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I Like Big Buns and I Cannot Lie! – Wedding Hair 2012

Published: 29/Feb/2012      Tags:

I love this style, but I can do it with my eyes closed!Well, after all the excitement of the 2012 Oscars, I’d like to dedicate this post to all the newly engaged women out there.  Here’s hoping that Eva’s look with the messy hair and the big smoky eyes, which has been #1 for THREE YEARS RUNNING, will gradually be filed to the back of your wedding inspiration galleries.  Believe me, I love this style!  It’s gorgeous on everyone and easy to accessorize.  It’s about time we all moved along, though, mmmkay?

I was so happy when I saw the hair from the Oscars!  We are finally swinging back toward the trends of clean hairstyling and vintage class.  I believe that these classic looks are what make a bride look like a bride, and they are eternally beautiful and timeless.  It’s important to look timeless for your wedding (unless you’re doing a theme or something).  It would be disappointing to look back on your wedding photos and realize that you fell victim to the trendy look for the decade.  Don’t you agree?  Consider Princess Diana versus Grace Kelly.

By the way, classic looks and retro styling for both hair AND makeup are notoriously difficult to do because of symmetry, cleanliness of line and design, proper skin coverage for makeup, correct shaping for hair, and so on.  Make sure you hire actual professionals for your big day!  Do not try this stuff by yourself or you will be disappointed.

We have a winner!Now the best look of the night won by a landslide.  Granted, Jennifer Lopez is consistently the best-styled of all celebrities in my opinion…especially when it comes to her hair!  Still, this is a whole new level of gorgeous. I can’t decide what I loved most about this whole situation!  Her dress was so killer, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s ferocious and she looks like a total milf.  Also, transparency is so hot right now.  Then she’s got a makeup that is the perfect blend of classic winged liner mixed with an edgy bold crease; it gives a smoky eye effect until you look close enough to realize it’s not what you think.   I love her otherwise clean face, too!  It’s actually the toughest makeup look to apply, so brides GET YOURSELF A GOOD ARTIST and do not try this at home because you will look like poop without proper blending and shading.  And finally, THE BUN, which is just a little on the quick and messy side for me, but it works with the whole look.  The silhouette is still a classic updo shape, but the top-of-the-head positioning reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s famous updo from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Jennifer wins because everything about this image is classic but with an up-to-the-minute kick.  The big diamond earrings were a perfect finish.

I was literally praying that the Ballerina Bun would show up this year when I risked it for a shoot in September 2011.  The results are seen below:

Talk about the polar opposite of Eva’s look!  Anyway, I loved seeing all the variations on the classic Ballerina Bun the other night.  We had Rooney Mara with the Alt Girl Bun, Shailene Woodley with the Girl Next Door Bun, Emma Stone with the Loose Romantic Bun, and Tina Fey with the Beehive Bun.

Your bun doesn’t ever have to be boring!  I could literally go on and on about how to style and accessorize it.  You can wear a veil above or below, then take it out after the ceremony without worrying about messing up your hair.  How about using an old brooch or cameo as a decorative accent?  Depending on the size and shape, it can be placed anywhere in the style.  You could choose  a headband (metal or fabric), a tiara or little Swarovski crystals glued to hairpins.  How about a hat?

The high bun worn by Jennifer Lopez would be perfect for a modern twist on the classic Indian bridal hairstyle, to hold up a heavy dupatta…with the right styling I could make the biggest most insanely tall bun ever, and it wouldn’t fall flat.  The front hairline can be poufed or styled to your taste, and tikkas placed as you like.

SO!  What does everyone think?

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