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Mobile Hair Stylist Services

Hair Colour Correction

Box dye Correction

From Plum-black box dye to shimmering platinum!

Colour Correction is done by consultation only. If you are considering a colour change from dark to light, or if you have made a mistake using drugstore ‘box’ haircolour, I can help you! I have lots of experience with colour correction and am highly trained to use specific corrective products.

Please note that it is impossible to correct certain hair dyes and their effects. Henna (used to give a reddish tint) and metallic gradual deposit dyes (Grecian Formula) are the worst, so it’s very important to tell me exactly what kind of colour I’m working with.

Full disclosure of all previous texturizing and colour services, as well as a release form, are mandatory before we proceed. Colour correction is extremely technical and may require upwards of 4 hours’ commitment. I offer no guarantees as to the result, but after everything is said and done, my goal is to do what is best for the health of your hair. I am now offering service add-ons with the Olaplex line.

Please contact me for more information.

Hair Colour Correction Pricing

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