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Arbonne Pure Vibrance Review

Published: 12/Apr/2015     

Arbonne-Pure-VibranceThis morning I’d like to share my experience testing out the Arbonne Pure Vibrance line. I’ve had the opportunity to get my hands on some samples via my fabulous curly-haired client Leslie!

My favourite thing about this line is that all the products have the same great fragrance. One of my pet peeves is when companies mix and match, so that you get a hodgepodge of smells building upon one another. The Pure Vibrance fragrance is a unique combination of herbal and fruity – it smells very natural and fresh. The scent lasted for a few days in my hair, and I could smell it after I washed my hair again with a clarifying product. Pretty great if you like it, but I can see how it might get annoying if you don’t. That being said, it was a long lasting but not a strong fragrance. I’m guessing it’s because it’s been layered via different products. I was very impressed!

I have been using Kevin Murphy’s Angel line for a month or so now (review coming soon) so before doing this test I stripped my hair with Malibu C’s Undo Goo followed by a Crystal clarifying treatment. The following morning I did another Undo Goo shampoo and diffuse dried my hair, and then that evening I tried the Arbonne line.

The Lustre Fortifying Shampoo makes a great lather and really felt wonderful in my hair. It restored a lot of the softness after having done the stripping treatment and I felt that it also had the ability to clear out a lot of product if needed.

I followed with a treatment with the Hair Revitalizing Masque. I left it on for 2 hours with a plastic cap while I watched a movie! Upon rinsing I could tell my hair was super soft and conditioned, but still felt like it rinsed very clean (not like my experience with Kevin Murphy’s Young Again, Part 1 and Part 2).

I sealed the cuticle with the Fortifying Creme Conditioner. This is a nice light product! It gave the extra oomph following the masque and at this point I was very pleased with the fragrance being the same in all 3 products. I enjoyed that a lot!

Arbonne-Pure-Vibrance-Product-Review-TestCombing out my hair was a breeze, but just to make sure I did the full meal deal, I applied the Colorlast Hair Serum and air dried my hair. Your can see the results to the left; the first image is my hair before (super flat due to the clarifying treatments, despite the diffuse dry), and the next is after the Arbonne, styled by diffuse drying again. I did find that over the course of the evening my waves relaxed a bit…the result wasn’t as flat as the Before look, though. Probably the relaxing was due to wearing serum in my hair, which I never do. But I was very impressed with the staying power of my waves, expecially considering my hair was ultra conditioned! I woke up the following morning and was able to wear my hair down without styling or fixing it much at all. Usually my hair goes quite straight and limp after a deep conditioning masque.

All in all this is a great line that works very well without weighing down the hair. I can’t confirm how it behaves over time though, and that’s the only caveat here.

If you’re interested in ordering some of this line and you live in the Lower Mainland, please contact Leslie via this link.




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