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Kevin Murphy Product Test – Young Again Final Verdict

Published: 31/Jan/2015     

kevin-murphy-young-again-product-reviewSorry folks – this review is long overdue! As I mentioned in my rather hasty first impression, the Kevin Murphy Young Again was a disappointment. After doing a colour correction on my own hair, I thought Young.Again would make quite a difference for the health of my hair. Sadly I have to say that I am not very happy overall with this line.

Young Again is made for three types of ‘old’ hair: mature hair (clients who are 50+), overprocessed hair (chemical aging), and very long hair (the ends of my hair are over 2 years old). All of these types tend toward more dryness and frizz…so one would assume that the Young Again line would help with that.

During the month that I used this product exclusively, my hair became gunked up with a waxy buildup and I couldn’t get it out. Luckily another hairdresser read this review and guessed correctly that I was not leaving a bit of the rinse in my hair, that is to say all Kevin Murphy rinses are made to be left in the hair about 15%. So, I was using the product wrongly and was so happy to think that it would work when I used it properly. I did find that my hair wasn’t as full of gunk when I left a bit of rinse in after the shower…but even when using the rinse correctly, my hair just didn’t feel great at all and it didn’t air dry very nicely either. I do notice now that my ends are less ‘crinkly’ and dry, but it’s a compromise to have to deal with the buildup caused by this stuff. I’ve attached a photo here (the same one used in the first post) showing the ingredients I feel are the ones responsible for the buildup.

One detail that must be mentioned here is that I air dry my hair. This was impossible while I was testing the Young Again, so I started blowdrying it with a round brush, and found that my hair felt buildup-free and very soft when doing this. So! If you prefer to air dry your hair, this line is definitely not for you, but if you always do a blowout, I think you’ll be very happy with it.



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