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Mobile Hair Stylist Services


When it comes to straight hair, I often prefer to do dry cuts. This helps to preserve length, and accounts for cowlicks, double crowns and other growth patterns that can be overlooked in a wet cut. To prepare for your haircut, all you need is fresh, clean hair. It can be dry or wet, as I will prepare it for your dry cut either way.

Curly Haircut on African Wavy HairI am a curly hair wizard! If you are afraid of having too much cut off, or if you are tired of looking like Alice from Dilbert…I can help you. I am skilled in a specific haircut which actually increases the volume and springiness of your curls while controlling the curl pattern so it doesn’t break apart and fluff out; it encourages curl in wavy hair and controls frizzy hair. All curly cuts are done on wet hair, so you can be freshly shampooed before I arrive, or I can also bring my portable shampoo sink; it fits over most kitchen sinks with a hose/sprayer attachment.

People of all hair types are encouraged to contact me. I have much experience helping clients to embrace their natural hair type through product recommendations, cutting techniques and styling classes. In Vancouver we have to consider the rainy weather and how it affects your hair… I do wash-and-wear haircuts and high maintenance precision cuts equally well, so you can rest assured that your haircut will be tailored to your lifestyle and styling ability in addition to your hair type. Please let me know if you require all-natural products for your visit, or if you have any chemical or fragrance sensitivity.

Specializing in Makeovers

For stay-at-home moms, I am more than happy to care for your children’s hair too. I can do baby’s first haircut, complimentary bang trims and even the ‘Justin Bieber’!

Haircut Prices

Women’s Haircut 50
Men’s Haircut 40
Child’s Haircut (12 and under) 30 with an adult hair service
Children under 5 are Complimentary with an adult hair service

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