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Hair Care

Long Hair

It’s so trendy to have long hair right now! Thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Taylor Swift, virtually every woman wants to grow her hair out. The problem is that not many women actually know how to do this properly, and resort to unfortunate decisions such as fusion extensions or foregoing regular trims. Sometimes, the beauty industry seeks to take advantage of clients’ dream of having long hair NOW, without much effort. The problem with this mentality is that it can sometimes cause more damage than it’s worth. Trust me when I say that it looks more beautiful to grow your hair the natural and healthy way. This section is dedicated to everyone who has or wants long, luscious and healthy hair.

I have grown my fine, wavy-to-curly hair all the way to my waist, from pixie short, not one or two but three times…and am going for my fourth currently. If anyone knows how to grow out problem hair the right way, it’s me. From styling and product tips to cutting and care advice, this hair care section will debunk myths and set you on the right course towards having beautiful long hair!