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Bridal Feature – Looking Back on a Great Year!

Published: 17/Oct/2013      Tags:

Well everyone, I’m finally back after quite an interesting bridal season! I am thinking in 2014 I will write a few articles in advance so that I don’t leave you hanging when I head into summer… In any case, I had such a fantastic year, and with only 3 weddings left to go before 2014, I thought I would feature a few special ladies to give you an idea of my wedding hairstyle predictions for the 2014 season.

liat1My first bride is Liat, someone with a true Pre-Raphaelite look and a beautiful personality to match! She was absolutely fantastic to work with and I was very fortunate to style her. She chose a very simple style which is becoming ultra popular: the waterfall braid with soft, even, clean waves.  She had originally planned to wear a crown of flowers, but on the wedding day she chose not to. I designed a crown made out of two waterfall braids which joined up in the back to help hold her veil in place.  The waterfall braid can fall out or mess up quite easily, as the open side of the braid leaves the flowing pieces with very little to secure them; consequently a simple lift of your blusher veil can disturb the style. Thankfully, the look held very well! As an aside, this bride is a friend of one of my favourite makeup artists in Vancouver, Hayley Miller, who of course did Liat’s makeup for her Big Day. She is absolutely fantastic and has just the right personality for a wedding day beauty pro. Thank you Hayley, for the referral! Photo credit to Images by Bethany.

asian-smooth-wedding-half-updoNext we have the longest booking I had this year: a 6 day extravaganza for Yuki from Manila. She flew her whole party out to Vancouver for a week of entertainment and sightseeing! I was so lucky that she chose me – it was a privilege to style her beautiful hair all week. Her wedding theme was cherry blossoms, and she actually ordered in large fake cherry trees for her reception! They were stunning and so lifelike I was fooled for a while. We worked at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, which is in my top 3 favourite hotels to work in (the other 2 being the Loden Hotel and the Shangri-La)…I saw some of her getting-ready session off the camera, and they are epic. Yuki hired Pat Dy for her photos, and let me tell you, this guy is world class. The link above goes to the e-session, and I am SO EXCITED to see the official ceremony pics! For the majority of the week, I did a very clean, firm curl set so that her hair wouldn’t fall apart in the misty rain. Then for the wedding day, I did this sleek half-updo with a basket-weave heart motif on the back. These looks are both excellent wedding hairstyles for our climate here in Vancouver because you can be guaranteed they’ll stay in all day and night, until you take them down. 2014 will see a lot of the clean downstyle especially, as the messy, fuzzy look of the beachy wave is falling by the wayside for brides now that everyone is learning to use curling wands for loose curls. We were so rushed for Yuki’s reception hairstyle change that I didn’t get a chance to snap some shots of her updo…but I’ll share as soon as Pat sends some my way! The photo credits are to Pat Dy for the cherry blossom image, and the other two were taken with my phone.

biracial-hair-wedding-updo-hairstyleSome of you know that I specialize in curly hair, and have been building a reputation for working with African and Bi-Racial/Mixed hair types. My bride Adrienne has hair that is essentially quite close to her African heritage: very thick yet quite fine, coiled and very long when straightened! She had her pre-wedding haircut with me to trim off a lot of her ends, which were coloured a while back. Luckily she wanted to keep the colour for her wedding hair style…because look at the pretty ombre look that it turned into! Thank goodness the ombre look is becoming more of a highlighted or baliage style now, instead of the blocky dip-dye look. Ombre is still a strong trend and I believe 2014 wedding hair will incorporate custom ombre work just where it’s needed most to highlight the style. Photo credit is to myself and my trusty phone again.

Next up, we have Ashley, whose wedding was a blended Indian/Western ceremony. She and her family were a treat to work with and really easygoing. Ashley chose a simple loose, messy fishtail braid, but what made it anything but simple was her hair itself – it was so healthy and smooth that I couldn’t tell the difference between her hair and the full set of extensions I put in to fatten up her braid! We met before her wedding so I could colour her hair to blend with her extensions, and we met just yesterday for her post-wedding cut. Whenever a bride gives me full creative control over her cut, colour and style for her wedding, it’s just the thing that fuels my passion to keep improving on the services I offer, leading up to the wedding and beyond. I wanted to share her wedding video, below, as it was beautifully shot! The video credit is to Hello Tomorrow, a great team of Vancouver artists and so stealthy I barely noticed they were shooting. I’m in there, too, placing Ashley’s dupatta (veil)!

Well…I could keep going but I think I’ll stop there.  At the beginning of 2014 I plan to do another recap, because this year my brides were so interesting and diverse that I actually feel quite sad that I can’t include them all here. In the meantime, I am always posting updates on my Facebook Page, Instagram @vanmobilehair and Twitter for those of you who like to see what I’m doing before the professional shots are released. Keep in touch and have a great October!

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