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Alternative Wedding Hairstyles

Published: 14/Feb/2012     

Happy 2012 everyone! Here’s a yummy treat for all of the alternative ladies out there. I joined this little project because I love alt girls and alt pinup style, and I want to be able to give every bride options for her wedding hairstyle – especially if she doesn’t fit into the classic idea of ‘what a bride should look like’. These styles all work great for short hair in general; even if you don’t have shaved sides, you can always get the same effect with slicking or pinning the sides back.

One thing I would like to mention is that it makes me sad when a bride chooses to cover up her tattoos or take out facial piercings for her wedding. These are parts of who you are and it’s rare that I see a piercing or tattoo that makes a person less beautiful. I myself have bright and bold ink that I love to show off, and I wouldn’t dream of covering it up EVER. Nowadays, anything goes, and if you’re decorated, be proud 🙂

I had the privilege of working with a great team for these looks, especially Art of Adornment, whose very affordable pieces give you many more options if you choose not to wear a veil. As you’ll see, even if your hair is short, brightly coloured or shaved up the sides, you CAN still look gorgeous for your Big Day. So if you have lots of ink, piercings, or if you just don’t want to wear a white dress, here are some fun options for your look!Alternative bridal style pin-up hair and makeupAlternative bridal style pin-up hair and makeupAlternative bridal style pin-up hair and makeupAlternative wedding style pin-up hair and makeup

Photographer: Norm Whaley – TooDarkPark

Hair: Victoria Kuzma

Makeup: Felicia Bromba

Model: Alisa Leoni

Model: Erynn Jean

Model: Dolly DeVille

Model: Chevvy Piston

Accessories: Art of Adornment

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