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2012 Mid-Season Wedding Hair Update

Published: 10/Aug/2012      Tags:

Well, August is here and I have to say it’s been an AMAZING peak season for Vancouver Weddings so far. My brides have been better than ever this year and many of the weddings have been delightfully unique. You are all inspiring me to new creative heights and it’s exciting to think of what’s in store for the remainder of the year.

Vintage Updo

Firstly I want to reinterate how grateful I am that all of you are choosing more clean and elegant looks for yourselves and your bridesmaids.  Vintage hair is still a strong trend!  I took the photo on the right of one of my fully vintage brides – all her maids had Mad Men inspired hair and although I haven’t seen any photos yet, I’m looking forward to showing them off when I get a chance. Tiffany’s hair was a bit too long in the front to do a proper finger wave, so I faked it with my trusty flatiron.  I was happy with the result because the end of the main wave hangs loose as a little curl (you can see the open ends of it behind her ear on the same level as her top pearl stud earring). The back was a big French roll with s-shaped pincurls along the top, just under the volume at her crown.  She wore a tea length dress with wicked pink glittery shoes and a stunning handmade veil with a faux seed pearl string sewn into the hem.  Last but not least, she wore a handmade fascinator.  Mmmmm fascinators!  I love them, especially when they’re handmade.

The thing about pincurls and finger waves is that they are traditionally done on wet hair full of goopy gel. This is how you get the cleanest and firmest curls. Sadly, many of our modern haircuts are wispy and feathered; these cuts are not so good for finger waves because the little ends tend to want to peek out of the surface of the waves.  I would absolutely love to be able to do the true finger wave on a bride, so hopefully that happens one day! Honestly it would probably work better for a Vancouver bride just because you never know what the weather is gonna do here, and the wet set waves are  much more reliable for keeping their shape.

Yum, Cherry!!!

Next up, we have the wonderful Tara, my cherry haired bride who married in Whistler. Her colourist is amazing; don’t you agree? She used Elumen by Goldwell, which is my personal favourite for the most vivid and long lasting rainbow colours. It’s a pity that it takes so long to apply it, otherwise I’d be using Elumen with my own clients (it’s just not feasible to use it in people’s homes either because it gets everywhere and really stains badly).

Anyway, one of the coolest things happened while we were working with Tara. SIX Deloreans pulled up outside the hotel and I was flustered for a while because as I have told some of you, my dream Mobile Hairstylist Ride is a Delorean…and I have vowed to get one someday. Obviously I have a lot of saving to do.

Please visit the photographer’s blog – Stone Photo – for the full preview of Tara’s Super Mario inspired accessories.  Tara’s shoes were hand painted and her cake was epic! In case you’re wondering who’s applying her makeup there, it’s Felicia Bromba, one of my favourite Vancouver Makeup Artists and two-time winner of the Best Wedding Makeup prize at the BC Wedding Awards.

I had so much fun with Tara’s style because it was a familiar hairstyle in an unfamiliar colour.  Plus, she chose the neatest blingy headband!  The ends of her ponytail had to be pinned around the headband at her nape (the style is not finished in the photo…I still needed to balance the layers in the ponytail and wrap them at the back). If you can believe it, that day was the HOTTEST day ever and I used more hairspray than I’ve ever needed before to keep every hair in place. Stone Photo took some cool shots of them in the evening and I was glad to see that it all stayed put through the dancing and heat.

Soft chocolate and honey highlights

Your hair colour can make or break your wedding hairstyle.  If you want to read specifics, check out Haircolour for your Wedding Day. Before you head over there, I wanted to show off the lovely Maryam (check the phenomenal sneak preview shots by the beautiful and very personable Amber Hughes) and the highlights I did for her look. Maryam started off with very dark ashy brown virgin hair. She wanted a set of highlights that would look soft and natural, but that would show off her clean, curly updo. I wanted to kick up the overall colour of her hair without too many stripes, but the trick was that it still had to be able to grow out nice and evenly so that her roots didn’t show.

I used 2 flatirons (small and large) to make natural looking yet firm curls. That day it was quite rainy and I was concerned that the curls might fuzz out too much, so I twirled them with some product and hairspray to keep them clean. Maryam had my favourite hair type for styling – dense, baby fine and easy to curl. The clean chignon made of pincurls was a breeze to put together, and once again I was grateful that she asked for clean curls and not messy ones.  Messy is too easy!

I think my favourite thing about the colour work here is that the honey tones shimmer without looking too bright. Her eyebrows were also quite dark, so once I was done we decided to tint them a chestnut brown to match. Since this photo was taken I have done 2 sets of this exact same colour combination for wedding hair highlights (different placements for each hairstyle), and I look forward to seeing how well it turned out for those brides, too.

Congratulations Marette and Chris!

Finally, I would like to salute my longtime client Marette, who was married on the beach at Tofino this year.  As you can see, all she needed was a cleanup for her bob and she was ready to head over to the Island and style her hair on her own.  I wanted to share this shot for 2 reasons: because the photographer was AMAZING and also because I wanted to let you all know that sometimes simple is better for your Big Day. Often, all it takes is the right haircut and you’re good to go!

The photographer was Christopher Pouget. Seriously, go look at his site.  His work is epic and you should see his panoramics! Marette says she and her new husband Chris were so happy with Christopher because he made them feel very comfortable in front of the camera, and because they looked completely natural in all their photos (they were concerned that they might not).

Well, that’s it for the next little bit. August/September is packed this year and I just know I’m going to have even more fun and unique brides in the second half of peak bridal season 2012!

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