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Long Hair

Long Hair Growth and Maintenance

Growing out your hair takes time and patience – two things that are seriously lacking in our culture today! When you grow your hair out naturally, it’s much better in many ways. First and foremost, you’ll be proud to say you grew it all yourself. Natural long hair is an enviable thing! Also, hair grows about a foot per year, so it really doesn’t take much time.

Regular Haircuts

The most overlooked thing when it comes to growing out hair is regular trims. If you do not do trims at least every 2 months, you are risking some serious splits, especially if you have curly or fine hair. If you are one of the few women whose hair will not grow past a certain length, not trimming frequently enough is usually your problem.  This is because the splits can move up the hair and break off the ends a couple inches at a time, and at shoulder length all the friction against clothing at your shoulders can cause a lot of breakage.  Find a hairstylist who you trust to take off the bare minimum to keep your hair healthy!

Hair Extensions

More often than not, end breakage happens with fine and/or damaged hair as the client tries to grow it. In this case, the majority of women simply go get some sort of extension because they want long hair right away (for a wedding, or the summer, or just because!). This is the absolute worst thing you can do!!! Fusion, track-and-sew or full weaves are so unbelievably bad for your hair. They do 2 very damaging things: they cover and suffocate areas of your scalp, and they pull and break the hair right at the root. These problems make it even harder to grow your hair out, and often they lead to permanent scalp damage and traction alopecia. Basically you get little bald spots all over your head! Extensions are also very expensive to put in AND to take out…much more so than buying a years’ worth of excellent product.

One of my fine haired clients got fusion extensions 3 years ago, taking them out after 2 months due to discomfort and breakage, and has only just grown out the areas of breakage. Although her hair did look fuller and longer, she constantly complained because she couldn’t shampoo as thoroughly as she likes, and the result was a stinky scalp. She’s lucky there was no permanent damage.

If you want longer and thicker hair immediately, I suggest getting some professional grade clip in extensions, and changing your diet to include more of the right nutrients for hair growth. Clip ins are extremely easy to put in yourself, and they can last many years if gently cared for. They can even be coloured to match your hair!

Long Hair Conditioning

Conditioning is essential for growing out your hair. Protein conditioners are often in liquid form and moisturizing conditioners can be as light as lotion or heavy like a rich skin cream. Hair Masques are a combination or both protein and moisturizers, but I prefer using them separately as I find they’re more effective that way. Use a light conditioner most of the time and apply it only to your midlengths and ends. Use a protein conditioner once every week or two. Daily leave in conditioners are a great way to boost the power of the products you use in the shower! I use BC Bonacure Moisture Kick spray and Sealed Ends daily, whether or not I have washed my hair.

Oil products such as Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil are hair cosmetics. They are not able to heal hair in any way!  Moroccan oil brand includes silicones as filler, which cheapens the quality of the product even though it costs a fortune. Please read my blog post on this, it’s so important to be educated if you care about your hair! I do not recommend any oils for your hair except for pure organic coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil or sweet almond oil; even in those cases, buy the pure unblended oil from a reputable health food store.  When I style weddings I put the whole wedding party on a ‘hair detox’ for a few shampoos, as the greasy chemicals in the Moroccan oil and other similar lines totally coats your hair and can even harden, lasting several shampoos before they rinse out completely. Think of facial blotting papers – they absorb oils and become clear, droopy and shiny. This is exactly the effect of silicones on your hair as well! Keep in mind that natural organic pure oils also severely affect stylability, as they do soak into the hair and make it soft and extra sleek. This will make it impossible for most hair types to retain volume and curl.

If you have additional concerns or questions about long hair growth and maintenance, please feel welcome to contact me!