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Short Hair

Short Hairstyles

The sky is the limit when it comes to short hairstyles – they look great on any face shape, at any age and for any gender. Short hair trends are the most dynamic and they are the best choice for a confident woman. When I wear short hair I feel more conscious of my face and how people see me. I wear more makeup and spend more time styling my hair in the morning. Short hair is most certainly high maintenance! For those who like to experiment with their hair, short hair is mandatory. You can change up the colour and cut every month and there’s not much need to ever worry about the health of your hair.

Short haircutting is about crafting the right silhouette to flatter a client’s face. For each face shape, it’s important to consider the entire bone structure of the head and how to best complement it or conceal flaws. Different layer lengths affect the way each facial feature is perceived. This process is essentially sculptural and because of this I like to refer more closely to my formal fine arts background than to my hair training when approaching a short hairstyle.

The sculptural approach is especially important for men’s cuts, as different shapes can severely add or remove years from a man’s appearance. This is not necessarily the case for women, because our faces are softer. A thorough consultation and facial analysis is therefore quite important for a man, because you must also take into account the understanding of trends in sideburns and facial hair.

Current Short Hair Trends for Men and Women

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