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Hair Colour and Highlight Services

Copper Hair Colour with Chocolate Brown PanelHair Colour is probably my strongest area of expertise. I am a certified Master Colourist and have worked almost exclusively with Schwarzkopf products since 2004. It would be my pleasure to showcase your best features with a fresh colour and custom highlight placement.

To prepare for your colour service, you may want to do some reconstructive treatments leading up to your appointment. This will reinforce the integrity of your hair, especially if you’re having highlights.

Afterward, it is best not to wash your hair for a day or two; this will help the colour to stick. Shampooing disturbs the cuticle and therefore compromises the richness of your colour result, as well as its ability to last. Schwarzkopf colour actually has a built-in foaming agent that helps to rinse your hair and scalp clean when emulsified with water, so if you are concerned about your colour lasting, we can simply rinse the colour out without shampoo. Please do not do any deep protein reconstructors for about 2 weeks after your colour, as this also interferes with pigment molecules.

If you have had any strong chemical services such as Japanese Straightening or Colour Remover, it is very important that you let me know so that I can choose the correct and most gentle colouring product for you. A test strand is mandatory before I proceed.

Be sure to select quality haircare products to help maintain your colour. If you choose alternative products to those I have recommended, I cannot guarantee that your hair colour will last. The Schwarzkopf Colour Save line is super affordable and it the best way to preserve your colour, as it’s formulated especially for the Schwarzkopf colour lines! They have reformulated this line for 2015 and although there is some concern about sulfates, rest assured that it will be the best option no matter what.

Please note that these are base prices only. Your fee will be confirmed upon consultation.

Hair Colour and Highlights

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