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Kevin Murphy Young.Again Product Test

Published: 17/Oct/2014     

kevin-murphy-young-again-product-reviewI wanted to drop in this afternoon for a quick update, as I’m about two weeks into another Kevin Murphy product test…and I’m not happy. I will definitely use up the whole amount I have remaining, but I can tell you for sure that the Young.Again line is too full of junk to be of much help in my hair.

About two and a half weeks ago, I decided to use Vanish (which worked AMAZINGLY to strip out the level 3 golden brown that I’ve been using as a root touchup for a few months). The best part about it was that it stripped out all product buildup as well. I was excited to start testing a new product line with super fresh hair! So, I picked up some Young.Again and was looking forward to rehydrating my hair after stripping literally everything out of my hair and scalp. To be honest…my hair felt better than it has in ages, and I imagined that the most luxurious Kevin Murphy line would work wonders…

NOPE! After a couple weeks of using the Young.Again Wash and Rinse, with 2 applications of the Masque, my hair feels limp, sticky and full of waxy gunk. I can’t seem to scrape it off with my thumbnail, so it’s really stuck! My hair is sticking and tangling together as if it’s damaged; impossible, as the Vanish actually left my hair feeling fantastic and silky, plus I cut off 3″ afterward and my ends were in great shape. I noticed this buildup on Day 9 or so, but assumed I hadn’t rinsed properly…which is hard to believe because the water pressure in my shower is fantastic and I always rinse until my hair feels clean, then rinse again.

I’ve posted the bottles to show the ingredients. The chemicals that I think may be the culprits are circled in green. I ran into this same buildup with a client who was using a natural shampoo/conditioner combo that was also heavy on the glycerin, wax and glycol distearate. These are all popular thickening agents for natural beauty products, and are known for causing a buildup on the hair. Can anyone prove me wrong?

In the meantime, I’m going to do a clarifying Malibu C treatment as described in my post about how Moroccan Oil products are bad for your hair.  I’ll update when all the Young Again line is used up!




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