by diluting apple cider vinegar if you prefer natural conditioners (there’s a lot of info online devoted to using apple cider vinegar in the hair; it’s very popular). I hope that helps!

  119. Penny says:

    I’ve been using the colour wellness Malibu C shampoos and conditioner. I also use undo goo about once a fortnight. I also use miracle repair once a week. I started using the Malibu c products about 3 months ago. My hair was the best it had been in a long time as my hair is naturally wavy and quite thick. I decided to have a hair tint instead of my normal highlights as my hair had started getting very dry and know that tinting is better than bleach. Well my hair is disgusting. There’s no shine, it’s dry and because of this I wear it up all the time now. I’ve paid a lot of money on the Malibu c products and thought they would fair better. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s because I have put tint on top of bleach. Because up until then, the products were fantastic. I also have the conditioning spray by Malibu c but can’t honestly see that it does anything extra. Do you agree that it’s more than likely just the Wella tint that had been used that has drastically affected my hair. Please advise what I can do to get my shiny locks back. Should I keep on using my beloved Malibu C products or not. Also my hair was tinted at my usual hairdressers and not done by myself
    Thank you and any advice would be appreciated

    • victoria says:

      Hi Penny, I’m so sorry to hear about your hair. Malibu C is definitely not the problem; it’s the tint that was put over the bleach for sure. Dry, overprocessed bleached hair can’t really be repaired unless you use Olaplex in a few sessions before tinting back, and then also it would need to be used in the tinting colour.

      Your hairdresser may also not have filled your hair before tinting. Filling is necessary with all tintbacks so that the right amount of pigment is restored, and it basically means applying a temporary or semipermanent warm tone to process before applying the desired tint shade. Otherwise the hair will be dull, drab and even greyish or greenish. You’d know if your hair was filled because there would have been 2 separate steps of colour applied (and the first colour may or may not have been shampooed out).

      But! If your hair was properly filled, I’m not sure what the problem could be. As a last resort I would say that Wella isn’t the greatest colour line and that it’s not a good option for tintbacks…but since I can’t see your hair in person there’s just no way to tell what’s actually going on with it.

      I would recommend switching from the Malibu line and using a colour preserving line for now. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Colour Save is an excellent option. You may also like to use the Repair Rescue Spray from the Bonacure line as your leave-in. Or, you can go with Redken’s Color Extend line, another wonderful line that a lot of my clients love. If you want to go up a notch, Kerastase Bain Chroma Riche and Masque Chroma Riche will get you started on the road to recovering healthy hair and preserving the colour along the way. Make sure to only buy these products from a salon! They’re higher end and are often watered down or expired/old when purchased online.

      ****I just wanted to add something else! Perhaps your hair would benefit from a demipermanent colour in a month or so. Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance is the line I use, and I absolutely love it for retinting highlighted hair. It’s very very gentle and conditioning, and tends to fade much more slowly than other brands. In fact, I bet it won’t fade at all on your hair, and the bonus will be that your hair WILL be shiny and more healthy. I stand by this opinion 100% so please find a colourist who uses Vibrance and have them match the colour you have right now. Make sure to have them use the 6 volume (1.9%) developer only. Vibrance has 2 lines: Regular and Gloss+Tone. You want just the regular Vibrance line.

      Best of luck to you! And thank you for posting about Malibu C – I want everyone to know that although they’re a great line, they’re not perfect and that there are always better options.

  120. keiji says:

    Hello Victoria thanks for all your answers so far and im really sorry for me spamming questions all over this comment section, i have one more thing if possible is since i live in in another continent from canada, and the restricted import i only came across just some of bonacure product line and idk if it is good for my type of hair and problems with buildups and oils and since i checked your recommended products i was unable to find all of them here and since i do not want to spam people who are looking for other things in the comments i was wondering if there is anyhow i could contact you if possible to get at least any type of hair advice im in a quite dire state of hair :c or is it okey to ask the given questions here ? sorry and thanks again for all the insight

    • victoria says:

      Hi Keiji, it’s completely OK – all of your questions are helpful so I don’t mind answering. Best to post your hair questions here, as other people may be experiencing the same issues. With that said, I can only give very basic recommendations because I cannot see your hair in person, and in addition to that if the products I recommend are unavailable to you that makes it extra tricky. If you are in a dire state of hair it could be something more serious than just Moroccan Oil…it may be best to see a dermatologist or trichologist for your problems.

      All you would need to do for buildup is to find a clarifying shampoo. Look for a clear shampoo with a high pH and words like “detox” “anti-buildup”, “clarifying” on the bottle. Use a light conditioner afterward, something like a daily cream rinse with a low pH would be best. Keep doing that for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference. Hope that helps!

      • keiji says:

        Thank you so very much, so ill just add context to what i talking to you about in the previous comment, naturally i have wavy hair and very frizzy/not problemtic dry kinda hard to manage through it as well as never had dandruff up to the point where i tried different products because i wanted to have straighter more manageable hair, as i am not comfortable in frizzy and very distinguable hair, when i was younger i had straighter hair which i liked; now fast forward to where i started trying out different oils nottably flower ones i thing and argan branded oils from loreal and others which smooths the hair but the effects started to wear out with time and i felt more split ends and frizzier look than usual if i dont use the products i tried masks and and conditioners which worked for first few days which i made sure included “natural oil’ label on it as i believed was better, now im experiencing dandruff as my hair became even drier and drier and can’t seem to easily make my hair look straighter like i used as i believe it’s very damaged and dry, i went to a hair salon and they proposed absolut repair lipidium shampoo and mask from loreal which worked fine at first but very fast went back to dry and dandruff hair and i believe with the mask and past products a build up was created and dried my hair even more.
        basically the products i found here are bonucare moisture kick and oil miracle shampoo and repair rescue conditioner
        as for a cleansing shampoo and conditioner i have found L’Occitane Aromachology Revit Fresh idk if it’s any good
        my question would be would the mentioned products help me cleanse my hair and get a stronger manageability on the frizz and achieve a straighter look out of my wavy hair?
        do you think i made a mistake when i used masks over conditioners for dry frizzy hair ?
        thank so much and sorry for the long post

        • victoria says:

          Hi Keiji, your mistake was not using pure oils when that was what you wanted to use from the start. That’s why Moroccan Oil has been so popular anyhow! Saadiaorganics.com is a great place to buy pure oils, so for everyone who is reading this…spend the money to buy the real oils; it’s worth it for the health of your hair!

          You also cannot change the curl pattern of your hair without a perm, so if you want straighter hair it may be best to look at different straightening perms. I don’t like perms and neither do I recommend them, but they are the simplest answer if you want to change the curl pattern or straighten – nothing else can do that. But, try my suggestions before you resort to perming. If you use natural oils such as Castor Bean or Argan Nut, those can soften the hair so that it will take the shape you want more easily. Your hair may still be a bit frizzy but it will ‘behave’ better if that makes sense.

          Try the L’Occitane shampoo and use a pure oil of your choosing as your leave in conditioner. That’s the best advice I can give πŸ™‚ Good luck to you!

      • keiji says:

        and would you recommend and loreal expert series for my hair condition and/or kerastase nutritive ?
        thanks again and sorry for double reply cant seem to edit my comment

  121. Jenny says:

    Hi, are the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair or Hydrating shampoo and conditioner lines just as bad? I recently used them a couple times instead of my usual Joico K-PAK and my hair has been super soft and shiny, but is that just because all of the silicones? I don’t want to continue use if it will cause further damage in the long run. Thanks!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Jenny, I recommend avoiding everything in the Moroccan Oil line. Joico K-Pak is a very good line that has been around for over 20 years; I’m certain it’s been reformulated since I was young, but it’s honestly a great line. If you want to switch to something similar to the K-Pak, try the Redken Extreme line – another excellent ‘old’ line. Just FYI, don’t be distracted by Redken’s All Soft line, it’s crap since they reformulated it. Go for the Extreme stuff only, use it for 6 months to give your hair a nice change, then switch back to K-Pak.

      • Lori says:

        Hi – how do you feel about the Diamond Oil shampoo and conditioner by Redken? Also, the Pureology precious oil Softening Condition? I just got a brazilian blowout, and I don’t want to make a mistake in the aftercare of my hair.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Lori! I don’t know much about the Diamond Oil line, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Pureology is also a poor choice as they really dropped in quality after L’Oreal bought them out. Best to use a moisturizing, gentle line such as Redken Colour Extend or Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Color Save, as those two will help to maintain the keratin integrity of your Brazilian Blowout for the maximum length of time.

  122. Thao says:

    Hi Victoria,
    Thanks so much for providing such an insightful, informative and eye- opening article. It’s 2016, and I’ve only now jumped on the argan oil bandwagon craze (I’m late to the party, I know). Recently I bought 2 items from the Macadamia Natural Oil line because I found them on sale and was so eager to try it. What is your take on this line? I got the Deep Hair Repair Masque and Healing Oil Treatment. Your thoughts on both these items? Okay to keep using, or toss them away now? I must admit, after reading your article, panic took hold of me. After a few uses of the Macadamia Natural Oil line, there wasn’t much difference to my hair. It’s still the same. Oily at roots, frizzy at mid- lengths and dry, unruly and lifeless at the ends. But the scent. Oh my. Is absolutely divine. I have very fine, thin, uncoloured straight Asian long black hair that reaches near my belly button. I consider my hair normal. No heat damage (apart from hair dryer) and no split ends. I have never had any chemical treatments done on it. And I want to keep it in it’s natural state as possible. I’ve started looking elsewhere for bigger and better products to give my hair the appearance of silky smooth frizz- free shiny hair, like what keratin treatments at the salon can give. And my eyes have lusted and settled upon MoroccanOil. That’s how I stumbled across this article. Now I know to steer clear of this line and other lines selling fake oils. I am completely outraged that MoroccanOil is able to get away with this! Don’t they care about the best interests of their customers? I will not be spending any of my money on this line. Speaking of which, Macadamia Natural Oil has silicones in their Healing Treatment oil as well. It’s a bit concerning for me as the first 3 or so ingredients are silicones, just like MoroccanOil. Should I just finish up the bottle or ditch it for good now? Any help, advice will be greatly appreciated. Much love from Australia, xx

    • victoria says:

      Hi Thao, see my answer below – but I just wanted to acknowledge your outrage because I feel it too! I don’t get why something isn’t being done?!?! The company called Wen was causing similar problems for people and they got in big trouble. I think Moroccan Oil has a LOT of $$$$ and can afford to give away products to beauty bloggers in exchange for positive reviews…and I also think their advertising is top-notch. If you would please share this article so more and more people can learn the truth, I would really appreciate it πŸ™‚

  123. Tina Wilson says:

    I’ve been using Moroccan Oil for about 3 months. My hair is very fine but a lot of it (as I’ve been told repeatedly by several stylists). Over the past couple of months, my hair has been extremely dry, frizzy and thinning. The past month has been horrible ~ my hair is falling out a LOT! I just got my hair cut off (7 to 8″ and is now short). I started thinking if it was the moroccan oil and stumbled across your website. I’m sure it is and I’m quitting it immediately. Hopefully the hair will get repaired and I will have healthy hair again! Thank you

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tina, I’m glad you decided to do some research. Best of luck to you with your hair’s recovery – 3 months is not long and you will be able to reverse the damage πŸ™‚

  124. Thao says:

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks so much for this very informing and eye- opening article. It’s 2016, and I’ve only now started getting into the argan oil hair trend (I’m late to the party, I know). A few weeks ago, I bought the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Hair Repair Masque and Healing Oil Treatment as it was on sale. I’m not gonna lie, the beautiful scent completely blew me away after using it for the first time. After a few uses, there doesn’t seem to be any significant difference in my hair.

    I have uncoloured, fine, long straight Asian black hair that almost reaches my belly button. I consider my hair to be normal, but it can get quite greasy at the top, frizzy along the mid- lengths and a bit dry, unruly and lifeless at the ends. I don’t suffer from split ends as I have never coloured my hair nor do I use heat tools (apart from the blow dryer).

    I lust long silky frizz- free smooth hair, like what keratin treatments at the salon supposedly give (I’d do anything to also have thicker hair), but I want to steer clear of any chemical treatments. I want to keep my hair in it’s natural state as much as possible. What are your thoughts on the Macadamia Natural Oil line? Finish using it it or toss it away now? I’ve read the ingredients on the back and couldn’t help notice that the first few ingredients are also silicones. In fact, it’s got a quite a similar ingredient listing as MoroccanOil.

    Because Macadamia Natural Oil hadn’t been doing much for my hair, I was looking at other “holy grail” hair products amongst beauty bloggers and kept seeing it being bombarded with MoroccanOil products. I was more and more intrigued but wimped out at the steep price point. I somehow stumbled across this article and believe me, it was a major wake- up call for me. I cannot tell you how grateful and thankful I am to have read this as it has saved me from caving in to this fad and being bald down the track. I have very fine hair, I don’t need to be losing any more. I certainly won’t be spending my money on any MoroccanOil products or any line that sells fake oils. If I want natural Argan oil, I’d be using the real deal.

    Any help, advice, recommendations sent my way would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sending lots of love from Australia. xx

    • victoria says:

      Hi Thao, I’m very glad you didn’t buy the Moroccan Oil! It sounds like you have a typical issue for ultra long haired people: the movement of your hair against clothing and chairs does ruffle the cuticle a bit and cause dryness/frizz, plus if you wear it loose to sleep that does cause a lot of abrasion on the hair. I would recommend loosely braiding your hair to sleep in, and pulling it around to the front as much as possible when you’re sitting. You are also a perfect candidate for Schwarzkopf Bonacure Sealed Ends leave-in treatment. It’s not by any means a natural product, but it has silicones in the right proportions (shampoos out easily) which protect your ends from daily wear and tear. I would suggest using it on the last 4″ of your hair; this will help it to thicken up and feel softer.

      I would toss the Macadamia Oil products if you don’t feel they’re doing anything. If you want an excellent oil line, I have recently learned about Malie Organics from Hawaii. Their leave in oils are WONDERFUL and smell beautiful. When I put a few drops into my hand to apply it, they almost completely absorbed into my skin – an extremely good sign. I don’t know much about Australian products but I do know that it would be worthwhile to order some of this leave in oil (directly from Malie’s website…be careful of Amazon/Ebay and some vendors do water down products) or even the shampoo and conditioner. They are expensive, but my client who started using Malie has had a dramatic improvement in her hair.

      Best of luck to you with your long hair! Natural products can be very expensive but it’s well worth the money if you can find legit natural lines (not fake ones full of silicone). Make sure to check out Saadia’s site for options as well.

  125. Le Juan says:


    Your article was very helpful, thank you. Could you please let me know your thoughts on the Kerastase Ultime Oil?, I’ve always purchased that over the Morrocan Oil as I tried the M.O shampoo once and really didn’t like how dry and stripped my hair felt.
    Would you advise to use Kevin Murphy products over Kerastase because they’re natural?
    Thank you

    • victoria says:

      Hi Le Juan, Kerastase is a wonderful line and I wouldn’t anticipate any trouble with it. I think a lot more research goes into Kerastase than Kevin Murphy, but I like your question because it brings up a great point about natural vs. synthetic beauty products. It’s an ethical issue because what matters is how you feel about using natural vs. synthetic products on your hair. Kevin Murphy has been approved by PETA so that does mean a lot to some people…but Kerastase has been around much longer and has had extensive lab trials and research (being a L’Oreal line, this does mean they probably have done animal testing). I would say overall that Kerastase works better than Kevin Murphy, and also I want to reiterate that natural doesn’t always mean better quality. Hopefully that helps πŸ™‚

  126. Carla says:

    I forgot to mention my hair is very fine to begin with… so now its way worse….

    • victoria says:

      Hi again Carla! Definitely use a low pH conditioner then πŸ™‚ What I might suggest is using the Schwarzkopf Colour Freeze shampoo followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse after the Malibu treatments, to help your hair stay strong. It doesn’t smell great, so just make sure to really rinse well afterward, and maybe use a gentle leave in such as Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray to help it smell better.

  127. Carla says:

    Hi, I started using the Moroccan oil volumizing shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis about 6 months ago. About 3 months ago I noticed my hair getting thiner and some spots a lot thinner! My hairdreser’s other had experienced the similar results after using Moroccan oil products and she happened to me at my last appt and I thought maybe this could be the cause of mine. I will stop using it immediately. What can I do to try to get my hair to grow back ????

    • victoria says:

      Hi Carla, please use the clarifying protocol I mention here (Malibu C Crystal Gel and Undo Goo shampoo). After the Undo Goo make sure to use a very acid pH conditioner, as Undo Goo is alkaline and you need something to balance that out. A good option is something with a 4.5 pH, such as Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Freeze conditioner.

  128. Tracie Reeves says:

    I went to Atlanta and had my hair done. My son always has it done when I go there. My sons girlfriend took me to her salon and they pushed the morrocon oil products which I got all of them plus a Revlon leave in conditioner and yes my hair smelled great. I now have two bald spots on my head. After reading this blog no more morroccon products for me. Also, my sons , girlfriend kept saying her hair was fall ing out and she is young 40. I am 63 but have had a head full of hair. It was just odd it never fell out till I used these products. Makes sense though. Silicone build up and any weak hair at all should create a real problem. Bye Bye Moroccon products . Checking the Revlon leave in also smells great.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tracie, sounds like you had a typical salon visit – as I mention in the article we are often pressured a LOT to sell a full range of products to everyone even if they don’t need them. I’m sorry that happened to you as the Moroccan Oil line is very expensive. It sounds like it definitely caused your hair loss, and that it’s probably causing your son’s girlfriend’s hair loss as well. I’m not sure about Revlon products as it’s been ages since I used them, but try clarifying your hair and scalp for a few weeks and see what happens when you use the Revlon leave-in. Best of luck to you with your hair! Make sure to only use shampoo on your scalp (lather, rinse, repeat) and then conditioner only on your ends, as that will help dissolve the buildup that is suffocating your scalp.

  129. Michaela says:

    What are your thoughts on Argan Oil infused hairdryers? I got brought one last Christmas and didn’t really think about it – come early/mid February this year my hair feels greasy, and like it’s stuck to my head but dry and frizzy at the same time. Recently brought a different hair dryer and hoping it will make a difference. Do you have any recommendations as to how I can rescue my hair?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Michaela, I have no idea, and don’t know how the oil could be infused in the dryer. The hair issues you’re describing are similar to what others are posting here…so maybe your dryer could be the culprit? Best to follow the same clarifying protocol I recommend in the article and see if that helps. Good luck to you with your hair! I hope the new dryer helps too!

  130. Julia Marie says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful article dear and from my side I want to say that i am using restorative conditioner shea moisture from long for my hairs and its really effective.It will improve your hairs for sure so try it once people.

  131. Sorcha says:

    My hair dresser used the light version on me and was saying it would be really good for my hair. I’m mid length hair coloured blonde and it’s very fine and naturally straight. For the price I said I would look into it first before I purchase and so glad I did. My hair tends to be dry and get a few fly away hairs after blowdrying but I want an oil not too heavy. Any recommendations on what I could look at? I’m in Europe so may be limited to certain brands.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Sorcha, I am not familiar with what’s available in Europe, but Rene Furterer might be a good option. Their Carthame line has a lovely oil that would be perfect πŸ™‚

  132. Tanu says:

    My hairs are v frizzy and dry
    I have never used Moroccan oil
    I always use coconut oil and a mild shampoo
    Please suggest something beneficial to deal with the frizz

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tanu, check your coconut oil to make sure it’s unprocessed cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil (not the processed and bleached stuff used for cooking). Sometimes the processed coconut oils contain chemical residue that can make your hair dry and frizzy. If the oil you’re using is already an unprocessed one, you may want to replace it with something a bit stronger such as natural castor oil – one of my more frizzy haired clients swears by it because it’s thick and goopy enough to control frizz. Make sure to buy pure castor oil from a beauty or health food company, and not the stuff used for industrial lubricants.

      If you would rather use a salon quality product, I recommend either TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier, or Schwarzkopf OSIS Bouncy Curls Curl Gel with Oil. The Schwarzkopf one is brand new and may be difficult to find, but it’s my new favourite anti-frizz product. The TIGI product is more of a hair glue that can be quite sticky, but it does do an awesome job of controlling frizz. Best of luck to you with your hair!

  133. Abdullah Thahir says:

    is babyliss pro Argan based products any good ?

    • victoria says:

      Great question Abdullah – Babyliss Pro is a middle range line and so I would rate them ‘just OK’ for haircare. You can read more about my favourite products in my Hair Care section. Some of them (for example the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure line) are in the same price range as Babyliss, but are much better in terms of quality and what they do for the hair.

      • keiji says:

        Thanks for your Answer, would the recommended products also work for men ?

        • victoria says:

          Yes, absolutely, thank you for checking.

          • keiji says:

            hi there victoria sorry for posting a lot of questions down here :c i was just wondering since i am not able to find the bonacure product line where i live and cannot import it i wanted your opinion on L’Occitane Aromachology Revit Fresh if it reliable product in contrast to the argan babyliss pro ? thank you so much and sorry

          • victoria says:

            Hi Keiji, I know of the L’Occitane company but am unsure about their products. Rene Furterer is a similar line, but wayyyy better, especially compared to Babyliss Pro.

  134. Christina Cromwell says:

    Hey Victoria!!
    Your article is very interesting! I am wondering if you have heard of a haircare line called MONAT? I’d love to know what you think of it if you have!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Christina, I have been contacted my a Monat rep already, and sampled their products. To be honest, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write my review. Thank you for the reminder – I should do that ASAP!

      • Dustin says:

        Hi Victoria. Did you ever end up trying Monat? Im in the early stages of deciding if I should promote the product or not. The results are undeniable.. I love the oil product in its pure form.. Although the shampoo and conditioner have silicone and acrylate copolymers.. Which in my research the particular silicone listed seems to be one of the better types to use. Anyway as you said its formulation that is important. What are your thoughts please. Thanks

        • victoria says:

          Hi Dustin, great question. I’ve tried Monat, but am not convinced it’s worth the hype. One of my clients is also trying it, and unfortunately she finds her hair to be incredibly greasy – although she says she may be using it wrong? I’m just not too sure about Monat just yet, and I certainly don’t believe that it makes hair grow back…

        • victoria says:

          Hi Dustin, great question. I’ve tried Monat, but am not convinced it’s worth the hype. One of my clients is also trying it, and unfortunately she finds her hair to be incredibly greasy – although she says she may be using it wrong? I’m just not too sure about Monat just yet, and I certainly don’t believe that it makes hair grow back… Silicones are OK in the right combinations, and Monat may be one of the ‘good’ lines, but I just don’t know enough ‘real’ people who’ve used it. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help with this one.

  135. Kae says:

    This is really useful to know! I remember asking my hairstylist last time I got a haircut about what to do about fly aways, and she gave me some Moroccan Oil product to take home, for free, just the end of a bottle because she was so in favour of it. Luckily I did not buy it, but bought instead the Argan oil from The Body Shop. I’ve looked closer at the ingredients for that oil, and while there don’t appear to be any silicones in it, there certainly are a lot of other things in that oil. The first two ingredients before the actual argan oil are Capric Triglyceride and Dicaprylyl Carbonate. I can’t find out much about those, other than they are common and used in a lot of cosmetic products. Added fragrance and other oils I understand stretching an expensive product, maybe would make it not the best but not terrible, but I can’t figure out whether this long list of ingredients is harmful or not. I haven’t used the oil regularly, so I don’t know what the long term use would look like. Any thoughts about that?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Kae, I’m no longer ethically in favour of Body Shop products as their quality took a nose dive after being purchased by L’Oreal. L’Oreal also bought Pureology around the same time, and their quality is now so bad that it’s on par with Moroccan Oil in the amount of damage it causes! If you’re looking for a nice oil to use, best to look into one of the higher end lines and the product will be purer – or even just pick up some actual Argan Nut Oil from a supplier such as Saadia.com, as you will be buying the real thing and won’t need to worry about extra chemicals and junk silicones watering down the oil.

  136. Swati says:

    I have been using moroccon oil mask and serum for almost a year. My hair are dry, damaged ( I straighten my hair only once or twice a month, never colored my hair) and have severe hairfall. Could it be because of morroccon oil? Is Kerastase any good? Please reply

    • victoria says:

      Hi Swati, your hairfall may very well be from Moroccan Oil. Best to follow the clarifying protocols I’ve listed for other folks in the comments section here, and choose a new line. Kerastase would be a wonderful choice! Kerastase is the only L’Oreal line that I approve of, actually. A lot of research goes into that line, and although it’s expensive, the products are very concentrated and you use half the amount that you think you would need. I hope your hair starts growing back, best of luck to you and make sure to share this article with anyone you know who uses Moroccan Oil…

  137. What do you think of theOrganix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner? I have been using it recently but feel like my hair has become even more dry then it used to be. Every time I use the conditioner feel like my hair becomes full of static and coarse

    • victoria says:

      I’ve never tried that line, so I can’t be sure of whether it’s good or not. If your hair seems to be getting worse, better switch to something else to be safe πŸ™‚

  138. Michelle Hidalgo says:

    I have thick course hair. I have been using Moroccan oil for awhile. My hair looks frizzy. After reading this site is looks like I should not use Moroccan oil. What should I use?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Michelle, if you take a look at my Hair Care section you can read about my recommended products for your hair type. Without seeing your hair in person, I can only make a suggestion, but it would probably be worth following the clarifying steps I’ve outlined in this article, and reading some other comments here to see what other people are doing. Remember that it’s not silicones themselves that are bad for your hair, but HOW MUCH silicones are used and if they are in small enough amounts so they can be shampooed out. Moroccan oil has wayyyy too much silicone and not enough good stuff – that’s why your hair is frizzy. All the best to you!

  139. Diane Belanger says:

    What do you think of the Oribe line for post Morocanoil users????

    • victoria says:

      Hi Diane, I’ve never tried that line, so I can’t say for sure it’s the right choice. They do look like they’re pretty high end though! Maybe Oribe would be a good option after going through a couple months of the clarifying regimen…

  140. Julie H Sabri says:

    My hairdresser uses (and sells) Moroccan Oil products, and uses them exclusively on his clients. He is incredibly talented, but I noticed that when I use Moroccan oil at home, my hair is super frizzy when I dry it. I thought it was my gray hair and hormone changes as I am 44. Luckily for me, last week when I was going to buy the curl lotion and volumizing cream, the Moroccan Oil palette had been hijacked (yes, hijacked) mid-shipment, and therefore, the salon couldn’t sell me any. I bought new styling products from Ulta from various lines, and the VERY FIRST TIME I blew out my hair with the new products, my hair looked shiny, soft and full like it used to! I stumbled upon your post while looking up new ways to use my Moroccan Oil, and half way through the article, I had an *aha!* moment. Thank you! for posting this article. I am now off to throw my half-used bottle away.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Julie, it definitely sounds like Moroccan Oil is the problem. I want to stress that your hairstylist is probably completely unaware of the Moroccan Oil issue. He probably thinks it’s fantastic and wants only the best for your hair, especially if he’s got talent πŸ™‚ It is definitely not his fault – he certainly must love the line if he uses it exclusively. Many hairdressers and clients love Moroccan Oil and I understand its appeal when used the first few times.

      That’s hilarious that a shipment of Moroccan Oil would be hijacked, and also a bit scary because it shows the level of appeal and obsession with the line in our society; I can guarantee you those products are begin diverted, watered down (using water or baby oil) and resold as the genuine stuff on websites like Amazon or Ebay. Be careful and ONLY purchase from a reputable brick-and-mortar salon. I’m glad you chose different products to use before any damage was done. Best of luck with your hair!

  141. sandie says:

    Hi, the last 2-3 months I started to notice my hair thinning on the side. I’m starting to wonder if my 1-2 times per week oil mask treatment has anything to do with this? I would combine honey and olive oil, other times I use honey with coconut oil. Sometimes I leave it overnight. Please help.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Sandie, this wouldn’t be the same issue as the one caused by the unnecessary silicones in lines such as Moroccan Oil. If you are using organic, 100% pure unprocessed honey, olive oil and coconut oil, then the problem may be something to look into with your doctor. However! If you are using processed oils or honey in your hair there can be unexpected hidden chemicals or chemical residue that contribute to damage and hair loss. For example if you are using coconut oil made for cooking (hint: it will be SUPER cheap) there is a good chance is has been bleached or that there are hidden preservatives or other additives. One of my clients did this, and her hair became brittle and much blonder over time…it points to bleach being used to whiten the coconut oil she was applying. I only just recently learned that some chemicals do not need to be listed on ingredient labels! Please research the stuff you put onto your hair and scalp, and buy from a company (Saadia is a very reputable source for argan nut oil) that can prove that their oils and honey are pure. Best of luck!

  142. Diane says:

    Thank you for this review!!! My wavy hair is so damaged by these products. Very dry and breaking along with frizz I can’t get under control. Now I know why. Will NEVER use any of these products again. Just wondering how many times you think I should use clarifying shampoo to correct this damage. Looking forward to having softer, natural hair back soon.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Diane, I am sorry to hear that Moroccan Oil products have damaged your hair. You’re going to need to switch to a clarifying shampoo for now, and invest in some Malibu C or equally strong clarifying treatment (to use once weekly). To be honest, it varies from person to person, but if you go for a month on clarifiers than you should notice a significant improvement. Keep in mind that as with all things, it’ll get worse before it gets better. I have recently updated my haircare section, so all my product recommendations on there are up-to-date. You’ll find loads of info there on products that can help you – and remember, even if a product has silicone in it, that doesn’t mean it’s bad! The lines I recommend are tried and true, even the ones with silicone. Silicone is not the problem…it’s the fake ‘oil’ lines full of piles of unnecessary silicone that are the issue. Best of luck to you, and please share this article if you think you know someone who can also benefit.

      • Diane says:

        Thank you for your quick response. I do have a few more questions. I am in DESPERATE need of a haircut!!!! I’ve had bad experience with just about every stylist I’ve been to due to the fact they don’t know how to handle my thick wavy hair. Do you recommend cutting hair dry or wet and some layers or no layers. Appreciate any and all advice you have given me so far.

        • victoria says:

          Hi Diane, I always cut curly hair wet, and add layers based on the client’s curl type, thickness and overall shape…but some hairdressers do a beautiful job with dry cuts. It would be best for you to google curly specialists near you – it’s even worth it to drive a couple hours to see someone good if you have to! Or, if you see someone with great curly hair that’s a similar type to yours, ask where she gets it cut. Most people LOVE their hairdressers and also really love telling who they go to, especially if the stylist is a curly hair guru. Curly hair doesn’t need to be cut as often as straight hair for many reasons, so if you do find someone a bit out of the way, it won’t be too inconvenient. Good luck!

  143. Sheila says:

    I am wondering about AG The Oil. I have been using it for a couple of years, and haven’t notice any changes to my hair. But I am wondering if this is one of the good ones or the bad ones. Any insight? Thanks so much!

  144. Sheila says:

    What are your thoughts on AG’s The Oil Extra Virgin Argan Miracle Soothing Oil. I have been using it for a couple of years and have never noticed dry hair or any problems. But I noticed one of the oils listed is a silicone. Thanks for your insight!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Sheila, thank you for your question! I have always loved AG products and often hear great things about them from clients. If there’s silicone in The Oil Extra Virgin Argan Miracle Soothing Oil, but it’s not causing trouble for your hair, just keep on using it. There’s a solid chance that the silicone in their formula is in the right proportion to everything else, and therefore shampoos out properly as needed. It’s probably one of the good ones πŸ™‚ As always I have to point out that silicones are not necessarily bad for your hair – it’s when they are not blended properly with other ingredients that it becomes an issue.

  145. Tammi says:

    I have been experiencing dry, damaged hair for a very long time. My hair if falling out. I started using this hairdresser December 2015. My hairdresser uses Moroccan Oil products exclusively. I have been to the dermatologist twice and gynecologist (thought it could be hormonal) I even went so far as to have my hairdresser get a different type of hair color because I thought it could be the type of hair color he uses. I NEVER thought it could be the Moroccan Oil products until I read this! He has repeatedly told me that it was just something that happens to some women. I was starting to think that I was crazy. I feel so relieved after reading this! Thank you. I am throwing every Moroccan Oil product away right now. Thank you again

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tammi, I am so glad that my article helped you find a solution to your hair problems! You’re very welcome πŸ™‚ Best of luck to you with your hair – I’m sure that once your hair and scalp are clear of the Moroccan Oil goop, then it’ll be easier for your hair to grow back healthy and strong. Please pick up some clarifying shampoo to use every time you shampoo for a bit, and pick up some Malibu Crystal Gel treatment packets via Amazon. A Crytstal Gel treatment takes 45 minutes with heat (blow dryer on low, with plastic wrap or shower cap on your hair), but it’s well worth the effort.

      • Tammie says:

        Thank you for your quick response
        I appreciate this information more than you know
        Please keep me informed on any new products/treatments
        Ordering crystal gel today

  146. anna says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been using Marrakesh Argan Oil treatment & elixir for a couple of years now and have recently noticed that my ends have gotten extremely dry. I’ve looked on your site and you recommend Shwartzkopff BC OIL MIRACLE for my hair type (I have wavy thick hair). Just wanted to ask you how their oil is different/better than the Argan Oil product I’ve been using, given what you’ve explained in your article above, which was a real eye opener for me.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Anna, I have recently heard that the Oil Miracle line is getting discontinued. I would recommend staying off the oil lines for your hair type anyway, since there is damage. Best to go with something more hydrating/protein based than oily, and then make sure to clarify out any leftover silicones that are drying your ends out. Try Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me line as well as their Staying Alive leave in spray for your ends. It’s pricey but it absolutely works! Also, as I’ve done with everyone here, I recommend going to the Malibu C website and ordering the Undo Goo shampoo for a weekly clarifying boost for a few months. Please read through my advice to others in the comments here, you might find something helpful there too πŸ™‚ Best of luck with your hair!

  147. Rachel says:

    Thank you for this article . I am a colorist in Los Angeles and used to love Moroccan Oil products when they first came out. I hadn’t used them in years let alone look at the ingredients.
    I bought the voluming shampoo and conditioner along with the Weightless Hydrating mask. I was alternating them with a few other shampoos(as hairstylists usually do) so I didn’t notice anything at first. My hair started to get really dry and frizzy. I have straight fine hair naturally. I thought it was all the new grey hair that took over. Then I thought it was the highlights, you get the picture. I have also been losing a ton of hair for 1 year. Then the other day I used the MO mask with a different shampoo, OMG my hair was like a rat’s nest. I have never seen it so tangled with the weirdest texture kind of like I put developer on it for a bit then rinsed it out. It freaked me out.
    So I finally looked at the ingredients, not knowing the original company was bought out years hence the ingredient change.
    Okaaayyyy are you ready for this…. in the Extra volume conditioner the 6th ingredient is CANOLA OIL!!! what?! and the Argan is the 10th ingredient. They should call it Canola Oil. The mask- the 4th ingredient is again CANOLA OIL with Argan as its 8th ingredient. I am just beyond.
    Seriously?! I don’t think in all my years doing hair I have ever seen canola oil in products. It is shameful…….no wonder it along with silicone clogs the hair follicle resulting in hair loss.
    Thank you for your knowledge of the best hair products, I am a fan of all that you recommended.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Rachel! OMG thank you so much! It’s wonderful to hear from a fellow hair pro πŸ™‚ I had no idea Canola Oil was in there now, too…freaking gross…I won’t even eat the stuff, let alone put it on my hair. I’m sorry to hear about your hair situation, hopefully you are able to fix it? If you do, please post another comment with your ‘recipe’ for how you did it. I appreciate your comment and thank you for taking the time to write me. The more hair pros learn about Moroccan Oil, the better!

  148. Dacia says:

    Do you recommend all lines of Rene Furterer products? I read this blog after trying to research why the Moroccan Oil was leaving my hair Limp and greacy after 3 washes!
    I’m thinking of the Volumea line for my ultra fine hair.


    • victoria says:

      Hi Dacia, I’m so glad to hear you’re quitting the Moroccan Oil before it causes more damage. I love all the Rene lines and would actually recommend the Tonucia for your hair, if it’s coloured or highlighted. Otherwise, use the Volumea regularly. You can also use Angel Wash and Angel Rinse by Kevin Murphy, this is a wonderful line and mostly organic and cruelty free too!

      Your hair type will really benefit from a plain old Malibu C Undo Goo deep clarifying shampoo (buy from their website so you know it’s legit) care ritual twice a month. Do two shampoos with the Undo Goo, i.e. lather-rinse-repeat, leaving the second one on for 10 minutes or so. Don’t follow it with conditioner, but once out of the shower, apply a leave-in spray such as Kevin Murphy Staying Alive or Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray to towel dried hair to help comb out. Your hair type should only ever be COMBED, never brushed unless you’re doing a round brush blowout occasionally…as it’s easy to get styling-related breakage in ultra fine hair. If your hair is the type to get static-y, apply another small spritz or two with the leave-in spray to control it.

      Best of luck with your hair! It’s a difficult type to learn to care for, but once you have the right products it gets super simple!

      • Dacia says:

        Thank you so much for this advice! I do just color my roots to keep the greys out πŸ™‚ so will definitely try the Tonucia line. 6 months on & 6 off, correct? My hair is a few inches past my shoulders and have read your hair care section for long hair. What about the Redken Extreme line?
        So many choices and looking for the best for my longer, dark, ultra fine hair. Thank you so much for responding to my questions!!


        • Dacia says:

          Followup #2.
          Just researched the Kevin Murphy products you suggested and they sound amazing!!! Do you think this would be a good alternate to the Rene Furterer? Or to switch every 6 months between the 2? Thanks!!!

          • victoria says:

            Hi Dacia, you’re very welcome! I would do Tonucia for 6 months and then just go on the Angel Wash and Rinse. Then based on how your hair feels, either give it another boost with Tonucia or just stay on the Angel line πŸ™‚

  149. Monique says:

    I recently came across your site looking for hair care lines to help moisturize my coarse 4b hair type. I read your Morrocon oil article and it completely steered me away from that popular Morrocon oil brand. Can you tell me how the Redken All Soft line you recommend for African hair any different from that and what you mentioned in your article?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Monique, thank you very very much for your question! I just pulled up the ingredient list for the All Soft line and to my great disappointment they have switched the oil in the formula from Avocado Oil to Argan Oil. I used the old version on my own hair way back when it first came out, and it was spectacular. I am disappointed in Redken for caving to popular demand with the Argan Oil trend…and from the reviews I’m seeing, the new formula is not as good. Please choose a different line – I would recommend anything from the Karite line from Rene Furterer (pricey but very pure and concentrated, so use less than half what you would with ‘normal’ products), or the As I Am Coconut Cowash for your curl type instead. I’m going to pull my endorsement of the All Soft line right away! What a shame. Thank you again for your question; it can be hard to stay up to date on products unless I spend hours reading labels in the store, lol!

  150. Tina says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this article and all the comments!
    I have used Moroccan oil products the last 8 months, and I keep losing a lot of hair every day.
    I thought that it might be because of the shampoo, and after reading this I am 100% sure.
    Unfortunately I have just bought quite a lot of the products, but I don’t care – I will NEVER use these products in my hair again.
    One more time – THANKS!!
    Regards from Denmark πŸ™‚

    • victoria says:

      Hi Tina, I’m so sorry to hear about your hair loss due to the Moroccan line. I hope that you can find a good clarifying treatment to use regularly until your scalp can breathe again. Please check out my post Nutrition for Hair Loss to find out ways to jump-start the regrowth process. Best of luck to you!

  151. Shelly says:

    Hi. Where is link to products you recommend. Great article. I am not going crazy after all. Thanks !

  152. mildred says:

    I personally love Pro Naturals!!

  153. Elise Miller says:

    Great article! I definitely had fun reading. Thank you!

  154. Michelle says:

    I have found that all of these straightening serums make my hair static & look horrible. The creams make my hair feel crunchy vs. soft. I get the exact opposite intended results.

    What other smoothing/protective products do you recommend? Besides the True Argun Nut Oil? I have used Olive oil and coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment and rub a very little bit on my hands then through my hair. You have to do this after the hair is dry. They don’t do much for me either.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Michelle, try the oil based products from the Rene Furterer line. Although some of their products do contain silicones they are all engineered to be completely rinsable, and as well they maintain tight control over the quality of the ingredients in their products – this is why Rene stuff is so expensive. I trained with a rep from this company years ago, but they haven’t changed the formulas or policies so I believe them to be 100% reliable and honest. Again this is probably why they are so expensive! You might really like their Carthame or Lissea lines as well as their Fioravanti leave in spray.

      Rene Furterer is well know for mandating that their products never go on sale, and that they carry the exact same price no matter which salon is selling them. DO NOT order these products online as they are commonly diverted and/or watered down by scammer companies looking to take advantage of people who want deals on this line. Buy them from a salon and pay full price. So, when you see this line available in a salon, just buy it right away. If you find it on sale, you’ll know that it’s either diverted, unethically acquired, old and unusable, or watered down…and cannot be trusted.

  155. Kindy says:

    All of this is so true. I have natural curl that has over the past ten years turned to FRIZZ!! I used to have long thick hair, and it is now very thin and lifeless. I have been doing research for years trying to figure out why it’s falling out. I have recently investigated the effect of dimethicone on scalp and hair, and am 100% sure it’s why I have lost my beautiful curls. I am in the process of trying to get rid of all the yuck and switch to natural products. I’m wondering if coconut oil itself will actually get rid of the buildup. I’m tired of using harsh shampoos that add to the frizz, but it seems that when I do my weekly coconut oil mask it takes all the buildup off my scalp. Could I just use it to clarify all the crap out?? Thank you so much for the honest review of Moroccan products. I was also a victim of a salon promotion, and realized after a few uses of it was no good!! Nice to know I wasn’t crazy for hating it.

    • victoria says:

      Thank you for your comment Kindy, I’m not sure if coconut oil is strong enough to strip out silicone – it may just be temporarily fixing the yucky feeling. I completely understand your concern about stripping your hair! By all accounts it seems to be the best option though. Maybe find a good protein treatment (Redken CAT is my favourite) and use that after a clarifying treatment.

      I need to reiterate that silicones (‘Hair Cosmetics’ as I call them) are completely OK to use! You just need to make sure they’re in products that can be shampooed out. Same principle as with face makeup πŸ˜‰

      Best of luck to you in recovering your curls. You may want to try being ‘no poo’ for a while? Google it and check out the community; there is a lot of info available.

  156. Natasha says:

    Thank you so much for this article! I used to have incredibly thick hair, but it was always manageable. However, I somehow got wrapped up in the Moroccan Oil fad and quickly became a huge consumer of anything made by the brand because of how good it smelled, how soft it made my hair feel, and if i’m being honest, how popular it was. I cannot tell you how upset I am by the damage it has done to my hair with just 1.5 years of use. My hair has been falling out in clumps and it seems so thin. It makes me want to cry when I compare pictures of it to just 1.5 years ago. I’m throwing out all my shampoos, conditioners, and hair products and trying the Malibu treatments (which I just ordered). Let’s hope I can get my hair back to it’s original, healthy, beauty!!

    • victoria says:

      Hi Natasha, I’m so sorry to hear about your hair, but am glad you found this article. Thank you for your comment. I hope that you find the Malibu helps! Also please check out my guest article by a holistic nutritionist, posted in March 2013, called Nutrition for Hair Loss to help you restore your hair from the inside out.

    • tee says:

      I am so happy you made this article! I honestly thought I was going crazy! My hair was at its longest leak since childhood. I mean it grew way past my bra line. I was so excited and in love. So I said let me try some Argon oil shampoo by cream of nature, well it hasn’t even been six months and my hair is so dry and brittle. The length is now only past my ears, and I never cut it!!!!! Recently I went back to my normal shampoo Sauve my hair got better so a few weeks went by and I bought some Argon oil to rub in after I Shampoo it just to see what would happen. My hair went from a good wash soft condition to a dry staticy mess! I am never using that product or any new product out! I am sting to my good old suave and vo5 along with my Royal crown hair grease! That way I know what I am using Thanks again xo —-Tamika B.

      • victoria says:

        Hi Tee, thank you for your comment! That’s so tragic about your hair, I am terribly sorry to hear that your hair was ruined by a product you bought to treat yourself for growing long hair!!! But – at least you know now that you can grow it really long, and also you know what products do work for you πŸ™‚

  157. Halle says:

    Thank you for this article! I have washed my hair 3 times with pure clean by garnier and the maroccon oil still hasn’t washed out!! I am not a product girl and asked for a conditioner for the curls that my hair has turned into. So not happy right now. My hair feels greasy and weighed down. Luckily I on did from my ear down. I’m off to Sally’s beauty supply to look for another clarifying shampoo.

  158. Deborah says:

    It was suggested that I buy Moroccan oil products and I started googling for ingredients. I was interested to read this article because I tend favour our using natural oil products like jojoba oil. I went to your list of recommended products only to find that you recommended kerastase oleo-relax, the primary ingredients of which are silicones! The same as the Moroccan oil products you so thoroughly discredit. Other kerastase oil products contain mineral oil, rather than natural oils so they are really no better.

    What gives?

    • victoria says:

      Hi Deborah, thank you for your helpful comment, you are very observant! Yes, the products I recommend do, in fact, contain silicones. However, the products I recommend contain silicones in correct proportions with other beneficial ingredients which work in harmony and do not cause buildup over time. They are rinsed off the hair when you shampoo. I have never received a complaint about the products on my recommended list, or noticed any buildup problems. Furthermore they have been used by my clientele since 2004, so if there was a buildup problem I would have noticed it. I am a strong believer in using products which promote supreme health for your hair; try any of the products in my list and you’ll see that they’re as wonderful as they claim. If you like natural oils you might really like Rene Furterer – I have restored an overprocessed perm in highlighted Asian hair (not of my doing!) with Rene Furterer’s Karite line. It’s fantastic, regardless of the ingredients.

      It would help to re-read my headline to find out what gives. My problem is with the ‘oil’ lines and most specifically Moroccan Oil. My complaint in NOT about silicones but rather the way they are being misused and misrepresented in certain beauty brands including Moroccan Oil.

      Clarifying is important regardless of what your haircare routine is. Even 100% pure oils create a buildup on the hair over time, especially with my all-natural, ‘No Poo’ clients. The only difference is that this buildup comes off pretty easily using something gentle like watered down apple cider vinegar for No Poo folks, or daily gentle shampoo for Poo folks πŸ˜‰

      That being said, I encourage you to use the pure natural oils such as those sold by Saadia, if that’s what you prefer to use. They are expensive but very worth it. I wish you well in your search for beautiful hair! Many thanks again for your comment.

  159. maidenfan says:

    I’m wondering how it is that Redken is able to claim that Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine is silicone free when dimethicone is one of the primary ingredients in it.

    • victoria says:

      I am not sure, but it’s definitely an interesting claim. I bet they get away with it because ‘dimethicone’ is a different word from ‘silicone’. Similar thing, different sounding name! This happens with many products – not just hair – i.e. ‘sugar free’ but the product has fructose in it.

    • Yon says:

      All ingredients in coesmtic products are listed in decreasing order according to the INCI (international nomenclature coesmtic ingredients), which is an international standard for ingredients that are allowed for use in skincare, make-up, hair products etc. Thus, the major ingredient in the Moroccan oil is Cyclomethicone, as it is listed first. This is a silicone. Silicones generally end in -one, therefore they are easily recognized. The second ingredient, which has the next highest concentration in the product, is Dimethicone, which, of course, is also a silicone. Now, silicones are not necessarily bad for your skin or hair, they are inert, thus, they don’t do anything, that’s why you can use silicone implants. However, they are not good either (in the sense of treating hair, skin etc). For me, silicones work on my hair a couple of times, then my hair becomes a mess. But that effect is probably individual. Then comes some botanical extracts (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (Argan oil), Parfum (Fragrance), Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Extract) except for the perfume. Fragrances are often a mix of up to fifty different ingredients, that’s why it can be a smart idea to avoid them in skincare and hair products.Butylphenyl Methylpropional, the next ingredient, is a synthetic fragrance that is obligatory to mention with its chemical name (and not just parfum in the INCI list) as it can cause allergic reactions.Benzyl Benzoate is also a kind of fragrance that can cause allergic reactions. Here it is probably used as a preservative.Alpha Isomethyl Ionone, again an allergenic kind of fragrance (as if it wasn’t enough of that in the product already why do consumers always want perfumed stuff???)CI 26100 (Red 17), CI 47000 (Yellow 11), obviously, are both coloring agents, and are probably the villains causing yellow/brownish hair on blondes.If you want some of the Moroccan oil effect but without the silicones, fragrances and colors, you can mix argan oil and linseed oil. Both seem to be rich in linoleic acid. Or, if you think argan oil is too expensive, you could mix linseed oil with a slightly smaller amount of olive oil as both argan oil and olive oil contain oleic acid but the concentration is higher in olive oil. If you use cold pressed oils (and keep your mixture in the fridge) the oils will have a high natural content of antioxidants and vitamin E.

  160. Lynn says:

    This article is 100% true. All of the above happened to me. Gross build up, dry, unhealthy hair, natural curls that turned frizzy and limp. The worse my hair got, the more Moroccan oil I used. The worst part was that every time I would get my hair foiled, the hair would break off! The strands were so weak and damaged it would just frizzle up and break off in chunks. I actually thought this was my hairdresser’s fault and almost left her after going to her for over 25 years. I came across this article and stopped using Moroccan oil completely. I stopped having it foiled for 20 weeks and had all the damaged stuff cut off. I am now growing it back out, getting foils again, and using heat styling tools. My hair is in beautiful condition. My curls are back too. I will NEVER go back to using Moroccan oil again. If you use it, in the beginning it will feel terrific. You’ll love it. After a few years, maybe less, you’ll be sorry. Thank you for this article! I had no idea this could happen until I read it about 6 months ago.

    • victoria says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Lynn! I am sorry to hear about your experience with Moroccan Oil, but also very pleased to hear your hair has not been permanently damaged. If you are interested, you can check the Haircare section of my site for a list of products that will help your hair to regrow healthier than before πŸ™‚

  161. Annabelle says:

    Thank you so much for this post! Super informative! I was actually on my way to buy Moroccan Oil today at the nearest hair salon. The hair dresser there actually suggested Amika Obliphica Oil Treatment instead. She said that it was a lot more naturally and wasn’t silicone based as opposed to M.Oil. After purchasing it I did some research about the ingredients and found out that the first two (Dimethicone & Cyclopentasiloxane) are silicone based! πŸ™
    Do you have any suggestions of hair oils/serums/creams that are silicone free, have no harsh chemicals & would be beneficial to me hair long term? Im already using coconut oil to deep condition but I’m looking for something that i can use everyday without the greasy look and feeling.

    • victoria says:

      Hi Annabelle, thank you for your question. I mention a few oils in my article that will help. Pure Argan Nut Oil or Jojoba Oil are both great to use everyday – just make sure they’re the pure, natural stuff with no preservatives etc. Real Argan Nut Oil does not keep very long, so it’s a great product to use every day because you will use it up quickly. It’s expensive, but also it’s the real deal; it’s reputation is the one that all the fake Argan companies are taking advantage of. You can also certainly use silicones or chemical based products, just be careful how you use them. They are not necessarily bad for your hair. Please check out my Hair Care section for product recommendations. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  162. Angie says:

    I had a horrifying experience with my fine hair after religiously using Wen shampoo as well! I almost had to cut my hair off! it turned into stretchy “really stretchy” gum! My hairdresser had to use a tropical flower based expensive treatment used to penetrate and straighten black hair to save it!
    So… After that ordeal and years later I discovered and started using Moroccan oil.. Thought it was amazing! It felt so smooth and silky! I actually thought I was doing something “good” for my hair! In just the last week or so, my curling iron and flat iron ( on LOWEST setting) and for seconds only, has been “freezing” my hair into a stuff plastic! That I can’t comb through at all! I ended up having to pull apart the curl strand by strand and watch my hair break! Like super glue on steroids!
    I’m going to clarify and get this crap out of my hair tonight! And then I’m throwing out my Moroccan oil! Is it safe to do the clarifying as you describe and then possibly a mask of homemade organic coconut oil avocado and egg? Will something like this help?

    • victoria says:

      Thank you for your comment Angie, that sounds HORRIBLE and also a lot similar to other stories I have been receiving privately in response to this article. I am very sorry to hear about your hair. There is obviously a huge buildup that needs to be cleared out – please look into ordering Malibu C Crystal Gel and doing one of those once a week for 4 weeks. You can follow up with a mask made of plain avocado. The oil in that will be enough, so there’s no need to mix with egg and coconut oil.

      By the way, Wen has been causing trouble for a couple of my clients as well, damaging their hair and fading colour. Not sure why? It’s supposed to be great. I’ll have to look into it…

      I need to add that NATURAL is not always better. A lot of science goes into creating certain products, and the treatments are especially helpful as they are engineered to work. Choose older lines with a good reputation such as Redken, Kerastase and Schwarzkopf. Maybe take a look at my haircare section and see what works for your hair type. I updated it last week πŸ™‚

      • Andrea says:

        Is the Color Freeze sulfate free the shampoo you recommended with the matching conditioner? Also which Redken Color extend are you talking about? The one in the red bottle or the color extend magnetic in the hot pink bottles? Lastly, can you please recommend a good deep conditioner for medium texture, wavy hair that I want to keep healthy? Thank you so much!

        • victoria says:

          Hi Andrea, yes, the Color Freeze sulfate free is the right one. The whole Redken Color Extend line is great – I would recommend the one in the red bottles for everyone regardless of hair type, but the magnetic one is best if you have coarser, curly hair that is also damaged (so, not your hair type, but maybe it might help someone reading this). A great deep conditioner for your hair type is Rene Furterer Carthame, or Kerastase Masque Chromatique for fine hair (so that is doesn’t weigh down your waves). I hope this helps!

  163. Ingrid greeff says:

    Sorry but I disagree. I am a very happy user of Moroccan oil.

  164. Anne-Marie says:

    Wow thanks for this article, now I understand why my hair are now so dry! They look super unhealthy and strangely they just can’t grow! I’ll stop using Morocanoil. Is Diamond oil from Redken a great product? Anyway, I’ll go with a natural product!

    • Lulu says:

      I have just ordered a small 25ml bottle of Moroccan oil from “feel unique website”.
      My hair at the back of my head has become coarse, probably menopause and under-active thyroid .

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