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Men’s Hair Trends 2013

Published: 12/Jun/2013     

Many people don’t realize that I do men’s hair too. To be honest, the majority of my male clients have finer taste and higher standards than my female ones (and that says a lot because my ladies all have very high standards!). I count myself very lucky to have such a loyal following of guys, so today this post is dedicated to them.

Don-Draper I am just so pleased to see that the main trend for men’s hair right now is the classic, vintage groomed cut inspired by Mad Men and Gatsby. There’s even an updated version of the mid-90s undercut going around! To the untrained eye, these are versions of the same cut, so I’m going to teach you the differences. My favourite thing about these looks is that it makes men look like MEN, and thank goodness for that. The spiky college guy style is completely passé, and finally that feminine-looking Justin Bieber style is too…blechh. Both of those cuts make men look like boys, and we all understand that weird double standard where men look better as they age, where women are told we look ‘worse’ (although I completely disagree, as many of my female clients over 40 tell me they look and feel much sexier than they did at 18). This means you look better if your haircut is ‘older’ as well!

The most important thing to note about the Don Draper style is that it’s much longer than it looks. This is so that it can sit smoothly against the head; obviously there needs to be a whole lot of greasy product applied to achieve this, especially if you have thick strong hair. Visually it’s a gorgeous style, but even an eighth inch too long makes a difference and the whole thing falls apart.  As with the majority of men’s cuts, a regular 3 to 4 week appointment is required to keep this cut looking dapper.  This cut looks best on a clean shaven man.  If you’d like to wear a beard or mustache, I recommend the following cuts instead.

Photo credit Raph Nogal

Photo credit Raph Nogal

Another popular look is a modified Gatsby cut, shown here on my handsome curly client Pat. This differs from the Mad Men style in that it’s closely shaved along the sides and faded up to a long horseshoe section at the top. It tends to grow out quite well and can go a bit longer between appointments (maybe 4 to 5 weeks for straight hair and 6 weeks for curly hair).  It can be worn brushed back or snugly to the side, and looks fantastic on all hair types. I prefer seeing this on a curly haired man, as you can coax it into a sleek wave or allow it to sit naturally. I also love this look for a groom’s haircut!

This cut is extremely versatile and can be tailored to all face shapes.  One of my guys has very thick, coarse hair with a wave, so I shave it quite closely along the sides and thin it out underneath the fade so it doesn’t puff out.  Most men worry when I bring out the thinning shears, and if that happens I explain that cutting men’s hair is like making a sculpture; a man’s cut needs to be shaped so that it’s boxy and angular or else he will look boyish. Sometimes it’s best to sculpt the hair with thinning shears instead of point cutting so it falls and grows out with the corners intact.  This is especially important at the back corner balance points along the round of the head – notice Pat’s profile over his ear where you can see a sharp corner despite his curls. With his cut, this area has to be firmer in order to echo the shape of his beard at the chin and back jawline.

The modified Gatsby cut can be worn with many different beards and mustaches.  Pat wears it with a longish beard, which I trim neatly along the edges and shape to bring out his jawline. I like the stubble that David Beckham wears with his version of this haircut, or you can also wear a clean, neat mustache.

Finally the most modern look is the updated undercut.  I really like it because it looks freakin’ awesome with curly hair, and also it’s great for boys and men of all ages. The trick is to do a brief, sharp fade just at the very top so it doesn’t look like a mohawk.mens-hair-modified-undercut-hip-haircut This also helps to push the hair into place if you have stubborn growth patterns or cowlicks. I have seen this look worn with everything from a really full beard (hipster style!) to clean shaven. I know a guy who wears it with a fantastic wave that sits perfectly horizontal at his hairline…and that reminds me I keep forgetting to ask who his hairdresser is.

The best products to use for these looks are Kevin Murphy’s Super Goo, Gatsby Cool Wet (great for Asian, Persian or Indian hair types) or Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Aqua Slide.

I offer pre-booking incentives for my male clients so that they always have their cut at their preferred interval and time of day. As many men tend to call for appointments on the same day, it’s always disappointing because I am unavailable last-minute. Rates are available for 3, 4 and 5 week intervals. Contact me for pricing.

Brides occasionally ask about adding a Groomed Groom portion to their wedding hair package. While most men choose to have a straight razor shave and haircut at the barber’s for their Big Day, sometimes this isn’t feasible if the location doesn’t allow for proper travel time. It it my pleasure to offer quick cleanup and styling options for the guys. It’s usually best to do just the sides and back and a beard trim, so that it gives you time to shower quickly before dressing. There’s nothing worse than going about your day with hair clippings under your collar!

Well, what do you think? Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about men’s hair. I am always available via email for booking – drop me a line!

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