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Kevin Murphy Product Test – Young Again Final Verdict

Sorry folks – this review is long overdue! As I mentioned in my rather hasty first impression, the Kevin Murphy Young Again was a disappointment. After doing a colour correction on my own hair, I thought Young.Again would make quite a difference for the health of my hair. Sadly I have to say that I… Read more »

Kevin Murphy Young.Again Product Test

I wanted to drop in this afternoon for a quick update, as I’m about two weeks into another Kevin Murphy product test…and I’m not happy. I will definitely use up the whole amount I have remaining, but I can tell you for sure that the Young.Again line is too full of junk to be of… Read more »

Moroccan Oil + Other ‘oil’ Products: Bad For Your Hair!

***IMPORTANT UPDATE JULY 2017! Please read through the whole article, then the COMMENTS section below for advice and product recommendations before asking any questions. You may find something in the article or comments that helps with an issue you have. Use the search function in your web browser to find your hair type eg. “curly”,… Read more »

Kevin Murphy Product Review!

***Dear Readers:  I have received many calls and emails from those of you who would like to purchase Kevin Murphy Products through me. I do not sell products because I have limited space in my car each day; however, I do know the line well enough to make recommendations for you.  The good news is… Read more »

Review of Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Line

I have used the Schwarkopf Oil Miracle line for about 2 months, and it’s time to tell you all what I think. I am going to be doing product testing from now on so that you can benefit from real-life experience on picky, weird hair like mine.  For those of you who don’t know me,… Read more »

All-Natural Haircare and NO POO

How many of you have heard of “No Poo”? Many of my clients cannot go to a salon due to chemical or fragrance sensitivity, and as an alternative to the sometimes high price tags of all-natural hair products some of my clients forego shampoo and products altogether. Before you start thinking about how gross or… Read more »

I love Curly Hair!Calling All Curly Folks!

Today I’d like to talk about something very near and dear to my heart…the most versatile and beautiful hair type, CURLY HAIR! Sadly, the majority of curly-haired folks tend to be frustrated with their hair, and will go to great lengths to tame it and perm it into submission.  Well, I’m here to tell you… Read more »

Haircolour for your Wedding Day

Here’s a topic that has been nagging at me for some time, and I finally decided to put together a post about colouring your hair for your Big Day.  I frequently tell brides to stick with their usual colour for their wedding; the reason for this is that you want to feel and look like… Read more »

Schwarzkopf EL 2011 S/S

So as you probably know, I attended the Schwarzkopf Essential Looks Spring/Summer course back in May.  IT WAS FANTASTIC!  I absolutely adored this collection because the concept artists created a style for every product in the Schwarzkopf range.  Needless to say, the PURE cuts were my favourite, specifically the one pictured above. I literally can… Read more »

Hair Extensions

I regularly receive emails from women inquiring about hair extensions.  Many of my brides ask if I would do extensions for them, too.  Since we’re entering engagement season, and many of my brides are going for long, flowing half-updos for their wedding, I’ve decided that it’s time to address this issue. Firstly, most women consider… Read more »