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2014 Wedding Hair: Part 1

Published: 14/Nov/2014     

fancy-side-ponytail-curly-romanticI say it every year, but seriously this was the best year yet! I started off with an early January wedding which truly set the tone for my 2014 bridal season: it was the chillest group of ladies and I found myself with time to relax between each hairstyle. Considering the breakneck speed at which I’ve worked every year before, I figured that this wedding was an anomaly. LUCKY ME! Literally every single booking this year had the same relaxed pace. Anyway, I had the opportunity to do an intricate curly side ponytail for the bride’s sister, who had an ombré colour done to perfection. I really believe that this colour technique has what it takes to stick around permanently, and look forward to doing many more ombré looks as the trend grows and changes for 2015.

wedding-hair-all-down-soft-waves-volumeThe next bride I want to mention had the most awesome group of bridesmaids! I told them they looked like the Kardashians – hopefully they understood that it was the highest compliment considering it was inspired by their thick luscious hair. We set up a Hair Party for the whole group, where I did all their colour (ombré, naturally!) and trims for a couple of them. Did you know that all party members booked for hair services in your wedding contract are entitled to a special Bridal Discount right up until the wedding date? This is the perfect excuse to bring me over to style you all up for your stagette…just pick up some wine and appies, put on the Bridesmaids movie or the Slice channel and we’re ready to rock.

But here I just want to show you the bride’s radiant smile from the morning of her Big Day. I hope that all my brides end up this happy when I’m done with their hair! The truth is that you are only as beautiful as how happy you are. There is nothing that completes your wedding day beauty regimen more than a beautiful smile 🙂

14674490153_22eab3be59_oThis year set another cool record for me, as I had THREE natural redhead brides. It was so difficult for me to choose which one to talk about, but the first of the three gave me a couple helpful ideas to pass along to future brides, so I would like to credit her and her wedding party for those here. The first of those ideas was to collect the rainwater from her wedding day (it absolutely poured) in a small mason jar, and put a pretty label on it so that forever afterward there would be a keepsake from the day. The bridesmaid on the right in the photo went out to do this, so that her friend wouldn’t be so sad about the rain. The second idea was especially helpful for those who are concerned about impaired driving: call the local cab company to let them know the location and end time of your reception so that they can have more cabs in the area when your guests start heading home.

Now another special thing about this wedding was that I got to meet author Tiana Warner (left in the photo) who has written an excellent teen romance novel called Ice Massacre. It’s about mermaids, and is set on an island near Haida Gwaii…seriously just buy it, it’s a real page turner and left me wanting MORE! It’s the first in a trilogy and I cannot wait for the next book…

big-elegant-updo-volumeThen, we have this stunner who had so much hair and wanted a massive Disney Princess hairdo. I was only too happy to help her with that! Too bad bridesmaids can’t wear crowns… Then, imagine how happy we both were to find out I would style her again later in the year?!?! I hope to get a hold of a shot of her second updo soon.

I want to mention that I feel very strongly that this type of high, elegant hairstyle will be back in the trends for 2015 wedding looks. Dresses and accessories are now more elaborately beaded and decked with lace than ever before, and the best way to wear your hair with these styles is to put it up. The reason for this is that you don’t want the embellishments catching at your hairstyle and fraying it out into a frizzball. There are a lot of brides wearing their hair down these days, but that only really works if you’re in a delicate boho type dress or having a rustic wedding in the forest.


IMG_3790I really need to make this post into 2 parts; there are so many special women I have worked with this year. I’ll post another recap maybe in December when I have more photos! Speaking of special women, I want to share with you one last client from this year before I sign off. This is the Mother of the Bride of the year! Isn’t she gorgeous? Her natural haircolour is almost pure white and she owns it by growing it long and lush. Many women feel that once you get grey hair that you look ‘old’ or ‘haggard’ unless you cover it up. And even worse, there’s this ridiculous notion that you ‘can’t’ grow your hair long after 40 or whatever age the magazines are saying is ‘old’ these days. Finally, some people out there seem to think that women above a size 4 just don’t look good ever. This woman is the embodiment of true natural beauty, poise and elegance – and just look at her smile, she’s completed the look perfectly. Many women are now choosing to quit colouring their hair for many reasons, and one of my new specialties is helping women to transition to their natural colour. If you would like to know more about this extremely specialized service, please visit the blog post I’ve written about Gracefully Going Grey.

Stay tuned for my next post – I am almost done with my Kevin Murphy Young Again trial and I’m looking forward to sharing my results.

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