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Hairstyling Testimonials

This will be the best choice you make on your wedding day besides saying yes! I have worked as a model since I was 16 and have worked with many hair professionals, and by far Victoria is the One that always stood out! So much so that I asked her to do my wedding hair nearly 10 years after she worked with me on a shoot! Victoria was above and beyond amazing! Her relaxed personable professional style made me feel so comfortable at the consultation and the wedding day! She also made me feel special and important, and not just one of the flock of brides! Which is so rare! Her dedication is SO apparent, the consultation was open and interactive which I found so refreshing! I got literally exactly what I wanted on my wedding day. She answered all of my questions in emails in a kind and relaxed way that made me always feel so reassured (which is the best feeling as a bride!) I must also mention that my hair would have stayed in place for like 5 days if I didn’t take a shower. It looked exactly the same at the end of the night as it did at the beginning… And even looked the same in the morning! It survived being crushed by hugs and tugged by the veil all day at the wedding. I was speaking with a friend who got married a week after me, she had gone with someone with limited experience, and she commented that the entire bridal party had to re-curl their hair after the ceremony for photos?!? No one has time for that! My number one wedding tip is to do yourself a favor and book a real professional, Victoria!

Just wanted to say this was the best held updo I have ever had! I finally washed it out this morning…since day 2…looked awesome…day 3…looked great, even wore it out and about!!! Lol. Day 4 today…still going strong and wore it half down for a bit. Easy to wash out with lots of shampoo and conditioner and then applied the bio silk. Hair combed easily. I am so happy!!! Thx again.

Victoria is amazing. She is my everyday hairstylist and also recently styled myself, my bridesmaids, and my mother at my wedding (Aug 2012).

Curly girls rejoice! Victoria is the only stylist I’ve ever encountered that actually knows how to deal with curly hair. I have fairly light and thin hair with crazy curls and was resigned to having that awful “Alice from Dilbert” fuzzy triangle-head haircut simply because none of the (many) stylists I’d tried could make it look any different. From day one, Victoria’s cuts have been beautiful! No more triangle head! I can air-dry and the curls fall perfectly into place. I use hardly any product now, when I used to need handfuls of multiple products daily to maintain any semblance of control. Victoria has great recommendations and really understands her business. With her cuts and using her recommended shampoo/conditioner, my hair is longer, stronger, shinier and so much more manageable! I don’t know what I’d do without her and can’t recommend her enough!

As a wedding hairstylist, her talent really shines. She is friendly, calm, prompt, professional, and a perfectionist – it really showed. She arrived and finished on time, and made me feel calm and happy when I could have been a total stressball the morning of my wedding. My hair was outstandingly gorgeous and didn’t budge all day! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I highly recommend Victoria Kuzma – she’s incredibly talented and a delightful person, and has saved me from a lifetime of bad hair.
-Monica B.

Victoria was amazing to work with.
She not only provided us with the look and feel that we wanted for my wedding day- she was sweet and open and flexible.
We simply gave her a photo of the hair styles we wanted and she brought them to life.
She also worked well with our other vendors and photographer to get those “getting ready shots”.
I would highly recommend her services for your big day.

I now fully understand the value of a hair and makeup trial as my first trial with another vendor did not go so well and I was not happy with the results. I highly recommend Victoria to any brides out there. She did an amazing job with my hair and my minimal extensions! She captured exactly what I was wanting and I couldn’t have felt more beautiful that day. Thank you Victoria!

(Client in palliative care, weekly visits for a wash and style) Victoria, you just made my day! It’s people like you that make this world worth living in. You truly have no idea how [you] helped to keep Grams feeling pretty till yesterday. She was not just my Grandma, she was my everything! I’m glad you got to meet her and now have a fond memory. Her biggest fear was dying with out grace. This did not happen…This gives us comfort! Please know how blessed you are for not letting her live her out her fears! I am a social worker and understand how the little things we do go not seen. You are an angel! If you are ever in ***** please send an email my way.
-Love Candice and our whole family

(After client visit in hospital; she had been 5 weeks without her hair washed) I can’t thank you enough for what you did for my Mom today. You made her feel so much better. Your technique with the resources you had was amazing. You did a much better job than her regular hair dresser. Plus you were so sweet and patient with all the questions everyone had. You made someone very happy and feel good today. Thank you.

Victoria was very knowledgeable, informative, accommodating, friendly and professional. She was able to to do my wedding hairstyle vision – old Hollywood glamour (+ bridesmaids) and my second hairstyle – modern chic – 8 hours later. She was reliable and I was so excited with how long my hair lasted for all of my photos and time in between. I would definitely recommend her!
-Lisa J.

I’ve been a longtime client of Victoria. As I’ve been told for years that I’m “blessed” with super thick hair (and LOTS of it), it wasn’t really the case for me as it was an absolute pain to find someone who can understand and work with my hair. It is so relieving to have Victoria do my hair for my recent wedding as what would take other stylists to spend 2+ hours on my hair, Victoria got it done at a quarter of the time. Not only is she quick and super good, she is super professional. My hair stayed up the WHOLE day! (even with a narrow neckline on my dress). The moms looked polished & gorgeous and she did a really good job with my sister’s ultra mega long hair.

Definite recommendations for all brides! If you want to look gorgeous and want someone who knows how to do it, Victoria’s the lady to go!
-Chan T.

I picked Victoria from her website on a chance as I saw she had experience with Indian bridal hair but also her alternative hairstyles (didn’t apply to me) intrigued me. From the trial to the actual day off, she was great to work with and gave me the look I wanted with very little direction from me. I would happily recommend her work to anyone.

Victoria’s expertise in bridal hair is evident in her prep guides provided. I even gained new knowledge all thanks her ‘Hair diet”! She has helped me so much during the planning phase of the wedding from the trial to the actual wedding date. Her suggestions, knowledge and flexibility has led me to plan out my look flawlessly. It’s amazing how my hair just stayed 12 plus hours in place. Not one single strand of curl! And best of all, my hair still feels the same as it did prior to the wedding! I am extremely thrilled with how everything turned out!
-Terry L.

I found Victoria online and found her website very helpful and informative. She is right when she says she has a lot of experience working with Asian hair! All of my bridesmaids and I loved our hairstyles, the curls lasted throughout the day, even through the light rain during our afternoon photo session! I also liked how she did my mom’s hair as well. On top of the trial session, I also had a pre-bridal haircut with Victoria. Each time, she was on time for her appointments and very knowledgable about different styles and flexible to work in my requests. Victoria, thanks so much for beautifying us ladies for my wedding day, for being super organized, you made us feel quite special! Thanks for being so patient but so efficient in what you do.
-Priscilla Y.

Alida A.

Victoria is an awesome stylist!  Sprinkling her fairy dust on me each time she does my hair, I feel like a million bucks.  What a great service to be able to have my hair done in the comfort of my own home!  She knows how to cut and manage my curly hair, and if I am looking for a change, she can get it smooth and soft.  Victoria is super professional, always on time and never rushes.  As a sensitive client due to past hair disasters,  I can certainly trust Victoria because she makes me feel at ease with her attentiveness and her extra careful approach to managing my frizzy curly hair.
-Alida A.

Crystal D.

Crystal D.

Victoria is hands down one of the best hair stylists in Vancouver! I’ve gone through many bad and ‘okay’ experiences before finding her. I’ve been seeing her for over a year now and I have never been disappointed. I even trusted her to do a complete makeover after I got married and wanted to chop off my long hair – it was a huge success! :)My hair has never been so easy to manage. I don’t know how she did it because I had pretty unruly curly hair before I started seeing her and I now style it with ease.One of the things that makes Victoria stand out from other hair stylists is that she is an artist at heart. She even graduated with a degree in fine arts and it comes through in her work.As a freelancing mobile hairstylist she comes to YOU which has been incredibly convenient and for such an affordable fee too (lower than what I was paying at the salon!) I’ve finally found my hair stylist for life… I hope she never leaves our city!
-Crystal D.

Curly Haircut on African Wavy HairI know you said it would take 2-3 curly cuts before reaching my wavy-curl hair goal. I’m writing to inform you that I am amazed by your 1st curly cut already because there is free flow movement in this style and I enjoy how my wave/ curls have bounced back to life. Also, there is no triangle head going on! Thank you for knowing how to cut my wavy curls as well as knowing how to style the curls accordingly to my head shape.
Leonie S.

Victoria fixed my hair! And it was a mess. I have fine naturally curly/wavy/straight hair that is about 75% grey. I’ve been colouring it with boxed colour for a couple of years and had developed that halo effect – light red at the roots and almost black 2 inches down. Plus, I had gotten a horribly cut a year ago that I was trying to grow out. Victoria fixed the colour without having my hair fall out and has a plan to help me let it go grey over the next couple of years. She gave me the perfect cut for curly hair, for my face shape, for my age and for my lifestyle. She takes all these things into account and discusses them with you before she takes to the scissors. I love the way my hair looks – love the colour, love the cut. It’s perfect and so easy to care for. Having Victoria come to my house was a real treat; she’s very organized and what would normally have been half a day at the salon, was just over a couple of hours. Victoria is a lovely person; she’s very creative and she takes her profession very seriously. She does hair because she loves it and she truly wants you to look the best you can. I’m wowed 🙂
-Kelly M.

Bride and Bridesmaids Hair

Alex M.

Victoria was absolutely amazing as a hairstylist for my wedding. I cannot say enough good things about her work, professionalism, attention to detail and overall talent. If you are looking for a hairstylist/hairdresser for your wedding or any other event, you absolutely must book her.
After meeting with her for my trial, I then booked her for my boudoir shoot as well and will only go back to her from now on for all of my hair needs.
-Alexandria M.

Sleek Ponytail

Victoria was very gentle on my hair and she really has this genuine passion for hairstyling. Any style you like, she can deliver and at the same time give you an honest opinion. All brides should get her 🙂

How do you quote the most amazing quality and service to be perfect? Of course not everyone is pefect, but this is damn well amazing and perfectionism is almost there! I had my wedding on Dec 25th. Yes Christmas day!! It was one of those days that you would consider having a hard time finding a hair dresser, but this was more then wonderful. Victoria went above and beyond to make sure that everything went smoothly, was on time, great personality, and always had that smile to make your day in the morning, no matter what the circumstaces were. All I can say is, I would deffinetly recommend her to everyone I know! Her quality is perfection, and exactly the way you would like it!

Bride's highlights and hairstyle, groom's haircutVictoria is an amazing hair stylist and has a great personality which makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed on your big day 🙂 Would recommend her to anyone!
-Nicole B.

Jen B.

Jen B.

Victoria is a shining light in the hair industry. I have very thick hard to manage hair. Victoria was absolutly amazing. My hair turned out perfect and lasted all night and the next full day. She made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. She has the technique people only can dream to have. I cannot say anything but completely positive things about my experiences with her. I will recommend her again and again.
-Jen B.



Victoria was an amazing friendly hairstylist.  I asked for a low curly updo and thats exaclty what I got and I loved it, my hair doesn’t really hold a curl yet some how Victoria made it stay all night long. It never hurt (No Headaches). I slept with it down and when I woke the next morning my hair still looked great (to bad the rest of me not so much) I didn’t have to do a thing to it. I would and will recommened Victoria any chance I get!

Bridesmaid hairstyles

I was a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding last month, and I have to say that Victoria did an AMAZING job on everyone’s hair!! The bride had the most beautiful, cascading, natural looking extensions that matched her own hair so perfectly no one would have ever suspected it wasn’t all her own hair. Then for the bridesmaids, we all had the same style, and it looked great on everyone. My hair is really fine and straight so it doesn’t usually curl well, (by the time I get through curling the last of it, the first bit has dropped already), but the technique and product that Victoria used worked a miracle! Not only did the product smell nice, but the curl held for two entire days after the wedding!! I wished I didn’t have to wash it out at all, but alas hygiene won out over good looking hair I suppose. I would recommend Victoria to anyone anytime; she did such an awesome job!