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Long Hair

Long Hair Care Products

The following products are my favourites for growing out long hair naturally. Those of you who absolutely must have long hair right away are asked to visit my Hair Extensions page for information on hair extensions and the best options for wearing them.

Leave In Conditioner

BC Bonacure Moisture Kick Leave-in Spray: This conditioner is wonderful for fine hair when used in combination with the Moisture Kick shampoo. It doesn’t weigh your hair down at all, and it gives life back to overprocessed hair. I bleached out my ends Ombre-style earlier this year, turning them into a cotton candy texture and causing breakage…but they were restored after two weeks by using this product twice a day on dry hair. To be honest, I recommend this to everyone, because it really softens and also smells wonderful. It’s colour safe, too. Put this on before you put any other products in your hair, because it does interfere with styling products such as mousse or hairspray.

Seal Your Ends

BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends: I can’t recommend this product enough! Just a little on your ends goes a long way. Put it on damp hair and comb it through if you have fine hair, and if you’ve got thick hair put it on dry. Those of you with curly hair may want to take care, as it does relax your hair quite a bit. If your hair is ultra damaged, put it on damp, let your hair dry 100%, then put more on. My favourite thing about Sealed Ends is that it brightens and shines up dull, lifeless ends. Beware, though – it only seals ends and makes them look closed up until your next shampoo! There’s no such thing as a product that actually repairs split ends.


Kerastase Bain de Force and Masque Force Architecte: If you want to invest in the best haircare productson the market, these are the optimum choice. I have seen these products in action and they are wonderful! I love these for when you first start growing short hair – once those ends get to be 12” and more from your head, you’ll be glad you strengthened them! I would use these for 6 months on, 6 months off.

Long Hair Repair

Redken Extreme: This entire line is a no-brainer. Mix and match based on your styling needs! I prefer CAT treatment, and I adore Iron Repair. Everything in this line also smells lovely.