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Hair Care

Are you ready to learn how to love the hair you were born with? That’s what hair care section is all about! We have many new hair trends for 2016 and I would love to help you choose the products to maintain your look. My goal is for all of my clients, who range from extremely easygoing to extremely high-maintenance, to love their hair equally. Professional hair colour and trend haircuts are more valuable when you understand how to maintain them between appointments.

I have been a ‘hair freak’ ever since the tender age of 10 when I started to worry about how I looked. I had very frizzy hair and it was especially bad on rainy Vancouver days. Little did I know that my hair is actually wavy to curly, and I had the wrong haircut and was using the wrong products and styling techniques! To date, I have tried many products from many ranges and levels of quality – that’s over 20 years of product experience! I have even ruined my hair a couple times using chemical services, and have learned the hard way how to recover from the damaged hair so that you don’t have to.

Here you can learn where to buy mid-end to luxury hair products at the most affordable prices,and discover my personal favourites for every hair type. I will also be including care and styling techniques as this section grows and develops.

Hair Products

Short Hair

Curly Hair

Long Hair

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