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Long Hair

Long Hairstyles

Long hair can still have style. I was taught in hair school that long hair is technically not an actual style, and I totally disagree. The best way to personalize long hair is to have the right layers and internal shape, and occasionally to add bangs. I have developed a trademark long layered haircut which is in essence a combination of a long haircut and a short haircut, intermingled! It gives a great shape to frame the face and maintains length and thickness through the ends. This technique can be used on most hair types, but looks best on perfectly straight hair.

The most important difference between a long hairstyle and plain old long hair is the health of your hair. Scraggly ends and frizz are the hallmarks of neglected hair, and they honestly depress me. There’s a major contrast between a goddess with a luscious flowing shinyhairstyle, and a woman with hippy hair who is too lazy to care for something that many people would die for. Long hair is TIME and MONEY, literally. Time and money are things you invest into something you care about. So…don’t give up and chop it off…your hair is worth the investment!