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How can Victoria help you with your hair? Contact Victoria today!

Thank You

Thank you for contacting me! Please note that for now my books are closed to new clients for cut and colour. You are now confirmed for my waiting list. If this is a wedding or a styling request, I will be happy to accommodate you, so please fill out the other form with all your details.

At the moment the waiting list is long – it would be best for you to watch my Facebook page, as I will post there when I am accepting new clients again. Please accept my apologies, as due to the volume of requests, I am unable to respond to all messages or confirm each one individually. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this busy time.

When I reopen my books, I will announce it on social media, so please feel welcome to resend your request at that time, and I will give your message priority. I will also be in touch if I receive a cancellation time that may interest you.

Please visit my Haircare Learning Centre for tips about your hair type.  Have you seen my Galleries?

Thank you for your patience, I appreciate your interest and hope we can work together soon. Follow me on Twitter @vanmobilehair or join me on Facebook for news and updates.

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Victoria Kuzma