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BC’s very first Red Seal Endorsed Mobile Hairstylist!

Hi everyone, it has been a hectic year for me, but I finally found time to share some SUPER news! I have received my Red Seal Endorsement – a guarantee that I have the skills to qualify for the highest stardard of excellence in my trade. But there is quite a backstory to this… It… Read more »

Vancouver Mobile Hairstylist FAQ

There have been some requests for me to do an FAQ, and after hearing this from a longtime friend and client, I decided it would be a good idea to address a few popular questions and issues. Please enjoy, and if you can think of anything I’ve missed, email me to let me know! Do… Read more »

Moroccan Oil + Other ‘oil’ Products: Bad For Your Hair!

***IMPORTANT UPDATE JULY 2017! Please read through the whole article, then the COMMENTS section below for advice and product recommendations before asking any questions. You may find something in the article or comments that helps with an issue you have. Use the search function in your web browser to find your hair type eg. “curly”,… Read more »

Marie Antoinette Inspired Editorial!

At long last, I can FINALLY show off this lovely shoot from over a year ago. I wanted to keep this post small, as there are many, many photos, so most of the detail shots are left out. Please watch the video to get the full impression of our collaborative effort! This was such an… Read more »

Chanel and Brandon, July 21 2012

Chanel was one of my brides this past summer, and we were saddened to hear that somehow her wedding was NOT selected for publishing. Anyway, I’m just going to go ahead and feature the hair-specific pics here with her video so you can all enjoy it. Some of these images were taken by family and… Read more »

Choosing Your Wedding Hairstylist

Your hairstylist is one of the most important members of your wedding entourage, both on your big day and in the months leading up to it. We are one of your 3 professional image consultants for that date (the other 2 being the make-up artist and dress boutique clerk/dressmaker), and if you have chosen to… Read more »