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Curly Hair

Curly Hair Maintenance

Whenever possible, curly hair should be air dried ONLY. This maintains the delicate balance between your natural pattern and the health of your hair. Heat styling is very damaging and does affect your hair’s ability to grow long and shiny. The advantage to curls is that you can style them and let your hair dry on your way to work, and for the most part nobody will be able to tell. You can cut up to a whole hour of hairstyling time off of your day if you just comb through product after the shower and air dry. The key to eliminating frizz is to not touch your hair at all after distributing product. The less you touch your hair, the better! All of the curly hair products I’ve recommended are rechargeable throughout the day by scrunching and gently rearranging with wet hands or a spritz from a water bottle.

Growing & Maintaining Curly Hair

If you are growing out your curly hair, you may become frustrated due to the fact that curls shrink up length – up to 4” and even more – and thus take an average of 6-8 months to see a small amount of growth. Despite this, it’s still very important to have regular trims. You can go about 2-3 months between trims, though, because if you’re using the right products your ends will be protected. Straighter hair types need more frequent trims because their hair moves around more and therefore gets chafed more severely against your shoulders or clothing.

I cannot stress enough to refrain from flatironing your hair if you want to go 100% curly. One of my clients believed that she just had a ‘weird’ texture and was always frustrated because sometimes her curls looked OK and sometimes they fuzzed out. It took about a year of zero flatironing, and 5 haircuts for her curls to finally behave, but now they have developed into beautiful finger-waves with curled ends and she receives many compliments on her lovely clean curls. If she can do it, you can too…and once you go curly, you’ll never go back!

Please see my blog post on going curly for more info.