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3 stages of outgrowing a relaxer using my Curly Cut to enhance curl!

3 stages of outgrowing a relaxer using my Curly Cut to enhance curl!

Curly haired people have the toughest time loving their hair. Curly hair is my favourite, and am personally committed to helping curly people overcome their hair issues. For the most part, your problems happen because of the wrong haircut – that’s an easy fix when you find the right person to cut your hair. The tough part is finding the ideal product for your specific type of curl, because there are many to choose from. Due to the many different kinds of curl out there, and the poor education that most hairstylists have had for curly hair, most curly haired people are using the wrong products.

My favourite thing about curly hair is that you can wake up and throw it into a messy romantic updo in about 10 minutes. It’s always sad when people complain about their hair in general, but when I hear curly people complain it makes me extra sad – because there is so much beauty in curls!!! Some words that come to mind when I think of curly hair are: romantic, sexy, flowing, rippling, beachy, rhythmic feminine and touchable. Curly hairstyles are so dynamic because you can play with the curl pattern to draw attention to the most beautiful features of the client, and create volume and shape easily to flatter any profile. Curl can be wild and tousled or coiffed and fingerwaved to perfection. I love how big and bold curly styles can be, and yet how other curly styles can be delicate and sweet. Curl holds volume like straight hair simply cannot. There is so much more that you can do with curly hair!

I have developed a haircut that is revolutionizing the way my clients feel about their curls! The image above shows a client who grew out her relaxer over about 18 months and embraced her curls thanks to the Curly Cut. I learned this cut in 2008 and have developed it further in order to use it on all types of curly hair. It even helps wavy hair look more curly! Contact me to book your Curly Cut and learn about how to embrace your curls.

This section is dedicated to helping you make peace with your curls, and even embrace them…because let’s face it, we can’t avoid the damp weather in Vancouver, and water is the mortal enemy of a sleek flatiron style in curly hair! I suggest wearing your natural curls. If I can do it and finally feel beautiful after years of hating my hair, you can too!