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Short Hair

Short Hair Care Products

There are probably a zillion products for short hair that I could write about. Some people like to see shine, some like a matte finish; some people like stiff hold, others like to have movement; some people prefer a combination of products and some have just one eternal favourite. I will do my best here to cover the primary favourites for men and women!

Movable Hold

OSIS Dust-it mixed with OSIS Thrill – This combo gives exceptional yet movable hold. It works equally well for men and women (guys like it because it has a unisex fragrance) and the ratios can be adjusted for the amount of shine you want.

Shiny Hair

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine – A delightful lightweight product with a bit of frosty shimmer to punch up your hair. I love finishing with this stuff! Also OSIS Sparkler is a delightfully superfine aerosol mist with a hint of mica microparticles and loads of slick silicone. Just a quick fluff and you won’t even believe the gloss!

Hair Putty

LS+B Ruck – Great for guys! This hair putty is nice and matte but doesn’t show up in dark hair. It gives good strong hold. I like this stuff because unlike many men’s products, it shampoos out easily.  Also you can go for American Crew Fibre, which is awesome for scrunching into curly or wavy hair to give medium, movable hold and big volume for pompadours.

Pomade/Wax Plus Conditioning

Rusk Being Undressed Gloss Pomade Wax – Has UV protection and is quite conditioning for your hair. It has a bit of shimmer but I don’t really ever see it show up in the hair. I love the shine and moveable hold that this stuff gives. It’s fantastic for coarse wavy or curly hair types such as Indian hair.

Strong Hold

OSIS Gelastic – The best strong hold gel I’ve tried, this stuff isn’t gluey and it washes out clean. Again, an excellent product for men. I’ve used this on curly hair too, but it gets more of a crispy effect unless you soften it with something like Thrill or Shape.