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Curly Hair

Curly Hairstyles

Contrary to what most people tell you, absolutely any hairstyle can be done on curly hair. There are many techniques to create a curly hairstyle, and a few of them are quite extreme! From pixie cuts to A-line bobs and even blunt ended long styles, I know how to make each one into a fabulous curly haircut.

Haircuts for Curly Hair

Without giving away my secrets, I can tell you that I know some guaranteed cutting techniques for improving your curls. It takes about 3 cutting sessions before your curls completely behave themselves, but you’ll see and feel dramatic results after a single cut. Basically, if you have a frizzy hair type, the frizz it telling you that it actually wants to become waves or curls – but it can’t because you have the wrong haircut. Razor cutting and thinning shears are tools that should never, ever touch curly hair because they actually make frizz worse.

Cutting curly hair is very sculptural. It takes time to learn how your hair responds to being cut, as well as what your exact curl pattern truly is. This is the reason that your cut needs to develop over a few cuts; as you learn to properly care for your curls, they will respond to this care by reclaiming their natural pattern and firmness.

Hairstyling for Curly Hair

If you regularly flatiron your curls, it can take a while for your curls to regain their proper shape. Flatironing does damage the internal structure of your hair over time, and as a result your hair will be prone to frizz or have straighter sections (usually in the crown and front hairline areas) when you air dry. This is totally normal, and can be corrected by doing regular deep conditioning and protein treatments and by using a diffuser or air drying with the right hair care products.

Curl-controlling Haircut for Mixed Race Hair

There are many different textures of African hair. I do understand the cultural stigma of having ‘good’ and ‘bad’ hair, and yet as a Caucasian I have little experience of African heritage and culture. However, I do know how to care for this hair type and I prefer your natural texture no matter what. Western culture has embraced natural African hairstyles such as the afro and dreadlocking, so shouldn’t you be proud of your heritage? I see more and more professional businesspeople with natural hair, and feel it is a truly beautiful way to wear it. Relaxing, braiding and weaves cause traction alopecia and permanent hair loss, which is a sad thing to see. If you choose to process your hair in these ways, please do the best thing and hire the absolute best African hairstylist you can find. I can refer you to an excellent salon for this.

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