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Mobile Hair Stylist Services

Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are easily blended into any hairstyle

Hair extensions are a controversial issue. I do not endorse any type of extension except for clip ins. There are some excellent brands of clip in extensions, and I can even teach you how to make your own!

First off, your best bet for hair extensions in Vancouver is Abantu, located at Kingsway and Boundary. They carry all the highest quality clip ins in a complete range of colours. Quality hair extensions are an investment, so trust me when I say it’s worth it to get the highest quality because the panels will be thicker, the clips will be stronger yet gentler on your hair, and the actual hair will last years.

If you aren’t able to find extensions off the rack that match your hair colour, I will colour them for you. Do not try to do this yourself! The cuticle is mostly or completely removed during the sterilization process, and this guarantees that any colour you apply will not behave normally. It’s best to have a professional take a look at them and do the work properly. Pick up a blonde set, and this way it’ll be easy to colour them.

Clip In Hair Extension Prices

Extension cut and blend to your hairstyle (only available as a service upgrade) – $20
Extension colour service – $100+

Custom Clip In Hair Extension Set

This service is ideal for those suffering from hair loss or to customize your daily hairstyle, and it includes:

Investment: $900