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Hair Products

Hair Care Product Myths

Myth: Daily use hair products can repair your hair from the inside out.

Fact: To reach the inside of the hair shaft, a chemical reaction must open the cuticle. Such a chemical reaction happens during a colour application or perm. It is impossible for plain old shampoo to do this properly – especially cheap drugstore shampoo! Cheap shampoo does open the cuticle, but through actual drying and damage, and cheap shampoo merely coats the hair to make it feel like the cuticle has closed.  Did you know that CAR WAX is used in many drugstore shampoos and conditioners? This is where that slick, smooth feeling comes from. There are a few special products that are able to reinforce your hair from within, and my favourite is the Rene Furterer Tonucia line. Another great product that can do this is Redken CAT treatment. You can also reinforce your hair from without by sealing the cuticle, and my favourite hair product for this is BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends. There is no actual way to repair split ends except to cut them off. I have created a tried-and-tested cutting technique to remove splits throughout your hair without taking any length or affecting your layers. Contact me for more info.

Myth: You can buy salon-quality products at the drugstore for cheaper!

Fact: It’s not cheaper. It’s often not even the real product! I have personally verified that these containers can be factory rejects, re-filled with fake or old/expired product, and overpriced. For example, you can buy Shaper Plus at Walmart for$18 before tax, but at Zennkai it’s $12.  Most professional product has a disclaimer (“Guaranteed only when sold in a Professional Salon”) for a good reason. Beware! Check out Where to Buy for help purchasing your products.

Myth: Baby Shampoo is a ‘beauty secret’ to beautiful hair.

Fact: Baby Shampoo is so alkaline that you can use it to develop a perm. Alkaline shampoo does not irritate the eyes, and this is why baby shampoo is formulated this way. Unfortunately, baby shampoo is often the cause of ‘cradle cap’ becuase it disturbs the skin’s natural pH. It is best to use a pH-balanced shampoo somewhere around 5, even on babies, as skin acidity actually helps to keep it healthy and blemish-free. Anything alkaline encourages the growth of harmful bacteria and does contribute to scalp problems.

Myth: You need shampoo and conditioner to maintain clean hair and scalp.

Fact: We don’t actually need special product to keep our hair clean and healthy. The best conditioner is our own natural hair oils. Some of my clients are currently using the No Poo method by cleansing gently with baking soda and rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar. Sometimes they skip the soda and vinegar, and simply rinse with plain water! Not only is their hair beautiful, shiny and healthy, but it smells fresh too. Personally I prefer using shampoo and conditioner, but for the more health conscious client, I have a solid understanding of how to transition to the No Poo method.  If you decide to try this, please do not scrub with the baking soda!  You’ll cause a ton of breakage at the scalp that will take months to grow out.  Just rinse gently and pat the soda through to your scalp.