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2014 Wedding Hair: Part 1

I say it every year, but seriously this was the best year yet! I started off with an early January wedding which truly set the tone for my 2014 bridal season: it was the chillest group of ladies and I found myself with time to relax between each hairstyle. Considering the breakneck speed at which… Read more »

Rustic Opulence – A Vintage Wedding Styled Shoot

Hi everyone! I am so sorry – it’s been way too long since I updated anything here. This shoot was done in January and I’m so excited to finally be able to show it off. Please enjoy, and visit my friends listed in the credits at the bottom of this post. Also! There is a… Read more »

Bridal Feature – Looking Back on a Great Year!

Well everyone, I’m finally back after quite an interesting bridal season! I am thinking in 2014 I will write a few articles in advance so that I don’t leave you hanging when I head into summer… In any case, I had such a fantastic year, and with only 3 weddings left to go before 2014,… Read more »

Accessories for your Wedding Hair

Your bridal hair accessories are essential to completing your wedding hairstyle.  A beautiful accessory can be the difference between a regular hairstyle and a spectacular one.  Today I have been graciously asked to share some tips on bridal hair and how to accessorize your ideal hairstyle.  I hope you enjoy them! First of all, when… Read more »

Marie Antoinette Inspired Editorial!

At long last, I can FINALLY show off this lovely shoot from over a year ago. I wanted to keep this post small, as there are many, many photos, so most of the detail shots are left out. Please watch the video to get the full impression of our collaborative effort! This was such an… Read more »

Chanel and Brandon, July 21 2012

Chanel was one of my brides this past summer, and we were saddened to hear that somehow her wedding was NOT selected for publishing. Anyway, I’m just going to go ahead and feature the hair-specific pics here with her video so you can all enjoy it. Some of these images were taken by family and… Read more »

Wedding Hairstyle Trends for 2013: The Faux Bob

How many of you have seen Skyfall and fallen in love with Bérénice Marlohe’s faux bob hairstyle? I gasped out loud and said WOW in the theatre when I saw it, quite embarrassing actually… I hadn’t considered it for any of my brides until I styled for a shoot with Sans Soucie (one of my… Read more »

Short Wedding Hairstyles for 2013

Here’s a topic that has been getting a lot of attention lately! A short haircut is more versatile to dress than you think. There are actually many ways to style your short hair for your wedding! You may feel pressured to get extensions or grow your hair out for the occasion, but keep in mind… Read more »

Choosing the Right Wedding Hair Style for your Face Shape

Now that bookings are flooding in for 2013, I would like to dedicate a post to my newly booked brides! Have you ever has a professional facial analysis done by a hairstylist or makeup artist? If not, you’re in luck. My aim with this article is to review some of the most popular hairstyles for… Read more »

2012 Mid-Season Wedding Hair Update

Well, August is here and I have to say it’s been an AMAZING peak season for Vancouver Weddings so far. My brides have been better than ever this year and many of the weddings have been delightfully unique. You are all inspiring me to new creative heights and it’s exciting to think of what’s in… Read more »