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Accessories for your Wedding Hair

Published: 12/Apr/2013     

jeweled-clip-wedding-updoYour bridal hair accessories are essential to completing your wedding hairstyle.  A beautiful accessory can be the difference between a regular hairstyle and a spectacular one.  Today I have been graciously asked to share some tips on bridal hair and how to accessorize your ideal hairstyle.  I hope you enjoy them!

First of all, when choosing your hairstyle, you must consider your hair type and face shape.  Find pictures of women who have a similar face shape and hair type to yourself so that you can show your hairstylist at your consultation.  Your hairstylist will be able to tell you which ones will look best on you, and how to tailor them to flatter your features.  If you have fine, short or thin hair you may need clip-in hair extensions to complete your look, but ask your hairstylist if clip-ins are needed before you invest in a set.

My favourite accessory for 2013 is the headband!  You can adjust the placement in relation to your hairline in order to give your face the most balance possible.  It will need to sit close to your forehead if you have an oblong, oval or diamond shaped face and further back if you have a square or round shaped face.  It can be placed softly into your hair or pull it back tightly.  My favourite place in Vancouver to buy headbands is through Mishe Jewels and the owner Mandee does custom orders, too!

Other accessories such as jeweled clips, feathered headpieces, tiaras, pearl combs and earrings are easy to find in Vancouver, but I have seen the best selection at Kathryn Bass’ showroom. Contact Kathryn for a private consultation and more information.

Your hairstylist will need to know whether you will be changing into other dresses during your wedding day, and if the answer is yes she will probably recommend changing your accessories to match.  Each time you change hair accessories, a crease is left in your hairstyle that will need to be covered up by the next accessory.  This is especially important if you are going to wear a veil and remove it later, as it will need to be pinned into your hair.  For dramatic effect, consider a brightly coloured accessory for when you change dresses at your reception. This will be an exciting change from the look of your traditional red dress or white wedding gown that you have worn earlier in the day.

A clean, sleek hairstyle can look beautiful on short hair. A veil can be worn with this hairstyle if it is attached to a headband or special comb with loops for bobby pins.  The hair must be set so that you get enough volume at the root; a good haircut is essential because certain hair types  will stick out or look too puffy  if not properly texturized.  I recommend having your hair shaped with thinning shears in order to be able to style it when it’s short.  Short hairstyles are perfect for a classic or vintage look with a clean set or pincurls!

Vintage hairdressing is often the first approach I would take for shoulder length and short hair. The reason for this is that vintage styles are flattering and feminine.  This is the only hairstyle where I would ask a bride to grow out her layers, because any layers will stick out and affect the soft flow of the style.  Depending on your features and your wedding theme, you can choose a dramatic slicked finger wave (to complement  softer features) or a luxurious curly roller set (to complement stronger features). The Marilyn Monroe hairstyle is a beautiful way to flatter any face type, and it can be tailored to suit your unique look and the length of your hair. Vintage waves look lovely pinned up over the ear with a jeweled clip, feathered piece or fresh flower. This also makes you look like a bride instead of just a celebrity on the red carpet. You can wear a veil with an all-down style, too – it just needs to be attached in the right way.

white-feather-headbandFinally we have the romantic side bun with braided hairline, a contemporary hairstyle that looks beautiful with any dress. This style looks so elegant with a big pair of earrings, a feathered headband (pictured), or a tiara pushed against the back of the braid.  Because of the height of the style, it’s quite suitable for a round or square face, as it allows for the cheekbones to be sculpted and the tension actually gives your whole face a lift.  I also like to suggest this style for brides who usually wear their hair in a ponytail, because they are used to seeing it up and pulled away from their face.

If you have any questions about your wedding hair, please feel welcome to contact me for a consultation!

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